New From The Ukiah Drag

New From Ukiah Drag

The scorched, warped Americana and post-punk of The Ukiah Drag with its pulsating organs, flattening riffs and creep beats have long found favour here in the Mackerel abode.

Their new LP is titled In the Reaper’s Quarters and can be pre-ordered from Wharf Cat Records. This is Her Royal Grip from it, and a more remorseless and unsettling four and half minutes of music you’ll be hard pressed to find…


Wooden Wand – Waveland

Wooden Wand - Waveland

Lightning have announced their first quarterly, part of a larger subscription series the label has put together with four quarterly gonzo style magazines and a 20 album series where artists have been asked to contribute a unique side project or edge creative statement.

Lightning quarterly one includes:
Five new albums by early Brooklyn infamous rock legends People of the North (Oneida), mythological songwriter and long standing MM fave Wooden Wand, Arizona desert outlaw (and another MM fave) Ohioan, primitive futurist guitar poet William Tyler, and rebel rocker and virtuoso guitar shredder Cy Dune.

Here is a track from Wooden Wand’s AZAG-TOTH, a record (apparently) exploring the musical idea of Metempsychosis and recorded at home onto his trusty Tascam 8 Track digital recorder without band or producer. Waveland is classic James Jackson Toth, deceptively simple, profound, intelligent and more proof (were it needed) of a songwriter who seemingly can effortlessly deliver what others strive for years to do, and fall short.

“the off season, it’s always hell,
you can tell each highway from the smell,
Mama’s borders they would scream and shout,
My half-brother kissed me on the mouth”

It doesn’t get much better than this. Treat yourself.



New Single From The Wytches

New Single From The Wytches

Burn Out The Bruise is the new single from The Wytches, and comes from their forthcoming debut long-player Annabel Dream Reader, which comes out in the UK on Heavenly Records on the 25th August.

It is another top notch example of their reverb filled, doom rock that still carries a hint of a surf undertone.

Have a listen.


New Video: Mark Lanegan Band – Sad Lover

On 29th July, the Mark Lanegan Band will release a brand new five track EP entitled No Bells on Sunday through Flooded Soil/Vagrant Records in North America. Only 1,500 copies of the limited edition EP are being pressed on vinyl and will be available exclusively through the Vagrant Records webstore. It precedes a new full length, Phantom Radio, which will be out in the Autumn.

In the meantime, here is the video for the third track on the EP, Sad Lover.

Fans in the U.S. and Canada can pre-order the EP here.


Joe Jack Talcum – Home Recordings: 1993-1999

Joe Jack Talcum - Home Recordings: 1993-99

For most people the idea of an intimate evening with Joe Jack Talcum playing songs in their living room sounds terrifying given the reputation of his better-known band The Dead Milkmen, but the appearance in 2011 of Home Recordings: 1984-1990 revealed a sadder, more intimate side to a songwriter better known for his sense of humour.

Now via HHBTM Records, comes the second volume, from one of America’s great unheralded songwriters, pulled from an archive that makes you want to hear more, to wonder what else might be in there. Home Recordings: 1993-1999 contains a cosmos of emotion—from funeral marches to rave-ups, irreverence to lament—sometimes even in the same song. A solo album in every sense of the word, it’s like eavesdropping on a soliloquy.

Check out Madonna’s Weep with it’s tweaked-out 3am surreality that recalls Robyn Hitchock’s I Often Dream of Trains.


Pissed Jeans Remaster Shallow

Pissed Jeans to Reissue Shallow

For the first time in years, Pissed Jeans’ debut long player Shallow is getting reissued on vinyl, and it’s also been completely remastered. Out on 7th October via SubPop, it now includes a bonus 7” reproduction of their first single included in the LP sleeve (a download code for those songs is included in the CD version). Pre-order here.

What better excuse then to post the wonderfully simple, unrelenting riff of Boring Girls, which sounds something akin to the Beastie Boys and the Butthole Surfers trapped in the cellar of a crumbling 50s insane asylum trying to write a love song.

And failing. Brilliantly.


Introducing >>> Ladada

Introducing >>> Ladada

Comets is the first taste from Ladada’s forthcoming debut EP.

It is a blissful slice of languid yet sunny, psych-drenched atmospheric pop that carries at its heart the good natured optimism of classic Motown. Take a ride and float away on the back of its slow-moving melodies.

Download it below.