New Album From The Lost Brothers

New Album From The Lost Brothers.

We first posted about The Lost Brothers in December last year with the release of album So Long John Fante.

Recorded in just 5 days, their new album The Passing of the Night (Lojinx Records, out on 1st October) is still the sound of The Lost Brothers doing exactly what they do best – making timeless music that demands you stop in your tracks and listen.

Blue Moon In September is a dreamy waltz with a David Lynch nightmare in the middle, while Bird In A Cage sounds like a New Orleans street band falling from a bar. Our favourite, and certainly one of our songs of the year so far, Not Now Warden tells of a prisoner’s crushing defeat as he realises his love no longer waits for him. Widow Maker invites you to the morning of a hanging, while Far Side is a letter to an old friend and lover. Hey Miss Fannie, meanwhile, the album’s only cover, was written by Ahmet Ertegun and originally recorded in 1955 by The Wink Westerners featuring Roy Orbison, and was, in fact, suggested to the band by The Orbison estate.

These are songs of desperation, songs of hope, of losing hope, songs to dance to and songs to die to. They tell of The Passing of the Night and when dawn comes you’ll feel battered, bruised, defeated, rejected, lost… but all the better for it.

Have a listen to Now That The Night Has Come and you’ll hear exactly what we mean.


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