MM Shorts 747: Sealings

Brighton based Sealings are a band whose live show has been described as both “based more on confrontation than anything else” and “wilfully abrasive”. Their debut LP I’m A Bastard attempts to capture this mindset of total sonic annihilation whether through careering three-chord punk, industrial instrumental passages or fervent noise-rock. Have a listen to White Devil below. [Click… Read More MM Shorts 747: Sealings

MM Shorts 728: Burning Motherfuckers

Norway’s explosive duo Burning Motherfuckers have revealed their first new tracks since their debut EP release back in 2012, after the duo spent a longer period of time writing and recording across Oslo, London and in the Swedish forest. Listen to I’m Your Lion slowly building up to a monumentally explosive climax. Listen here. .

Mad Mackerel Recommends… Pinecones

It’s tempting to simply categorise Georgia’s Pinecones alongside their punk, hardcore, and metal roots. Really, though, it’s no use: no genre can claim them as one of its own. This is music that’s too melodic for the conventions of punk, but with vocals that are often shouted with hardcore’s guttural ferocity. It’s doom laden, meandering, punch-to-the-gut stuff that is… Read More Mad Mackerel Recommends… Pinecones