New Video: Bür Gür – Orchard Hearse

California based Bür Gür have just launched their debut video for Orchard Hearse. The track is from their upcoming release, the excellently titled Alligator Cheesecake, which is due out on the 19th August via How to Be a Microwave.

The band brings their psychedelic sound to the screen with swirling colors that blend flawlessly with the music, creating a hypnotic experience. Their knack for brilliant vocal harmonies carry throughout adding the perfect summery tone to the piece, which fits perfectly into the grainy, retro laced video.

Watch below.


Introducing >>> Moses Gunn Collective

Moses Gunn Collective is a four piece neo-psych band hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

They bring together a complex and layered sound, with lush melodic grooves and a flurry of sonic colour. Stream their woozy new single Shalala, from their forthcoming EP, a “blissed out ode to death“.



Introducing >>> I’m An Island

Introducing >>> I'm An Island

I’m An Island is the dream pop / psychedelia solo project of New Orleans native and recent Nashville transplant J. Gardner — a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and food truck entrepreneur with a charming southern accent.

His debut EP Crown Jewel, out now, features delicate guitars, sombre ambience, and wholesome instrumentation, with hints of inspiration from Youth Lagoon, Devendra Banhart, and Chad VanGaalen.

Watch the psychedelic, chilled out, rather lovely video for Passion Phruit, and stream the title track below.



Pharmacy To Release Spells

The Pharmacy - Spells

Seattle’s The Pharmacy is gearing up to release Spells, an album that favours the mellow, more subdued side of garage rock with hazy reverb and hypnotic psych-tinged melodies.

The band have shared album closer, Strange, a fuzzy, blessed out track propelled by lead singer’s Scottie Yoder’s effortless croon.

Spells is out on the 12th August via Old Flame Records (and on cassette via Burger Records).

[Click through for free download]


Mad Mackerel Recommends… Martyr Privates

Martyr Privates - Something To Sell

Martyr Privates are another fine example of the murky, outsider psych influenced indie and post punk currently spewing from down under.

Something to Sell takes a heavy base of percussion and ramshackle guitar, heaps a few ladles of fuzzy goodness into the pot, adds a dash of drone and couldn’t-give-a-shit vocals and stirs the whole lot into a throughly enjoyable serving that left us wanting more than mere seconds.

Have a listen, and check out You Can’t Stop Progress while you’re at it.

Signed to the ever reliable Fire Records here, they have a full length in the pipeline.