Introducing…White Dress

White Dress are led by vocalist Arum Rae and hail from Austin, Texas – she describes her music as lounge Country and noir rock and lists Mark Lanegan as a major influence…a combination that was more than enough to pique our interest.

We have been listening to their self-titled EP which can make for some wonderfully tense listening – the songs are taut and quivering with all kinds of emotion poured into the vocals and it is easy to see where the PJ Harvey comparisons come from. But there is much, much more going on than mere imitation – these songs are delivered with real feeling and fluctuate between real menace and black despair.

Soulful and raw, her voice with its fantastic range and the exceptional playing to back it up has meant that we’ve had this on repeat since we first heard it. Highly recommended.

We don’t have any release details yet, but you can get her previous releases from cdbaby here or on eMusic.

You can visit her MySpace here.

Download White Dress – Five Feet Of Road mp3 (from White Dress EP)

Download White Dress – No Solid State mp3 (from White Dress EP)

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