Mad Mackerel’s Favourite Albums Of 2013 (Part 1 50-31)

Perhaps unusually, this year seemed a better one for albums rather than individual tracks with some fabulous releases over the past twelve months. There were many contenders for our end of year list, but here, after much deliberation, is Part One of our favourites of 2013.

50 Daughn Gibson – Me Moan

More From Daughn Gibson


49 The Men – New Moon

MM Shorts 331: The Men - New Moon


48 Pissed Jeans – Honeys

Pissed Jeans - Honeys


47 The Dodos – Confidence



46 Holograms – Forever

holograms forever


45 Colleen Green – Sock It To Me

colleen green 500x500


44 Blank Realm – Go Easy

Blank Realm Go Easy


43 Night Beds – Country Sleep

night beds


42 Agnes Obel – Aventine

agnes obel aventine


41 Grass House – A Sun Full And Drowning

Grass House Debut Album


40 The Oblivians – Desperation



39 Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Any Port In A Storm

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - New Single & Album


38 No Age – An Object

no age an object


37 Public Service Broadcasting – Inform – Educate – Entertain

public service broadcasting


36 Cate Le Bon – Mug Museum

cate le bon mug museum 500



35 Okkervil River – The Silver Gymnasium

okkervil river


34 John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts

John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts


33 Fuzz – Fuzz



32 I See Hawks In L.A. – Mystery Drug

New Album From I See Hawks In L.A.


31 Savages – Silence Yourself

Savages Silence Yourself


Mad Mackerel’s Top Songs Of 2013

Mad Mackerel's Top Songs Of 2013

As well as our Top 100 tunes of the year that we’ve posted over the past few days, each of the MM contributors have put together their own lists. The fifth and final instalment is our own.

20. Colleen Green – Heavy Shit
Totally infectious, stoned punk.


19. Harmed Brothers – Love Song For The Assumed
Mixing folk and bluegrass with a wistful twist of poignant melancholy, Love Song For The Assumed was as sweet and as simple a song of heartbreak and longed for resolution as we heard in the whole year.


18. Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
Tribal drumming, 60s Hammer-Horror organ, and reverb.


17. Courtney Barnett – History Eraser
A late entry – deadpan, conversational, charming, funny, literal and literate – a drunken night’s tale told with an upbeat lo-fi jangle and amiable vocal delivery.


16. Holograms – A Blaze On The Hillside
Most thrilling riff of the year?


15. John Grant – GMF
One part waspish humour, one part resigned melancholy and one part bitter dislocation. Superb.


14. Fuzz – Sleigh Ride
Heaviest riff of the year?


13. Cass McCombs – Big Wheel
Hypnotic, rumbling, country-dirt travelogue.


12. Dune Rats – Stoner Pop
In a parallel world somewhere, this was the smash hit of the summer.


11. Blitzen Trapper – Feel The Chill
That old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink and never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for it’s implacable mystery.” That’s where Feel the Chill takes place.


10. Public Service Broadcasting – Signal 30
Brilliant and mesmerising combination of high octane guitar riffage, retro public information film samples and electro beats.


9. Parquet Courts – You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now
Stoned and Starving would have been our song of the year, but for its minor self-release in 2012. No matter scrappy, swaggering, nihilistic NY punks Parquet Courts gave us this gem instead. A highlight of their performance at the Green Man festival and our undoubted gig of the year.


8. Foxygen – No Destruction
We may have lost Lou Reed this year, but his spirit lives on in No Destruction, a natural pretender to his throne, and this song has the best use of “weaseled” in any song we’ve heard.


7. Wooden Shjips – Everybody Knows
Channeling Neil Young by way of Hawkwind, Wooden Shjips gave us this hypnotically evocative and brilliant slab of psych rock on latest album Back To Land


6. Terry Malts – I Was Not There
To do simple, balls-to-the-floor, screw-you punk rock this brilliantly well takes real talent. Terry Malts have it.


