100 Songs In 100 Hours: 64 – Farewell Teddy

Farewell Teddy is an indie-rock duo from Atlanta, Georgia. The Ferris Wheel EP is a four-track precursor to their forthcoming debut album, Brave New World’s Fair (Part 1), which is due to be released independently early this year. For now check out the country twang and vintage rockabilly rumble of I’m Not Afraid Of Torture. You… Read More 100 Songs In 100 Hours: 64 – Farewell Teddy

Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Tranmission

Graveyard Johnnys fuse the primal bump’n’grind of classic 50s rockabilly with the fury of late 70s punk rock and new album Dead Transmission continues their raucous, sonic adventures. Piss and vinegar in places, affectionate in others, but rocking and stomping throughout, this is rock’n’roll at it’s visceral best with some rousing tunes chucked into the mix of… Read More Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Tranmission