Mad Mackerel Recommends… Ryley Walker

Mad Mackerel Recommends... Ryley Walker

We had an e-mail from a reader recommending we check out Ryley Walker. So we did. Turns out he is a little bit special.

While only 24 years old, on his debut album (released this very day) All Kinds Of You, he delves much further back than that to the fingerpicked style of classic British folk artists, American primitive guitar and classic pastoral psychedelia. The results are mesmerising – bluesy, jazzy, folky – fluid and meditative with expressive vocals edged with just enough grit and emotion.

Try a couple of tracks – Fonda and the gorgeous album closer Tanglewood Spaces, which he describes as “a jam to stub your joint out too”.

You can buy from Tomkins Square, or catch him supporting Cloud Nothings on their current tour.


Another From Wooden Wand’s Farmer’s Corner

More From Wooden Wand's Farmer's Corner

Farmer’s Corner, the new album from Wooden Wand promises to be a rawer, more personal affair than the brilliant Blood Oaths Of The New Blues and we have already shared the wonderful Dambuilding with you here.

Now we have Alpha Dawn for your listening pleasure, another sublime cut of relaxed, informal, wandering folk that evokes all those classic intimate campfire and back-porch scenarios, as acoustic strings meander sweetly beneath James Jackson Toth’s gently sung vocals.

Absolutely gorgeous. Listen/download it below.


MM Shorts 547: Liza Anne

MM Shorts 547: Liza Anne

“Maybe I’ll go make love with another man,
forget about you for the evening and say I’m just playing pretend,
I’ll be someone’s fantasy then maybe you’ll want more of me.”

Thin Ice is from 19 year old Liza Anne’s recently released debut album The Colder Months. It fully justifies the haunting, melancholy, and beautiful descriptors that it has been attracting.


Mad Mackerel Recommends… Roof Beams

MM Recommends... Roof Beams

The latest effort from Roof Beams, Tectonics EP, though true to the band’s storytelling lyrics and ramshackle Americana roots, comes from a new place. Frontman Nathan Robinson wrote these songs during quiet evenings after work, while his daughter was asleep and his wife was at night school. This led to a more thoughtful, reiterative process resulting in thick layers of harmonies using quieter, lower registers.

Along the theme of big life changes, Tectonics is an analysis of long-term relationships, as they move apart or together at an almost imperceptible pace.

Listen to Your Shoes, the first single from the six-track EP. Purchase from Bandcamp here.


The Blue Angel Lounge – A Sea Of Trees

The Blue Angel Lounge - A Sea Of Trees

The Blue Angel Lounge formed in 2006, after meeting at school in their German village Hohenlimburg near the Rhine River. Led by singer Nils “O.” Ottensmeyer and Dennis Melster, the band took their name from the club in New York City that in the 1960s offered Nico her first live performances in America.

New album A Sea Of Trees is a menacing, bleak collection of drone, melody and post-punk and seems certain to further cement their growing reputation in the new-psych scene.

Have a listen to Musk. The album is out on the 6th May via A Recordings.


Todo Muere Vol. 4

Todo Meure Vol. 4

Sacred Bones will present the fourth volume of their annual Record Store Day vinyl compilation, Todo Muere. It will be limited to 1,500 copies only.

This year’s edition features eight tracks from a wide variety of their artists, each one new or previously unreleased on any physical format. The first track is the brilliant Lonely Richard by Amen Dunes, a hazy cut from the band’s forthcoming LP, Love that we posted here. That song is followed by a recording of Zola Jesus’ Vessel taken from the sessions for last year’s Versions, the string quartet album she made with the composer J.G. Thirlwell (Foetus). Side A is rounded out by And Light Shines, a David Lynch song from The Big Dream sessions that was previously unavailable outside of Japan, and Marissa Nadler’s spare, haunting take on the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds track The Kindness of Strangers.

Also featured on the compilation is Pop. 1280 with the newly recorded track Kingdom Come. Föllakzoid’s Domingo Garcia-Huidobro contributes a new minimal techno remix of his band’s Pulsar for the penultimate track on the collection, and Illume from Lust for Youth’s forthcoming LP shows the band moving completely out of coldwave into far warmer territory, even adding guitars to the mix.

Side B of Todo Muere, Vol. 4 kicks off with a bang though – two, in fact. Pharmakon’s cover of Bang Bang, the great song written by Sonny Bono for Cher and popularized by Nancy Sinatra, is a sharp cold-water shock that shows a side of Margaret Chardiet that may surprise fans of last year’s Abandon LP.

Todo Muere Vol. 4’s track listing is as eclectic as the Sacred Bones roster itself, and serves as a snapshot of where the label is in 2014.



Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles

Introducing >>> Tijuana Bibles

I went to Tijuana for a day once, it was notable for a mouse in a cafe giving up the ghost and simply expiring on the floor whereupon a waitress on her way to deliver my sandwich stopped, picked it up by the tail and expertly threw it into the overflowing trash bin by the door.

Thankfully Tijuana Bibles are a more palatable proposition. They may have honed their craft in Glasgow but they have the same bluesy Cajun-fried bar feel that would make a band like Black Keys jealous.

Somewhere in between the nostalgic Americana of Tom Waits and the sludgy riffs of the grunge resurgence, this four-piece have announced their first free download, the fierce Toledo.

We heartily recommend you listen to said groove-heavy and red blooded tune below, and grab a free download from their website here.


Friday Round Up

New Release Round Up.

So many tunes to share – time for another Round Up just in time for the weekend. All pre-screened for your guaranteed listening pleasure.

So away we go…

Easing us in gently is some ethereal folk from Owls of the Swamp and the gentle Shapeshifter is a perfect introduction to forthcoming album Atlas.


At the other end of the noise spectrum we have aggressive post-punk from Total Control’s Flesh War, taken from upcoming long player Typical System.


The Honey Trees debut LP Bright Fire has just been released, this is the lovely By The River.


Kristy And The Kraks new self-titled release is a glamorous 4-track masterpiece of snotty girls-in-the-garage stomp & 60s-girl group-punk raunch. Check out No No No No No from it.


Derek Luttrell’s debut album Tired Dogs, Old Trees is to get lost in the pensive pitter-patter of an unpretentious folk ballad before being thrust upright for the thump-thump-thumping of a soil-scattering Americana jam. Try on Wayside for size…


Old Smokey is an Athens, Georgia folk collaboration that is a little hard to pin down: there are traces of Ennio Morricone spaghetti-western, east Indian psychedelia, and Appalachian stomp. Dead Man’s Pose, is an upbeat scorcher with rolling, brushed drums, chanted group vocals, and a clarinet that brings to mind a New Orleans second line. Their upcoming full-length, Wester Easter, will be released on April 29 via Cloud Recordings.


The Lottery Winners just might be making some of the most gloriously british guitar-pop we’ve heard in years – bright, infectious, sweeping verses and stick-in-your-head choruses. This is Heavy Heart.


Finally, some orchestral folk from Cajita’s new album Tiny Ghosts. Three tracks starting with Broken Glass, an observation on romantic love with proud horns and wandering guitars that speckle a reminiscent groove playing well with the songs smart lyrical content. Swooping vocals and shining synth sounds are brought to bear on love and memory in The Stars is and Shake is a crisp acoustic number with intimate up-close vocals.