New Singles Round Up. Here at MM we get a lot of songs to listen to as streams and it always takes us much longer to get round to these than downloads for obvious reasons (the iPod being the main one) and so we’ve had a concerted effort to listen to, and pick out, some of the better tunes we’ve received recently in this format.

Having done that, the next logical step was to make them available to you to listen to…see what you think.

The Escapists Post Gospel Blues

We featured them a while ago (see here), and this is the sound of their forthcoming single, out this month.


Danny FingersBook Store

Eerie song that explores the depth and fascination of a man’s longing for a woman’s company on a date in a book store.


The Pains Of Being Pure At HeartTomorrow Dies Today

A soaring, heart bursting anthem in waiting.


We Are LosersSunset Song / Cheerleader


Joshua HyslopCold Wind EP

Fast emerging, Vancouver-based folk musician with his own edge. His soothing vocals and intimate lyrical focus have led him to be compared to artists such as Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and Damien Rice.


Liz GreenDisplacement Song

Someone once mentioned that Liz Green reminded them of the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you put on an old jacket and find a five pound note in the pocket. Perfect really.


Bestial Mouths – Gulls

A churning haze of harrowing vocals, buzzing synths, and fitful drumming. This is a barrage of primitive rhythms and feral calls.


  1. Liz Green… what a find!! I’m so glad I found your blog… fab stuff here! Love it!

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