More From The Hunting Accident

More From...The Hunting Accident.

We posted about the The Hunting Accident back in September last year following the release of their excellent self-titled 7″ single, and in July they will follow this up with a six track 10″ album titled Trees And Parks on the New Black label.

Having been playing the vinyl for a few days, we’re pleased to report that everything that we liked about them in the first place is present and correct on this release. Channelling the ghosts of 90s indie rock, but shot through with a bolt of post-punk attitude and a soupçon of art-rock it provides a most engaging, and occasionally aggressive listen. This is music that takes no prisoners, music that has more than paid its dues, taken its fair share of hard knocks, but refuses to cede to anyone or anything. This is music that would stab you in the eye with a fork on a picnic and run squealing with laughter into the woods. This is music that demands and deserves to be heard!

Which means you should download, listen and marvel at the compulsive, propulsive thump of Aubergine and the jagged, pounding title track below. Then you should go and buy the exquisitely packaged vinyl from their website here, or just go and download the whole album from their Bandcamp page here.



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