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Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (30th September). It’s been an unfortunate week on the domestic front. Water continues to leak. Holes have been dug. In the right place and deep enough, who knows?  If it carries on much longer I may jump in too. I wish Colin from Thames Water would understand that I simply don’t understand the mechanics and really have no desire to do the wrong thing.

And football. I wish some one would bump off Agent Bruce, Smiley styley. I await tomorrow’s horrors with bated breath (and glass at the ready).

Well enough whingeing for one Friday.  Here’s a song.  MM has already posted this, but he forgets my rock chick gene, and was a little surprised by my enthusiasm. Me and Joe Sprat think this is fantastic. A great bass line and a little bit Butthole Surfers in the guitar riff can only be a good thing. Top ten contender all sides: “your actions are infectious” . I should say so.

And let’s find another. Life is changing. Which way is it turning this time?

It’s been a hot week and tomorrow my eldest boy will be half the age I was when I had him.  How good is your maths?! Happy birthday my big lanky lad.

Download Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Dog Scratched Ear mp3 (from Donkey Jacket)

Download Sparklehorse – Cruel Sun mp3 (from Goodbye Spider)

MM Shorts 2: Going Gospel

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 2: Going Gospel.Gospel Music are purveyors of fine, lo-fi indie pop in the vein of Jonathan Richman or the Magnetic Fields. The excellent This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us comes from forthcoming album How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville, FL.

Order from Kill Rock Stars.

Download Gospel Music – This Town Doesn’t Have Enough Bars For Both Of Us mp3 (from How To Get To Heaven From Jacksonville, FL)

New From The Daredevil Christopher Wright. The Animal Of Choice is a new track from The Daredevil Christopher Wright. It comes from their new, recently released EP, The Longsuffering Song and is six minutes of folk goodness that travels from a gentle acoustic start to a full-on stomp and then back again, and all the while offering up lyrics like these:

“Wooly and wild, everyone that I meet thinks I’m lovable. It’s quite unbearable.

‘Cus deep in my past is a thirst that at best is perceivable and at worst insatiable. 

Maybe the animal of choice is the choice to be the animal.”

Decide for yourself what it all means and purchase the whole EP from their Bandcamp page here – digital download or vinyl.

Download The Daredevil Christopher Wright – The Animal Of Choice mp3 (from The Longsuffering Song EP)

MM Shorts 1: Bleached Take Time

Posted: September 29, 2011 in Alternative, Garage, Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 1: Bleached Take Time. Really enjoying the new single of fuzzed out garage goodness from Bleached. You Take Time is the ultra-catchy b-side to their Carter 7″.

Vinyl available from Art Fag Records.

Download Bleached – You Take Time mp3 (from Carter 7″)

AA Bondy Offers Free Download From Believers. No need to say anything – just get this.

Order Believers from Amazon here.

Download A.A. Bondy – Surfer King mp3 (from Believers)

Another From Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt. Here is another track of lo-fi folky goodness from Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt’s album Tweaker In The Park – 11 tracks about crazy people, oceans, and murder.

Order the CD here.

Download Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt – The Down mp3 (from Tweaker In The Park)

Download Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt – The Town Crazies mp3 (from Tweaker In The Park)

Sick Figures Album Released. We posted last month about Sick Figures new album – a morbid tale of two lovers, titled Two Ghosts.

The album got its official release yesterday and here are two more tracks for you to sample. The brilliantly off-kilter Whiskey Song with its military beat, chaotic sounds and chanted lyrics that calls to mind a nursery rhyme composed by Charles Bukowski at his most pissed (and pissed off), and the more conventional Murdercycleaire, a lovely slice of indie folk that carries with it a faint air of regret and melancholia. Lovely stuff!

Buy from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Sick Figures – Murdercycleaire mp3 (from Two Ghosts)

Download Sick Figures – Whiskey Song mp3 (from Two Ghosts)

Download Sick Figures – Graveyard Swagger mp3 (from Two Ghosts)

Excellent Uncut Cover Disk.Hot on the heels of the superb George Harrison cover disk from Mojo magazine comes Uncut magazine’s Brian Wilson tribute. Rather than cover versions, it has collected together a group of tracks from bands that can all tip their hat to the influence of Mr Wilson.

Artists include Panda Bear, Sufjan Stevens, Gruff Rhys, Volcano Choir, Girls and Caribou among others, and here are two of our own favourites from the disk from Ganglians and Grizzly Bear.

Like Mojo, Uncut is available from all good newsagents. Both are essential purchases this month!

Download Grizzly Bear – Colorado mp3 (from Still Smiling, A Tribute To The Genius Of Brian Wilson)

Download Ganglians – California mp3 (from Still Smiling, A Tribute To The Genius Of Brian Wilson)

Here is the Dum Dum Girls new video for Bedroom Eyes – it is a gorgeous, hazy, tripped out creation from the mind of Sam Macon.


The new album Only In Dreams is out now.

Watch Laura Marling spin stripped down songs from her most recent LP, A Creature I Don’t Know, and find yourself unstuck in sound and space, hypnotized by her poetic balladry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.