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We don’t usually do themed mixes, but Halloween is different. So many great songs lend themselves to a night of ghoulish wrongdoing and sorcery.

So to get you in the mood, download a marvellous combination of folk, punk, psych-rock, paisley jangle, experimental, indie, and straight up rock ‘n’ roll.

Fifteen great songs, all treats and no tricks.

Download The Dream Syndicate – Halloween mp3 (from The Days Of Wine And Roses)

Download The Cave Singers – Dancing On Our Graves mp3 (from Invitation Songs)

Download The Wooden Shjips – Vampire Blues mp3 (from Vampire Blues / I Hear The Vibrations 7″)

Download The Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave mp3 (from HLLLYH)

Download Longwave – The Devil And The Lair mp3 (from Secrets Are Sinister)

Download Jeffrey Lewis – If You Shoot The Head You Kill The Ghoul mp3 (from It’s The Ones Who’ve Cracked That The Light Shines Through)

Download The Mob – Witch Hunt (JD Twitch Extended Mix) mp3 (from Waiting For The Witch Hunt)

Download Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks mp3 (from The Ghost Who Walks)

Download Timber Timbre – Demon Host mp3 (from Timber Timbre)

Download Chicken Legs Weaver – Zombified mp3 (from Nowhere)

Download Mad Tea Party – Dr Phibes mp3 (from Rock ‘n’ Roll Ghoul EP)

Download Emily Reo – Witch Mtn mp3 (from Witch Mtn)

Download Darren Hanlon – Electric Skeleton mp3 (from Electric Skeleton 7″)

Download Indie Folker – Monsters In Rome mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

Download Thee Vitamin Sees – Evil Eye mp3 (From Demos)

We have previously posted about The Soft Moon, and have just picked up a new track from them called Tiny Spiders.

It is more krautrock inspired, post-punk electronic goodness with a whispered vocal that, if pushed, we’d say reminds us a little of a depressed David Sylvian backed by a demented Gary Numan.

Anyway, we like it….it comes from the debut album out next month on Captured Tracks.

Visit MySpace here.

Download The Soft Moon – Tiny Spiders mp3

The High Dials hail from Canada and have a sound that immediately calls to mind the jangly psychedelics and country rock of the late 60s. New album (their fourth) is called Anthems For Doomed Youth and is out on November 8th. It is full of soaring vocal harmonies, orchestral flourishes and rousing choruses and while influences are unashamedly worn on sleeves, there is enough originality and imagination to prove the band are more than capable of setting their own musical path.

Check out the exuberant taster Chinese Boxes and singalong.

Visit their MySpace here.

Pre-order from HMV here.

Download The High Dials – Chinese Boxes mp3 (from Anthems For Doomed Youth)

You’ve got to choose your battles. Some things (and people) just ain’t worth the effort; sometimes it pays to play the long game; and at other times, shoot from the hip first, ask questions later (not recommended as a blanket approach though …)

It’s been a tiring week, at the hands of the sprats plus one. The dog and I are still recovering. However, an interesting conversation this morning has given me great food for thought.

Sometimes, just sometimes, great words come from unexpected quarters – and are all the more meaningful because of it. Don’t we all look back and remember the tough times, and remember what life lessons we learned then – and hopefully still do?

And once you are back in your usual modus operandi, the head has popped up above the parapet again, there’s always much to reflect on and you’re pieced back together slightly differently. A little battle scarred and, hopefully with good grace, a better person for it too.

Always, best foot forward, heart open and look life right in the eye.

But let’s not be introspective this Friday evening, just crank up the music, get in that kitchen, and start dancing.

Mrs Mackerel

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson does not get the credit he deserves; the emotionally raw Buriedfed is in my all time top ten, where I imagine it will stay until I’m floating on my side in the tank. Here’s another tune from his debut album, a suitably jaunty foot-tapper for a Friday night.

Download Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Woodfriend mp3 (from Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson)

It’s Friday, Mrs M’s musings are still to come, and a Halloween playlist for the weekend too, but for now, here is a quick playlist/round-up of those songs we’ve gathered up recently, but not had/found enough time to post about properly…

First up Leopold & His Fiction, we’ve seen this track described as the Doors meet Wolfmother

Download Leopold & His Fiction – Golden Friends mp3 (from Golden Friends EP)

Big Deal are a new band, this duo are already being heralded by the Guardian who called then woozy, druggy, sexy pop classicism. Sounds good to us!

