Mad Mackerel Recommends…Tyburn Saints

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Tyburn Saints.

We waxed lyrical about Tyburn Saints and their album For The Benefit Of Strangers in a round-up post we did almost exactly a year ago. At the time You’ve Gone Stray was described as the sexiest serial killer song ever written, and although we didn’t post it, another song from the same record, Hollywood Forever, went on to become one of our favourite tracks of the year.

So, good to know they’re back in business with a new line-up, but happily (for us anyway) still sporting that dark, foreboding approach to their music that feels almost cinematic in its purpose and delivery. Their new EP is called You And I In Heaven and the songs are filled with unsavoury characters from frontman’s Johnny Gimenez’s childhood upbringing as an orphan in Brooklyn – hustlers, pimps, thugs and junkies and it makes for compelling and rewarding listening.

Influences are myriad, but not slavishly aped, covering post rock to classic 80s gothic pop to Nick Cave at his most operatic, but Gimenez’s own deep, baritone rumble is distinctive enough, and the songs original enough, to make comparisons spurious. Simply put, Tyburn Saints are one powerful proposition – you’d do well to dip in and have yourself a little listen.

The EP is released today. Visit the band’s Tumblr pages here for details.

Download Tyburn Saints – Broken Bottles mp3 (from You And I In Heaven EP)

And in case you missed it first time round…

Download Tyburn Saints – You’ve Gone Stray mp3 (from For The Benefit Of Strangers)

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