MM Shorts 593: Generationals

Generationals are a duo that have featured a few times on MM, and their infectious brand of breezy, sunshine guitar pop is showcased to excellent effect on new tune Gold Silver Diamond.

It is taken from their upcoming album, Alix, out on the 16th September. Pre-order the album on 180-gram “cloud colored” vinyl (limited to 500), CD, cassette, or digital here.


Pharmacy To Release Spells

The Pharmacy - Spells

Seattle’s The Pharmacy is gearing up to release Spells, an album that favours the mellow, more subdued side of garage rock with hazy reverb and hypnotic psych-tinged melodies.

The band have shared album closer, Strange, a fuzzy, blessed out track propelled by lead singer’s Scottie Yoder’s effortless croon.

Spells is out on the 12th August via Old Flame Records (and on cassette via Burger Records).

[Click through for free download]


New Album From The Pine Hill Haints

New Album From The Pine Hill Haints

The Pine Hill Haints are a group of troubadours and kindred spirits that mix elements of folk, rockabilly, bluegrass and Americana, with just a hint of punk. With the help of a rotating cast of friends and storytellers, the band has travelled the world, sporadically releasing records that have mostly been self-recorded and sold from the back of their van. Their sound has grown and evolved with each new experience, but their goal has always been to capture a living pulse, addressing feelings of loneliness, depression, and everlasting joy and exploring the mysteries of life and death.

Their new LP, The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints, sees a release on 30th September via K Records. It delivers more of the band’s self-described “Alabama Ghost Music,” with its smoky melodies and dark whispers of the haunted South. Opening track Ms Pacman sets the stage with a sweet, storytelling charm and an air of mystery.

Stream it below.

MM Shorts 592: Elephants And Castles

The sobering story of professional footballer Justin Fashanu is one that many football fans will know well – the first million pound black footballer, the first openly gay pro footballer in the UK, and a tragic suicide in May 1998, aged only 37.

Released yesterday, Fashanu is the debut single from South London’s elephants and castles, and it is appropriately described as a gem of bruising, indie-pop.

Have a listen.



Video: Emily Capell – Who Killed Smiley Culture?

We are loving this track, Who Killed Smiley Culture? by Emily Capell, a moody acoustic musing over the suspicious death of the pivotal rapper. Delivered with a memorably witty vocal line and matched perfectly with this curiously compelling monochrome video.

The single is out via Blang! tomorrow and can be downloaded via iTunes.



Mad Mackerel Recommends… Martyr Privates

Martyr Privates - Something To Sell

Martyr Privates are another fine example of the murky, outsider psych influenced indie and post punk currently spewing from down under.

Something to Sell takes a heavy base of percussion and ramshackle guitar, heaps a few ladles of fuzzy goodness into the pot, adds a dash of drone and couldn’t-give-a-shit vocals and stirs the whole lot into a throughly enjoyable serving that left us wanting more than mere seconds.

Have a listen, and check out You Can’t Stop Progress while you’re at it.

Signed to the ever reliable Fire Records here, they have a full length in the pipeline.