MM Shorts 745: Reservations

With startlingly poetic and often harsh lyrics that linger on themes of the emotional weight of relationships, Taking Time, the first studio album of Austin-based band Reservations, is the first representation of the band as a three-piece, and marks a move from their minimalist-folk roots to a more rock-influenced, spacious sound. Stream/download the forbiddingly forlorn To… Read More MM Shorts 745: Reservations

Mad Mackerel Recommends… The Payroll Union

Paris of America, the new album by The Payroll Union, continues the band’s fascination with America’s dark past. These eight songs explore the violence of the ‘riot era’ in Philadelphia during the 1830s and 1840s. Inhabiting the stories of radical writers, anti-Catholic brawlers, firebrand preachers, and violent ward bosses, the album imagines a city in… Read More Mad Mackerel Recommends… The Payroll Union