Mad Mackerel Recommends…Kalle Mattson

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Americana, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Kalle Mattson.

Although we’ve been meaning to get round to listening to Kalle Mattson (now a four-piece) for a while, it took a timely reminder from trusty Song by Toad to prod us into action.

So with apologies to our friends at Crash Avenue (we should listen to you more often), we gave their new EP Lives In Between a spin. And then another. And another. In fact we may have played it straight through over and over for the entire duration of our train journey from the Cotswolds to London. It is folk with an experimental edge that is equally at home dropping in a bit of punk distortion as it is with some funky basslines. As well as the obvious Dylan references, this will also appeal to fans of the Cave Singers as much as it will those of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Watch the time-lapse journey around San Francisco in the video for Water Falls (“Held your breath for too long suicide, like waterfall I watch life pass you by“), and check out the brilliant The Shore below. Head to his Bandcamp page here to purchase a physical CD or get a “pay what you want” digital download.



Interestingly, this is the song that Song By Toad liked the least, and yet it clearly is the most standout track on an outstanding EP.

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