As well as the nice videos that have been coming our way, there have been some decent cover versions too. Always a dangerous occupation we think, especially if you murder the song (looking at you Paul Young), but here are four worth some ear time that have been floating around…

Add It Up is a stonewall classic, one of those songs that gets those of us who are more advanced in years to jump up and shuffle mindlessly at the school reunion and even briefly reconsider our chances of kicking sand in the face of the school bully. This version by Eastern Conference Champions & Voxhaul Broadcast rocks big time.

Download Eastern Conference Champions & Voxhaul Broadcast – Add It Up mp3 (Violent Femmes Cover)

Bodies of Water are altogether more sedate, unlikely to be kicking sand at anyone, but offering us this sparse, and still lovely, cover of the Magnetic Fields.

Download Bodies Of Water – I Don’t Believe In The Sun mp3 (Magnetic Fields Cover)

Continuing on a folk theme. Much admired newbies Peter Wolf Crier have reaped much deserved acclaim for debut album Inter-Be. In early 2011 they’ll be heading out on their first West Coast tour. To celebrate they’ve given us this modern twist on the incomparable Nick Drake.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Place To Be mp3 (Nick Drake Cover)

And finally, Nicole Atkins has covered Can on the b-side of her latest single Vultures. You have to be brave or mad to do that – you judge, but we think she’s pulled it off.

Download Nicole Atkins – Vitamin C mp3 (from Vultures 7″, Can Cover)

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