Mad Mackerel Recommends… The Othermen

Mad Mackerel Recommends... The Othermen

The Othermen sound like they should come from a 50s sci-fi series. Instead their new four track EP reveals a garage band par excellence.

Frantic, raw, and visceral. Guitars cut to the bone, while the vocals could shred paint from the walls and the percussion pounds like a jackhammer migraine after a day and night of solid drinking. This is NYC cool with a capital C!

Stream / download (Do The) Stand Still and We Love You here.



WATERS – What’s Real

Here is the title track to WATERS’ upcoming album What’s Real, which is released on the 7th April.

Frontman Van Pierszalowski describes it pretty succinctly, “The song is meant to represent a simple, almost gospel-esque quest for a new scene. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve had some shitty friends in the past, and this song is all about ditching them and trading up for some real fucking friends.

Sounds straight forward enough to us. Stream it below.


New Video: The Tambourines – Another Day

Brazilian-born, London-based duo The Tamborines release their second album Sea of Murmur on 30 March through their own imprint Beat-Mo Records.  Lyrically the record strikes a more emotional chord than its predecessor and serves almost as a snapshot of their relationship coming to an end.

New single Another Day is a perfect combination of sweetly delivered psych-pop that at the same time confronts their relationship on the verge of breakdown and trying to come to terms with its inevitable conclusion.

Watch the video here.


New Single From Big Harp

Husband and wife indie-popsters Big Harp will release the follow up to 2013’s excellent Chain Letters album later this year.

The first single from it is the recently released, and fuzzily infectious, It’s a Shame, which adds some ‘60s psych and a bit of ‘80s flamboyant pop to their established ingredients, creating a vibrant new sound that is exemplified in this instant bittersweet, power-pop classic.

Groove around the living room to this one…


New Single From H. Hawkline

H. Hawkline’s previous single, the off-kilter, woozy Spooky Dog has proved mighty popular round these parts, and has established the surrealistic singer-songwriter as a firm MM fave.

His latest single, Everybody’s On The Line is also taken from his recent critically acclaimed album In The Pink Of Condition, and further cements the MM love affair with another gem of oddball psych-pop.

Dive in.


New Video: False-Heads – Wrap Up

Grungy psych-rockers False-Heads have released the video to their new single Wrap Up (which we previously posted about here).

It is packed with swirled out psychedelics, blossoming flowers and 60s go-go dancers.

It’s quite a sight and the tune’s a crackerjack too.

Watch it here.


Introducing >>> The Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires is the new project from Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey. Their debut mini-album Red Red Skies is due for release on Elefant Records on 1st June.

Together,the duo have an impressive 30 year indie-pop pedigree, including Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender TrapThe Catenary Wires started when they moved out of London to the countryside and started writing quiet and melancholy songs on a small acoustic guitar, to help get them through the winter. They then realized that this barer, stripped down format gave their songs a moving intensity and intimacy, bringing to mind singers like Hope Sandoval and Laura Veirs.

The bittersweet first single Intravenous, is a good introduction to the band, its addictive chorus capturing something somehow universal. The song explores the mutual dependency of love, and resignation to a closeness so extreme that it becomes destructive.

Listen here.


New From The Honey Ants

We have featured London duo The Honey Ants a few times on MM, and last May their Nirvana cover in particular was a real treat for the ears.

Since then they have been busy writing and recording, evolving their folk roots into more complex and darker territories with elements of Southern gospel and country coming much more to the fore.

The first of this brand new material to emerge blinking into the spring sunshine is The Devil Told Me Lies.

Watch the accompanying video full of stunning monochrome imagery or simply stream it below.




Introducing >>> Sean Gospel

Introducing >>> Sean Gospel

As a founding member of The Gospels as well as independent label Ghoulhouse Records, Sean Gospel is on a rock and roll warpath.

His debut full length, Good Times With Bad Acid is a thrilling garage rock slug-fest. One moment we are in the arms of pure 70s rock grime with songs like Witch and Black Car, and the next, stilled by his haunting falsetto on tracks like Tila Nook.

This is a record that will find obvious favour with fans of The Stooges, Oblivians and Ty Segall, Good Times With Bad Acid is available April 7th on Ghoulhouse Records.



MM Shorts 681: Los Trasgos Muertos

Los Trasgos Muertos are a psych influenced garage rock band from Manchester, who have just put out their first eponymous EP.

Some of the band also play in Hawker Reunion who have featured previously on MM, albeit with a very different sound! This though is crunchy and raw, proper riff-driven rock ‘n’ roll that is guaranteed to put hairs on your chest – whatever your gender…

Listen to Fire In The Sky here.