Henry’s Funeral Shoe Release Donkey Jacket

Henry's Funeral Shoe Release Donkey Jacket. It is fair to say that Dog Scratched Ear, the first track to be released from Donkey Jacket, the new album from Welsh duo Henry’s Funeral Shoe has become the unofficial anthem of MM over the past few weeks – a perfect mix of irresistible blues boogie topped with a killer riff has made it one of our tunes of the year so far.

The album was officially released yesterday and to celebrate the band have offered up a second track for your aural pleasure in the form of Anvil And Chains - two and a half minutes of harmonica infused blues wail and holler backed by another pulsating riff – we can’t wait to hear the whole damn record!

Donkey Jacket is out through Alive Naturalsound Records and will be available on CD Digipack, Digital Download and  Ltd. Edition Clear Vinyl of 700. Order it here (USA) or here (UK).

Visit the band’s website here.

Download Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Anvil And Chains mp3 (from Donkey Jacket)

Download Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Dog Scratched Ear mp3 (from Donkey Jacket)

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