Introducing…The Moulettes

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Folk, Indie, Music

Cellist Hannah Miller, bassoonist Ruth Skipper and Ollie Austin (guitar, drums) have been playing and singing together for several years. But with the addition of violinist Georgina Leach and percussionist Rob Arcari in 2008, The Moulettes’ sinewy, melodic sound has come into true focus.

Their self-titled album (due 16th August) splices together strands of classical, gypsy, jazz, rock and even some avant-garde to create a complex yet accessible whole. Highlights include the epic, atmospheric story-song Devil Of Mine, the Zepplin-esque folk-metal of Requiem and the entrancing prog-pop of Wilderness.

Watch the video for Swing Song and then download the track we have for you, Talisman, which is another cracker. Full of melodrama, surprising twists and turns and theatrical flourishes.

Visit their MySpace here. The album is out on the Balling The Jack label.

Download The Moulettes – Talisman mp3 (from The Moulettes)

  1. Cudds says:

    Love it. Thanks.

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