5. Big Haunt – Burn Me Up
We received an e-mail. It said, “We are a Portland, Oregon band called Big Haunt. We play spooky, gospel infused big beat indy folk. This is our first single, “Burn Me Up.”  It’s a song about ritualistic fire sacrifice and murder. We thought you might like it.“ We did. We liked it very much.


4. Martha’s Vineyard Ferries – Blonde On Blood
Like the best ever Fall single played at 78rpm. This is, of course, a very good thing indeed.


3. Low – Plastic Cup
One of those few songs that feels like it could have been written any time in the past 40 years. Timeless is over-used, but this really is that good.


2. T. Hardy Morris – OK Corral
The sound of a ghost town set to song.


1. Phosphorescent – Ride on/Right On
While I might be at odds with my shoalmates, this track from Phosphorescent’s peerless Muchacho album was my tune of the year. A little bit of funky rhythm and a whole lot of country grit combined to make the most compelling and enduring song of 2013.


Best songs we heard this year, but released prior to 2013.

Parquet Courts – Stoned And Starving
A stonewall classic and worthy successors to the currently vacant slacker indie and resigned punk rockers crown.


Edmund Wayne (with River Giant) – To The Bugs On My Ceiling


Hank Williams III – Country Heroes


And The Song We Wished We’d Heard Before We’d Compiled Our Top Twenty

Clara Berry & Wooldog – Hard Time Killing Floor Blues


You can see our favourite cover songs of the year here.

Mad Mackerel’s Top Tracks of 2013: 100 – 76

MM's Top Tracks of 2013: 100 - 76

It is that time of year again. The votes have been polled from our MM contributors, the results collated and without further ado, here are Mad Mackerel’s favourite hundred tracks of 2013.

Today, we’re counting down the first twenty five, from 100-76.

100 Woody Pines – Hobo And His Bride
Classic, ramblin’ country blues, where songs are filled with characters fighting to climb up or sliding their way back down – wandering broken hearts, swaggering pimps, crusty hobos – and all inhabiting rundown roadhouses, juke joints and the dusty backroads. Have a listen to the epic tale of young love, The Hobo And His Bride.


99 The Dodos – Confidence
Warm and wiry indie rock.


98 Blessed Feathers – Real Song For Emily
Fiercer harmonies and a tenser, more urgent feel than this duo usually give us. Despite being only two and a half minutes long, the song’s plaintive coda has a bitter air of finality.


97 Bill Callahan – The Sing
Well the only words I said today are “beer” and “thank you” / Beer, thank you / Beer, thank you / Beer


96 Best Coast – Fear Of My Own Identity
The best fuzzed up pop single of the year.


95 Eula – I Collapse
Seething, fractured, post-punk blues.

Download Eula – I Collapse mp3


94 Torres – Honey
A single distorted guitar strum, unsupressed tension, and a raw, slow-burning payoff.


93 Mark Mulcahy – Let The Fireflies Fly Away
Penguins, a hitch-hiking chicken, a donkey in a Chevrolet and a monkey family feud.


92 Coke Weed – Sunseekers
A woozy, narcoleptic trip through the realms of psychedelia, indie rock and hazy Americana.


91 Water Liars – Sucker
The first of three entries from Water Liars. Sucker is the buzzing opener to one of our albums of the year.


90 The Oblivians – Run For Cover
Garage punks first album for 16 years didn’t disappoint. Run For Cover was a high octane highlight.


89 Grass House – Spinning As We Turn
Cascading guitars and a hypnotic rhythm section that channels the spirits of Joe Meek and the Velvets.


88 Ooga Boogas – Sex In The Chillzone
Featuring members of long time faves Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Sex In The Chillzone is an eight minute psych-rock lockdown into the year’s grooviest bass line that sounds like a blend of the Velvet Underground and Parliament.


87 Of Montreal – Imbecile Rages
Your folks, they are such lovely people / I can’’t understand where you came from“, one of the best opening couplets of this or any other year.



86 The Acquaintances – Paramounts
Tremolo’ed and reverby guitars and echoed out vocals wash over a top-notch rhythm section creating spaced-out garage-influenced rock with a melodic sensibility.


