Bobby Conn Releases Macaroni

Bobby Conn Releases Macaroni.

Tomorrow see the official release of Bobby Conn’s Macaroni, described as a delicious bowl of cheesy noodles served up for a world of war, riots, greed and revolution.

Recorded with Bobby’s crackerjack band The Burglars and mixed by Bobby himself, Macaroni is a chronicle of our times, cheerfully spraying glitter on the chaos that surrounds us and as always, Bobby bravely battles despair with acid wit and showmanship.

The album is, like the man himself, contrary, irreverent, entertaining, confusing, enlightening and absurd in equal measure. Crucially though, it spares no-one and nothing, gleefully puncturing the pompous and exposing the flatulent excesses of those undeserving of the status they proport to hold.

Two tracks for your sampling pleasure are below. More Than You Need, chosen as the single, the lyrics stake out a moderately nihilist philosophy for dealing with modern times over a bouncy piano driven tune and with a burning guitar lead from Mr. Conn.

Underground Vktm tells the story of how, as kids we all think we’re misfits, misunderstood weirdos. But with the internet, we grow up to realize we all have the same record collection and shop at IKEA. Bobby tells his story from the 80s through the present with a pizzicato string and organ driven rocker.

Macaroni is out on Fire Records.

Download Bobby Conn – More Than You Need mp3 (from Macaroni)

Download Bobby Conn – Underground Vktm mp3 (from Macaroni)

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