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These United States will be releasing their new album (and their fourth in little more than two and a half years) on July 20.

Titled What Lasts, the early advance track, The Great River, is another example of their top-notch country rock and songwriting chops. Perhaps this time a little edgier and a little darker?

Visit their MySpace here.

Download These United States – The Great River mp3 (from The Great River)

Sharon Van Etten has a voice that could make angels weep.

This is her simply stunning contribution to the Music For The Builder compilation, a collection of songs coinciding with the upcoming film The Builder, and released by Jagjaguwar on 27 July.

It is called I Couldn’t Save You, and it is languid, lonely and desolate. Just about as stark a heartbreaker as you could imagine.

Visit her MySpace here.

Download Sharon Van Etten – I Couldn’t Save You mp3 (from Music From The Builder)

Introducing…Royal Baths

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Alternative, Music, Rock

Royal Baths (formerly just The Baths) are a new addition to the Woodsist label and are releasing an album titled Litanies in September.

Taster track Nikki Don’t has been around a while previously appearing on a cassette release from the band, and is a suitably cautionary tale delivered with a dark, 80s indie-goth flourish. While it may have its references in the past, there is enough of their own DNA stamped into the song to make it feel original and we promise it is well worth four minutes of your time.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Royal Baths – Nikki Don’t mp3 (from Litanies)

Howe Gelb is one of those wonderful, but rare, musicians that seems to plough his own furrow oblivious to commercial gain or sensibilities and we love him all the more for it. Boasting a body of work of such immense range and diversity means his output is sometimes challenging, often brilliant, occasionally bizarre, but always interesting, where genres and ideas proliferate, overlap and overflow.

His new album in collaboration with A Band Of Gypsies is called Alegrías, and has been out for a couple of weeks here in the UK. Featuring Flamenco inspired reinterpretations of some of his Giant Sand songs as well as new tracks inspired by the Spanish town of Cordoba, it is another abrupt change of direction and another wonderful addition to his catalogue.

Watch the video for the wonderful Uneven Light Of A Day and download a taster below.

Visit his MySpace here. Download the album from Amazon here.

Download Howe Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies – The Ballad Of Lole y Manuel mp3 (from Alegrías)

One of MM’s favourite labels, Woodsist, release a compilation on 20th July called Welcome Home Diggin’ the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation. It will only be available on LP and cassette only, without seemingly a download option, and will feature new tracks from many of the top notch acts on their roster including The Woods, Ducktails, Alex Bleeker, The Fresh & Onlys, Moon Duo, and others.

Bar one track from The White Fences, everything will be brand spanking new to listeners ears. As a warm-up to the release date, you can download The Woods offering, I’m Not Gone below.

Visit Woodsist Records here.

Download The Woods – I’m Not Gone mp3 (from Welcome Home Diggin’ the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation)

Von Haze play a dark-tinged, sultry psychedelia that has echoes of the goth giants of yesteryear such as The Cure, but also has its feet planted firmly in the current, also calling to mind indie darlings such as XX.

Swirling, gloomy synths, staccato drum beats and minimal downbeat vocals are all married together to create an atmosphere of foreboding and drug-induced fatalism. Rather like the soundtrack to an Italian horror flick from the early 70s, you know it isn’t going to end well for someone!

Their debut self-titled EP was released last week on Hippos In Tanks. The write-up mentions crows pecking on a corpse which just about sums it up. Sad Girls is a more upbeat offering from the EP, but no less desolate in message with a surprising John Lydon-esque vocal in places.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Von Haze – Sad Girls mp3 (from Von Haze EP)

Try Some Hollowbelly

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Alternative, Blues, Music, Rock

We discovered Hollowbelly via the excellent and he’s made a pretty big impression on our listening this weekend. Joe, our youngest, listening in the car observed “he has a voice like lightning” and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Hollowbelly plays the sort of stomping, raw, primeval blues so beloved of Reverend Deadeye or Scott H Biram, yet rather than being from the deep South, he is from the North…of England.

Alongside Seasick Steve he is the UK’s best known CigarBox Guitar player, but he brings a English punk rock sensibility to his playing, a sense of the righteous and the curse of the damned. And on album Punk Northern And Blue he is raging with fire in his belly and sulphur in the air.

Watch the video for Shotgun below and download a couple of tracks – it’ll improve your weekend like it did Joe’s and mine – irrespective of whether England beat Germany or not this afternoon.

Visit his MySpace here.

Buy from cdbaby here. Download from eMusic here.

Download Hollowbelly – Long Road mp3 (from Punk, Northern And Blue)

Download Hollowbelly – Going Back Up North mp3 (from Live At The 100 Club EP)

Earlier this month we gave you the first taster from The Sandwitches excellent new one-sided 12″ Duck Duck Goose!

Now here is a second in the form of Stardust. Another spooky acoustic lullaby courtesy of the San Franciscans.

Out on July 13th, you can pre-order by clicking here.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download The Sandwitches – Stardust mp3 (from Duck Duck Goose! 12″)

Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Alternative, Folk, Music

Nothing ever stays the same forever.  And nothing is ever forgotten. (I got that last one from Robin of Sherwood – remember that TV series? Thought that might lighten the mood.)

This is a twilight offering before the clock strikes twelve.  My mood is very much Close Your House Down, but here’s Late In the Evening.  It’s always good to offer a choice. Which one will you choose?


Mrs M

Download Cordero – Close Your House Down mp3 (from En Este Momento)

Download Cordero – Late In The Evening mp3 (from Lamb Lost In The City)

New from Of Montreal

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Alternative, Music, Rock

Of Montreal have been one of those bands that we’ve never quite connected with in the way that most have. Sure there have been tracks we’ve liked and enjoyed, but taken as a whole, their body of work seem to have passed us by somewhat compared to how others have found so much to get passionate about.

Maybe that will change with False Priest, their new album due in September. Try Coquete Coquette, the first taster from the album – we’re liking it which bodes well for us…

Visit their MySpace here. Buy previous Of Montreal albums from Amazon here.

Download Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette mp3 (from False Priest)