85 Dim Peaks – Reason
Laid back, folk infused Americana.


84 Colleen Green – Heavy Shit
Totally infectious, stoned punk.


83 Shadows At Play – Into The Sun
Upbeat, ethereal folk song that alludes to the Greek mythology story of Icarus, exploring the notion that a man is free once he is defeated.


82 Harmed Brothers – Love Song For The Assumed
Mixing folk and bluegrass with a wistful twist of poignant melancholy, Love Song For The Assumed was as sweet and as simple a song of heartbreak and longed for resolution as we heard in the whole year.


81 Villagers – Nothing Arrived
I’m loving the piano this year and there’s a good bit of gutsy playing here. What were we hoping to get out of this boys? Nothing actually. People are so bloody disappointing aren’t they? (Mrs M)


80 Phox – Noble Heart


79 Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
Tribal drumming, 60s Hammer-Horror organ, and reverb.


78 The Coathangers – Adderall
A propulsive, jittery, slice of post-punk agitation, borne in on the back of tribal drums and a perfect match for a commonly abused drug used to stimulate the central nervous system!


77 Steve Mason – Lot Of Love
Love the piano on this song and the catchy, sing-a-long chorus – a guaranteed earworm if I had any (ears that is… being a fish, of course.) Steve Mason’s gentle vocals reflect on love lost and the hope of finding it again. (Mrs M)


76 Jules Larson & AG – Bend Into The Break

Check back tomorrow for tracks 51-75.

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: March 2013

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: March 2013

Here are the very best of our downloads from March’s posts together with a few new tunes for your listening pleasure. So close to 30 tracks in all – a perfect playlist to kick off April.

Quite Parade – Edge of the Ocean
A perfectly judged slice of Canadian indie rock, it is an anthem about a dying town that seems hopeless but is still worth fighting for.


Conner Youngblood – Vegas
Kicks off with some ominous ringing guitar over which vocals echo and swirl before slow but hypnotic percussion cuts in and the song gradually increases in intensity before finally fading away like a firework over a night sky.


Download Colleen Green – Heavy Shit mp3 (from Sock it to Me)
Perfectly judged pop-punk.

Blank Realm – Go Easy
Takes 90s slacker indie and buries it in a heady swirl of scuzzy guitars and stoned vocals.

(Click through to download for free)


Download Pairs – Part Songs mp3 (from If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will)
Clocks in at just over 2 minutes of buzzsaw guitars, machine gun percussion and lyrics about dead shipmates, date-rape and all manner of other sordid topics.

Beams – Be My Brother
Lush instrumentation and lovely vocal harmonies hide the fact that lyrically something altogether more discomforting and baleful lies beneath the surface.


Wooden Wand – Dungeon Of Irons
Yet another stand out track from an outstanding album.


The Burning Hell – Grown-ups
Deep, baritone vocals reveal a caustic, almost savage, black humour and brilliantly observed comments on the minutiae of life that can make you squirm with embarrassed recognition.


Thirty Pounds Of Bone – Home Faring
Possessed of a singular and unique vision, where distraction, desolation, and despair are constant companions and distortion and drone are artfully used to heighten emotions and force the listener to really partake of what is going on.

(Click through to download for free)


Lower Plenty – Nullarbor
A perfectly judged track of hazy countrified melancholia.


Monuments & Statues – Red Dress
Beautifully anchored by banjo with animated cello and vocals alternately assuming lead status.


The Thermals – Born To Kill
Dark, brash, and violent.


Download Kurt Vile – Never Run Away mp3 (from Wakin On A Pretty Daze)
Another hazy, woozy taste from forthcoming album.

Download Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight mp3 (from Too High To Kross)
Razor sharp riffs and perfectly executed harmonies.

God Tiny – Fearless
Oozes primal garage rock and psych-blues creds in a way that is impossible to resist.


Broken Anchor – Never Leave Me Alone
Infectious, catchy, anthemic indie rock.