Download Big Deal – Locked Up mp3

Following the release of their album Orphanville, Secret Message Machine have sent over a cover of Deerhunter’s Disappearing Ink from their 2009 EP Rainwater Cassette Exchange. Bands such as Deerhunter, Sunset, and Caribou have been big influences, and this is their tribute to one of them.

Download Secret Message Machine – Disappearing Ink mp3 (Deerhunter cover)

Red Plastic Buddha are neo-psychedelic pop band from Chicago with a brand new CD coming out very soon. Here’s a taste…

Download Red Plastic Buddha – Star Shaped Holes mp3 (from All Out Revolution)

And here is a sneak peak at the newest song from The Rest, titled John Huston, which is going to appear on their upcoming 2011 album SEESAW.dilly.

Download The Rest – John Huston mp3 (from SEESAW.dilly)

Electric Owls’ new Cullowhee Songs EP will be released on Vagrant on Nov 9 digitally and on vinyl via the band’s website ( The single off of the EP is When I Was a Flood, and we have it for you here. Screwed up electro-folk?

Download Electric Owls – When I Was A Flood mp3 (from Cullowhee Songs EP)

And lastly, you might of heard of Shimmering Stars, you might not, but if you’re a fan of dreamy reverb pop a la Spectrals, Wild Nothing, you are more than likely to enjoy this. You can buy their new single here.

Download Shimmering Stars – Let It Be Me mp3 (Everly Brothers cover)

Download Shimmering Stars – I’m Gonna Try mp3 (from East Van Girls 7″)

Despite Mat Cothran, aka lo-fi one-man band Coma Cinema, offering two albums for free from his website, I had never really sat down and listened to them. It has taken the announcement of a new album, titled Blue Suicide, and a couple of advance tracks to make me prick up my ears and then go back and find out just what I had missed out on.

It was latest advance track Hell that got me to sit up and take notice. It’s short at 80 seconds long, but not a moment is wasted and it is a wonderfully aching and melancholic snapshot of genuine heartbreak.

So I listened to the preceding track, Business As Usual, and once again was struck by the lyrical skills of one so young and the more driven, swelling backdrop, so I gave the previous album Stoned Alone a proper chance.

It is a beauty, a mix of rambling, mumbling folk, lo-fi picking, sparse, hypnotic rhythms, and lyrical couplets that turn a handful of these tracks from songs into mini-masterpieces.

Check out the brilliant plucked acoustics of Have You? and the much more desperate Blissed. And watch the video for the latter too – astonishing.

Visit his website here to get the first two albums for free. Check Wonderbeardtapes for details of the new album’s release in 2011.

Download Coma Cinema – Blissed mp3 (from Stoned Alone)

Download Coma Cinema – Have You? mp3 (from Stoned Alone)

Download Coma Cinema – Business As Usual mp3 (from Blue Suicide)

Download Coma Cinema – Hell mp3 (from Blue Suicide)

Trophy Wife Go Acoustic

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Folk, Indie, Music, Pop

We recently streamed the new single from up and coming Oxford band Trophy Wife.

Now they’ve made a truly lovely acoustic version of Microlite available for download.

The single is out on the 8th November and you can pre-order here.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Trophy Wife – Microlite (Acoustic Version) mp3

We received this today – a video for someone new to us, Ivan Ink ‘N” Isa.

The song, Standing on a Hill is from an EP collaboration between Ivan Ink & Pen with Isabella Summers (the ‘Machine’ part of Florence + The Machine).

Both the EP and project are called Ivan Ink ‘N’ Isa, and the EP is due for release in January. The song is unusual and kept us intrigued to the very end – which doesn’t often happen on video. See if it does the same for you.

Visit mySpace here.

We’ve been a bit slow getting round to this post about Wing Commander, having been listening to these songs from their EP From 93 Onwards for a while now.

The tracks themselves are hard to define, melding what could almost be described as vast sonic soundscapes with a bit of dubstep and underpinning it with a folkish mentality to create something that is naggingly familiar yet still manages to be original enough to avoid the obvious and make comparisons difficult to pin down.

It is both thoughtful and provocative and you can stream our two favourite tracks, From 93 Onwards and Glimmer (Featuring Deaks One) below.



You can order the EP via iTunes.

Visit their MySpace here.

The latest free monthly mix from Insound is now available.

It is up for a limited time and features 15 tracks themed around CMJ artists including Salem, FLIGHT, Young Prisms, DOM and more.

A couple of our favourite tracks are below, and you can get the whole thing for free here.


Download Frankie Rose & The Outs – Candy mp3

Download Weekend – End Times mp3