MM Shorts 623: Saint Agnes

A short while ago we posted the new single from cinematic psych outfit Saint Agnes, titled A Beautiful Day For Murder. Now we have the b-side Where The Lightning Strikes - a blues stomping, dirty rock n roll number with psychedelic organs, screaming guitars and haunting harmonica.

And we have the video for you, with a stream of both the a and the b-side for you.




MM Recommends…Christian Bland & The Revelators

MM Recommends... Christian Bland & The Revelators

Christian Bland & The Revelators are led by the guitarist for longstanding MM faves, US psych-warriors The Black Angels.

New album The Unseen Green Obscene is a masterpiece of rolling, hypnotic, guitars that throughout manage to create a lovingly authentic homage to the classic kaleidoscopic psychedelia of the 60s.

Check out CB160 below, and order the record here.


Parkay Quarts – Content Nausea

Frankly we’re still trying to understand the whole Parquet Courts / Parkay Quarts thing, where the overlaps are and what the significance of the two names are…

However, that aside, Content Nausea will be a new release from the latter: recorded, mixed and mastered in two weeks on a 4-track tape machine. Apparently the band wanted something that listeners could “live with over the winter.” At 35 minutes, the record lies somewhere between an EP and an LP, and finds the band exploring sounds that were previously only hinted at; Townes Van Zandt, Warren Zevon, and Dylan are evident points of departure on Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth, a lonesome tale about “two men tragically colliding in the deep south“.

The 13th Floor Elevators get a hat tip via NYC reinterpretation of Slide Machine, and there’s even an unexpected, gender-bending cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made for Walking.

Who cares about the names when it sounds this good…


New Videos: Lola Colt || The Franklys || September Girls || Meat Wave

Four videos to set pulses racing from Lola Colt, The Franklys, September Girls and finishing with Meat Wave’s insanely catchy punk rock.





(Download the whole album on a pay-what-you-want deal from Bandcamp).



Another From Howard Enyon’s So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam

The upcoming Fire Records reissue of the frazzled, bejewelled, uniquely madcap tall tales of  Howard Enyon’s 1970s acid-folk masterpiece So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam is certain to be one of our favourites of the year.

Until then, here is another track to treasure, the six minute album closer Shadows & Riff.

Out on the 17th November, you can pre-order the album here. Check our previous post here.


Introducing >>> Daddy Issues

Introducing >>> Daddy Issues

The excellently named Daddy Issues are an all girl trio producing a twisted, distorted take on garage-pop that drips with acerbic irony and a healthy dose of cynicism.

Ugly When I Cry is a wonderful slab of downbeat grungy pop that we’ve had on repeat ever since we heard it!

Stream it below, or grab it for a buy-now deal at Bandcamp.


Return Of The Manhattan Love Suicides

Return Of Manhattan Love Suicides

The Manhattan Love Suicides burnt bright between 2006 and 2009. Taking their ferocious sonic assault all over the UK and further afield to New York and SXSW twice. They released one full rough and raw sounding studio LP, a clutch of 7″ singles and EPs, plus a bumper 27 track compilation CD in their four(ish) years together.

In 2009, the band came to an unexpected halt and that, so we thought, was that for The Manhattan Love Suicides.

Then, at the tail end of 2013, a new song appeared completely out of the blue on YouTube - (Never Stop) Hating You. A rough mix, and unmastered, but a taste of what was to come. It meant the band were back and will release their second full length LP, More Heat! More Panic! in early 2015. While the record stays true to their three minute buzzsaw guitar attacks, it also showcases a band comfortable in trying new things and tempering the noise with a tender side. But noise fans can rest assured that the band haven’t forgotten about their fuzz pedals. This album delivers all the noise and fury you’d expect. It also delivers a few things that might just surprise you.

Want proof? Then try (Never Stop) Hating You