Download Owl Fly South – Blink (Incandescent Days) mp3 (from Blink/Castle)
More than promising garage/psych/pop.

Steady Sun – Eyes Wide
A lovely blend of gentle psychedelia and pastoral folk.


Blood Sister – Bart Simpson
Noisy trash-pop.


Upside Drown – Go
Naggingly catchy garage pop.


Pure X – Someone Else
Synths, guitars and tortured vocals make a compelling package.


Virginia Wing – Red Sails
Their sound veers from the minimalist post punk of Young Marble Giants, to the twisted 60s psych bliss of Arthur Lee and Love and the cinematic krautpop of Broadcast.


Hawk And Dove – Things We Lost So Far
Acoustic country with a classical influence make for a unique take on Americana.


And to finish we have new tracks from The Scanners, the jaunty indie strum of Mexico comes from their new self-titled EP, while the brilliant and haunting Bullet From A Broken Heart by Dillon Hodges is Americana at its absolute finest and is taken from forthcoming album Rumspringa. Our third new track Wait comes from Graham MacRae’s new album Dundrearies, a perfectly judged downtempo contemplation of loneliness, disappointment, and how to live well. Lastly we have the high octane indie-folk of Killing Fields Of Ontario and the riotous, gypsy-tinged tale of disaster that is Twisted Little Theatre, which comes from new album How The World Ends.

Videos of the Day: The Futurebirds || Colleen Green || TOY || The Men

Videos of the Day

Today’s videos are from our favourite southern fried country rockers The Futurebirds, Colleen Green as a cabbie in her new video for Taxi Driver, indie psych-rockers TOY’s video for latest single Heart Skips A Beat, and a 1990s VHS inspired video from The Men for I Saw Her Face, one of the moodier tracks from excellent new album New Moon.




MM Shorts 329: More From Colleen Green

MM Shorts 329: More From Colleen Green

Here is a second track from punk-popster Colleen Green’s forthcoming full length, Sock It To Me. It is out later this month on Hardly Art. We’re intending to catch her at SXSW next week.

This is Heavy Shit. Enjoy!

Download Colleen Green – Heavy Shit mp3 (from Sock it io Me)

Download Colleen Green – Time In The World mp3 (from Sock it to Me)

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: January 2013

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: January 2013

So, all things considered January got off to a rip-roaring start where new tunes are concerned. Here is our selection of our best of the month’s downloads (27 in all) and a few new tunes too – more than 30 to pick from, so blow those January blues away with these babies.

Prissy Clerks – Bruise or Be Bruised
Mix of fuzzed up punk and slacker indie with garage pop undertones managing to balance a confused, dark isolation with some tender sweetness.

Download The Chaw – The Whole Night Through mp3 (from The Chaw)
Propulsive rhythms and guitar squalls drenched in reverb, referencing soundtracks of the classic spaghetti westerns, big open bar chords and barky low register guitar leads ala Dick Dale.

Download Water Liars – Fake Heat mp3 (from Wyoming)
Plaintive vocals building over the slowly increasing guitar distortion creates a real treat of a first taste from forthcoming album.

Big Harp – Waiting For Some Drunk
Literate Americana, with fuzzed-out, needle-sharp textures.

Download Indian Wars – Sweetheart Of The North mp3 (from Songs From The North)
First taste of new album is a cracker from countrified rockers.

Download Airstrip – Pleasure Center mp3 (from Willing)
Hypnotic and dark “nightmare pop”

Download Colleen Green – Time In The World mp3 (from Sock it to Me)
Showcases vintage synth tones alongside Green’s trademark multi-tracked harmonies, deep-fried guitar chords, and spartan drum machine beats.

Download Milo Greene – Parents mp3 (from Filter Presents: Milo Turns 50)
Eerily hushed and woozy version of the scathing 1982 classic Descendents track Parents. Cover of the month undoubtedly.

Lower Plenty – Strange Beast
Hazy, beautifully melancholy, suburban-country music. Click through to download for free.

