Deer Tick & The Hold Steady Cover Each Other

Deer Tick & The Hold Steady Cover Each Other

To celebrate their undying bromance, as well as their co-headline tour that began last night in Boston, Deer Tick and The Hold Steady have decided to cover each others songs…

Deer Tick are covering The Hold Steady’s Constructive Summer (off 2008′s Stay Positive), and The Hold Steady are taking on Deer Tick’s Easy (off 2009′s Born On Flag Day).

Have a listen.



Another From Wooden Wand’s Farmer’s Corner

More From Wooden Wand's Farmer's Corner

Farmer’s Corner, the new album from Wooden Wand promises to be a rawer, more personal affair than the brilliant Blood Oaths Of The New Blues and we have already shared the wonderful Dambuilding with you here.

Now we have Alpha Dawn for your listening pleasure, another sublime cut of relaxed, informal, wandering folk that evokes all those classic intimate campfire and back-porch scenarios, as acoustic strings meander sweetly beneath James Jackson Toth’s gently sung vocals.

Absolutely gorgeous. Listen/download it below.


Mad Mackerel Recommends… Roof Beams

MM Recommends... Roof Beams

The latest effort from Roof Beams, Tectonics EP, though true to the band’s storytelling lyrics and ramshackle Americana roots, comes from a new place. Frontman Nathan Robinson wrote these songs during quiet evenings after work, while his daughter was asleep and his wife was at night school. This led to a more thoughtful, reiterative process resulting in thick layers of harmonies using quieter, lower registers.

Along the theme of big life changes, Tectonics is an analysis of long-term relationships, as they move apart or together at an almost imperceptible pace.

Listen to Your Shoes, the first single from the six-track EP. Purchase from Bandcamp here.


Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles

Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles

I went to Tijuana for a day once, it was notable for a mouse in a cafe giving up the ghost and simply expiring on the floor whereupon a waitress on her way to deliver my sandwich stopped, picked it up by the tail and expertly threw it into the overflowing trash bin by the door.

Thankfully Tijuana Bibles are a more palatable proposition. They may have honed their craft in Glasgow but they have the same bluesy Cajun-fried bar feel that would make a band like Black Keys jealous.

Somewhere in between the nostalgic Americana of Tom Waits and the sludgy riffs of the grunge resurgence, this four-piece have announced their first free download, the fierce Toledo.

We heartily recommend you listen to said groove-heavy and red blooded tune below, and grab a free download from their website here.


Friday Round Up

New Release Round Up.

So many tunes to share – time for another Round Up just in time for the weekend. All pre-screened for your guaranteed listening pleasure.

So away we go…

Easing us in gently is some ethereal folk from Owls of the Swamp and the gentle Shapeshifter is a perfect introduction to forthcoming album Atlas.


At the other end of the noise spectrum we have aggressive post-punk from Total Control’s Flesh War, taken from upcoming long player Typical System.


The Honey Trees debut LP Bright Fire has just been released, this is the lovely By The River.


Kristy And The Kraks new self-titled release is a glamorous 4-track masterpiece of snotty girls-in-the-garage stomp & 60s-girl group-punk raunch. Check out No No No No No from it.


Derek Luttrell’s debut album Tired Dogs, Old Trees is to get lost in the pensive pitter-patter of an unpretentious folk ballad before being thrust upright for the thump-thump-thumping of a soil-scattering Americana jam. Try on Wayside for size…


Old Smokey is an Athens, Georgia folk collaboration that is a little hard to pin down: there are traces of Ennio Morricone spaghetti-western, east Indian psychedelia, and Appalachian stomp. Dead Man’s Pose, is an upbeat scorcher with rolling, brushed drums, chanted group vocals, and a clarinet that brings to mind a New Orleans second line. Their upcoming full-length, Wester Easter, will be released on April 29 via Cloud Recordings.


The Lottery Winners just might be making some of the most gloriously british guitar-pop we’ve heard in years – bright, infectious, sweeping verses and stick-in-your-head choruses. This is Heavy Heart.


Finally, some orchestral folk from Cajita’s new album Tiny Ghosts. Three tracks starting with Broken Glass, an observation on romantic love with proud horns and wandering guitars that speckle a reminiscent groove playing well with the songs smart lyrical content. Swooping vocals and shining synth sounds are brought to bear on love and memory in The Stars is and Shake is a crisp acoustic number with intimate up-close vocals.




Collin Herring To Release Some Knives

Collin Herring to release Some Knives

It was perhaps inevitable that with a surname like that, Texas troubadour Collin Herring would receive some love from Mad Mackerel.

But putting trivialities aside, what we have to share with you is Herring’s first studio effort in nearly five years called Some Knives, and due for release on May 13th.

Over the course of eleven moving tracks, the record is an emotional ride. It is a beautiful trip, not only shrouded with dark corners, doubt and fear, but also dappled with light and a shimmering sense of hope throughout, that stylistically traverse through rock, alt-country and even touches of power-pop and psychedelia.

Have a listen to the tense build of the rocky Psychopaths


New Crooked Brothers EP

The Crooked Brothers - Postcard EP

The Crooked Brothers will always have a special place in the MM shoal with their track of resigned down-on-their-luck tale failure Working For The Government. It has become one of those perennial family sing-a-long favourites that soundtrack holidays and long car journeys in a way that is destined to make it one of those fondly shared family memories in years to come.

So we are excited to discover the release of a new three track EP titled Postcards, and even more excited to discover they will be playing a couple of shows at the Great Escape festival next month. Banjos, mandolins, dobro, guitar and harmonicas all take turns being juggled from brother to brother while they ring scraps of railway iron like bells, whistle through their teeth, and sing and shout.

Listen to the unhurried, timeless Americana of lead track There Ain’t No One below. Order the EP from Bandcamp here.


And here is that family favourite too…


At Last…New From The Felice Brothers… MM Rejoices

New From The Felice Brothers

At last we have a first taste from the Felice Brothers forthcoming record Favorite Waitress. Appropriately enough it is called Cherry Licorice.

It is a classic ragged, uptempo rocker that is sure to become a guaranteed live sing-a-long as couplets like “all the lady and gents, are covered in excrement”, and “the teacher slit my wrists, for every class I missed” are destined for a roaring crowd encore.

Favorite Waitress is our most anticipated record of 2014, Cherry Licorice has just heightened that anticipation by a bigger margin than we could have ever imagined.

Pre-order the album here and get an immediate download of three new songs from the record.


RIP David Lamb

David Lamb RIP

We were desperately, desperately sad to hear that Brown Bird’s David Lamb finally lost his year long battle with leukaemia this weekend.

There is a lovely and eloquent statement on the band’s website from his partner MorganEve, and we can only add our own condolences for her loss – it is truly a tragic turn of events.

For anyone who has stayed with MM for any length of time you will know how popular Brown Bird were with all those who have written for the blog, notching up almost twenty posts since we migrated to WordPress and many times prior to that too. They featured in many a best of the month round-up as well as end-of-year best of listings, and also featured prominently with the sublime Wrong Black Mare, when we reviewed the favourite songs we had discovered in the first five years of MM.

Like many, many, many others we will miss David Lamb – and may his music live on for a mighty long time.