Introducing >>> The Chorderoys

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Americana, Country, Indie, Music, Rock

Introducing...The Chorderoys.

The Chorderoys are a three-piece originally from Charleston, South Carolina, but now resident in Austin Texas. They have released an EP titled No Man’s Land and it is a most appealing blend of indie rock, alt-Country, folk and Americana.

The four tracks range from the haunting and nostalgic (lead single The Train) to the poetic and hopeful (Docile Girl) and the coolly profound (High Horse), but for us the standout track is the twangy, upbeat No Prayin Man, with its pounding rhythm and muscular guitar lines. Across all four though there is an assuredness to the music that showcases their confidence and talent for bending genres into something entirely of their own creation.

Purchase the EP from their website here.

Download The Chorderoys – No Prayin Man mp3 (from No Man’s Land)

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