Download Tom Morgan – Taste For Blood mp3 (from Orange Syringe)
Stripped back and laconic folk laced with self effacing black humour.

Download Swallows – The Winnowing mp3 (from Witching & Divining)
Rasping, gravelly vocals, sombre cello and chanted junkyard chorus call to mind Tom Waits and The Wicker Man in equal measure.

Wooden Wand – Outsider Blues
No description needed – best album of the month. Mellow, oak-aged, yet still oddly warped folk. Brilliant.

Download Summer Aviation – Love So Fine mp3 (from Love So Fine single)
Combine the fresh, supercharged sound of 60s pop arrangements with post-punk avant-garde: Think Burt Bacharach meets My Bloody Valentine.

Honeyslide – Sugar Routine
Warm distorted guitars, complex hooks and captivating melodies swathed in reverb to create piercing sonic landscapes.

PRAVADA – Campfire Song
Catchy-as-hell tune filled with swirling guitars and sugary indie pop harmonies.

Download Frontier Ruckus – Dealerships mp3 (from Eternity of Dimming)
Wonderfully folky Americana from much anticipated new album.

Harry George Johns – Hospital Blues
Raw personal folk, an incredibly personal diary of a dark and desperate time.

Download Cobalt Cranes – Head In The Clouds mp3 (from Head In The Clouds)
Blend elements of desert, psychedelic and shoegaze sounds, taking a modern approach to classic California rock.

Download The Lovely Bad Things – Fried Eggs mp3 (from The Late Great Whatever)
Garage-punk masterclass.

Download Torres – Mother Earth, Father God mp3 (from Torres)
Minimal, ragged, and raw folk from singer-songwriter’s debut release.

As Elephants Are – Lucifer
Another blistering slice of epic, widescreen indie rock.

Download Fletcher C Johnson – Happy Birthday mp3 (from Salutations)
A nostalgic paean to the 60s with a sweet melody and chorus. Perfect garage pop.

Download The Futurebirds – Man With No Knees (demo) mp3 (from Exhume)
Brilliantly ramshackle Americana and pedal-steel inspired psychedelia.

Download Little Wings – Sandy Babe mp3 (from LAST)
Little Wings at their warmest and most mellow.

Pickering Pick – Standing Stone
Warm, sensitive, thoughtful and restrained – perfect fare from singer-songwriter par-excellence.

Download Lazy Talkers – Killing Time mp3 (from Lazy Talkers)
Sweet, easy-going jangle from indie-folksters.

Jack James – Three Names
Brooding slice of dark folk (click through to download for free).

And to finish off, new tunes from Screaming Females with the sinewy and rickety Poison Arrow from their forthcoming tape release Chalk Tape, a second (brilliant) track from John Grant’s much anticipated new record Pale Green Ghosts, the excellent literate Americana tinged indie of Yellow Red Sparks and the song that gave them their name, and finally the mesmerising brilliance of Secret Mountains and their haunting track Coasting.

Download Screaming Females – Poison Arrow mp3 (from Chalk Tape)

Download John Grant – Black Belt mp3 (from Pale Green Ghosts)

Download Yellow Red Sparks – Yellow Red Sparks mp3 (from Yellow Red Sparks)

Download Secret Mountains – Coasting mp3 (from Rainer)

New From Colleen Green

New Album From Colleen Green

On March 19th, Hardly Art will drop one-woman pop-punk band Colleen Green’s latest full-length album, Sock it to Me. It follows last year’s excellent Milo Goes To Compton, which had an awful lot of spins on the MM stereo.

First single Time in the World showcases vintage synth tones alongside Green’s trademark multi-tracked harmonies, deep-fried guitar chords, and spartan drum machine beats. It is an especially contagious introduction to the album.

Grab it here.

Download Colleen Green – Time In The World mp3 (from Sock it to Me)

Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: February 2012

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: February 2012.

Musically, the year is starting to really kick into gear now and February saw lots of top quality tunes hit the web. Here is our pick of the best of last month’s posts along with four brand, spanking new tracks for you to download, sample and treasure. All in all over thirty great songs in one great mix.

