Amanda Jo Williams – New Album

Amanda Jo Williams New Album

Last year, we were gradually seduced by Amanda Jo Williams last album The Bear Eats Me (see our post here), which went on to become a real favourite. In particular the epic closing track Sick And Dying is still getting regular spins in various playlists here.

So, good news then that her fourth album You’re The Father Of My Songs will see a release on the 21st May. As ever her idiosyncratic mix of twangy rockabilly and weird Americana are mixed in perfect quantities to deliver her unique world view in the most delightfully and beguiling way.

Quirky and off-kilter are much overused terms to describe anything slightly out of the ordinary, but not for Amanda Jo Williams, You’re The Father Of My Songs is more the latter than the former, ranging from psychedelic seasick shanties to country gospel and straight-up unashamed pop. But, lurking beneath the surface, is something altogether a bit more dangerous that every so often snaps and snarls and never lets the listener settle into any type of comfort zone and that, you suspect, is just how she likes it.

Dive into the impending brimstone of album opener 2000Hell, and mark the album release date in your diary…

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