Download Hoots & Hellmouth – Why Would You Not Want To Go There? mp3 (from Salt)
Country rocker with a slow-burn intensity that builds in tandem with some expertly judged flourishes of piano and electric guitar.

Download Mirel Wagner – No Death mp3 (from Mirel Wagner)
World-weary, doom-laden, sparse and skeletal. Oh and stunning too.

Download Mark Lanegan – The Gravedigger’s Song (from Funeral Blues)
Brilliant electronica-style drum beat throughout, with the trademark ML growling vocal delivery.

Download Dr. Dog – That Old Black Hole mp3 (from Be The Void)
Classic vintage, ramshackle country rock from excellent new album.

Download Orpheum Bell – Poor Laetitia mp3 (from The Old Sisters’ Home)
Seductive, yet slightly mocking tale of a beautiful, but awkward girl with a haughty tango beat and muted trumpet.

Download Jesse Thomas – Fire mp3 (from War Dancer)
Raw, whiskey soaked folk.

Download The Pharmacy – Dig Your Grave mp3 (from Dig Your Grave)
As good an example of indie-pop-garage bliss as you’ll find.

Download Benjamin Shaw – Kick The Dog mp3 (from The Birds Chirp And The Sun Shines Single)
Idosyncratic, perverse folk ramblings.

Download The Chromatics – Into The Black mp3 (from Kill For Love)
Sublime chilled out cover of Neil Young’s classic.

Download Maps & Atlases – Winter mp3 (from Beware And Be Grateful)
Typically tight and dense, but still catchy indie-pop.

Download Shrouded Strangers – Featherbed mp3 (from Lost Forever)
Skuzzy slacker anthem a glorious amalgam of surf guitars, krautrock rhythms and fuzzed up hillbilly stomp.

Download Moonface – Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips mp3 (from With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery)
A stormer – all buzzing guitars, massive keyboards and nailgun percussion.

Download Cheers Elephant – Doin’ It, Right mp3 (from Like Wind Blows Fire)
A sublime slice of upbeat sunshine pop that morphs into a brief kaleidoscopic freakout before settling back down again.

Download Black Mountain – Mary Lou mp3 (from Year Zero Original Soundtrack)
Almost eight minutes of perfect heavy riffage.

Download Horse Feathers – Fit Against The Country mp3 (from Cynic’s New Year)
Typically rustic folk from one of Portland’s finest.

Download  Guy Capecelatro III – Girlfriends mp3 (from North For The Winter)
Another slice of quirky folk with sly observation and mischievous lyrics.

Download Zulu – Sistine Chapel mp3 (from Wa Of The Zulu)
Clear the cobwebs with this brilliant tribal rumble and punk rock swagger.

Download Teitur – Let The Dog Drive Home mp3 (from Let The Dog Drive Home)
Gently upbeat, elegant, and expansive folk rumination.

Download Wooden Sky – Malibu Rum mp3 (from Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun)
A beautifully paced folk ballad tinged at the edges with the faint wisp of melancholy – lovely.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams)
A downtempo slow burn of barely picked electric guitar washes over sighed vocals that gradually swell to an appropriately lugubrious and mournful climax.

Download Colleen Green – Worship You mp3 (from Milo Goes To Compton)
Throbbing garagey guitars over a sweetly saccharine vocal.

Download Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams mp3 (from Sleazy Dreams 7″)
Visceral, pulsating industrial punk riffing of the very best kind.

Download Drifterswift – Rule Of Twelfths mp3 (from The Rule Of Twelfths EP)
Spacey dream pop, slightly fuzzy and a 100% bona fide ear worm.

Download Ray Wylie Hubbard – Drunken Poet’s Dream mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)
Sublime version of standout track from country outlaw’s last album.

Download The Crocodiles – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) mp3 (from Endless Flowers)
Full on, catchy indie rock. Noisy.

Download Coke Weed – Magpie mp3 (from Nice Dreams)
Gently haunting and woozy-at-the-edges folk psychedelia.

Download Ceremony – Adult mp3 (from Zoo)
Loud, fast, uncompromising. This is searing punk rock.

And to finish off we have new tracks from These United States and their rambunctious melting pot of rock-and-roll, folk balladry, and outlaw country that went into taster track Dead And Gone as well as the psych rock influenced indie of Temporary from White Rabbits, one of the best things we’ve heard from them. Exitmusic have a new album scheduled and title track Passage is typically powerful and haunting with layered guitars and drums building to an extraordinary crescendo. Lastly it is the sonic guitar blast of Yellow Orchestra on their outstanding new track The Shakedown.

Download These United States – Dead And Gone mp3 (from These United States)

Download White Rabbits – Temporary mp3 (from Milk Famous)

Download Exitmusic – Passage mp3 (from  Passage)

Download Yellow Ostrich – The Shakedown mp3 (from Strange Land)

Tuesday Means Eight Of The Best

Tuesday Means Eight of the Best!Here is another in our semi regular round-ups of new tracks that have found their way into our iTunes library via our inbox, some of our favourite blogs, and the internet. So eight artists and ten tracks to check out. Jump in. Be our guest. Have a browse. Pick and choose. Take what you want. Its all yours.

Let us start with one of our favourite tracks of the moment: the throbbing garagey guitars of Worship You by Colleen Green together with a bonus second track from new album Milo Goes To Compton, the slightly sweeter Goldmine. In a similar vein we have the more visceral, pulsating industrial punk riffing of Band In Heaven and a track from their self-titled 7″ called Sleazy Dreams.  Next up is reunited fuzz-popsters Black Tambourine offering up their cover of the Ramones’ What’s Your Game.

Sonny Smith of Sonny & The Sunsets and latterly of his 100 Records series will release Volume 3 next month. This cut has him performing under the moniker Danny Dusk & The Twilights and with a name like that, what else could he do but deliver a sound that could have been directly appropriated from the 60s. Give in to the urge to spark the joss-sticks as he howls mournfully over a chugging guitar and organ swirls.

Jim From The Moon plays acoustic tunes about girls, the devil, and similar distractions. They flow in the vein of Loudon Wainwright III and Neil Young, sung with a voice soaked in years of Irish storytelling. Other times he expels far-out electric rock which is primal and spaceward, with hints of Hendrix’s blues. This cut, a heartfelt ode to the consequences of self-harming called Alarms comes from the former camp. Meanwhile singer-songwriter Jordan Bolton belies his tender years and hints at a pretty substantial talent with new offering Love Was Always Cruel, It Just Wasn’t Cruel To Me with its easygoing rhythm and vocal nod to the National.

The Dirty Names offer a welcome excursion into classic rock, all bar-room blues swagger and greased up riffs with Puppy Love, and finally we have the effortlessly beautiful indie rock and dream pop of Boston four-piece Drifterswift with two spacey, slightly fuzzy and 100% bona fide ear worms from forthcoming EP The Rule of Twelfths.

I know, I know. You’re welcome…

Download Colleen Green – Worship You mp3 (from Milo Goes To Compton)

Download Colleen Green – Goldmine mp3 (from Milo Goes To Compton)

Download Band In Heaven – Sleazy Dreams mp3 (from Sleazy Dreams 7″)

Download Black Tambourine – What’s Your Game mp3 (from OneTwoThreeFour EP)

Download Danny Dusk & The Twilights – Life Ain’t Clear mp3 (from Sonny Smith’s 100 Records Vol. 3)

Download Jim From The Moon – Alarms mp3 (from I Am Going To Steal You EP)

Download Jordan Bolton – Love Was Always Cruel, It Just Wasn’t Cruel To Me mp3

Download The Dirty Names – Puppy Dog mp3 (from)

Download Drifterswift – Rule Of Twelfths mp3 (from The Rule Of Twelfths EP)

Download Drifterswift – Can’t Fight Me mp3 (from The Rule Of Twelfths EP)