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More From RTB2

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Alternative, Garage, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

More From RTB2

RTB2 released their album 2 yesterday and to mark the moment they have given away a second track from the record, the simply named 32.

It is more manic urgency borrowed from Detroit punk, rhythmic precision with Memphis roots, and sprawling art-rock aspirations that span prog, ambient and even math rock. Jerk yourself around!

Visit their Bandcamp page here.

Download RTB2 – 32 mp3 (from 2)

More From Dolfish

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Americana, Folk, Indie, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

More From Dolfish

Having previously posted a few times about about the skewed and idiosyncratic world of offbeat folk troubadour Dolfish, here is another offering from his latest record I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same. It comfortably maintains the slightly warped promise and standards of earlier releases!

Download Dolfish – There Must Be Something Wrong With These Shoes mp3 (from I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay The Same)

Free Halloween Mix 2012.

Following on from our mixes from 2010 and 2011, here is another set of freakishly macabre tunes for you to download and scare off the trick or treaters…

Download Little Wings – Halloween 2020 mp3 (from PIAPTK Sampler Fall 2011)

Download Deer Tick – The Ghost mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Download Royal Trux – The Spectre mp3 (from Cats And Dogs)

Download The Low Anthem – To The Ghosts Who Write History Books mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

Download The Priscillas – All My Friends Are Zombies mp3 (from All my Friends Are Zombies)

Download Elliott Brood – Graveyard (Feist Cover) mp3 (from The 2012 Loss Leader)

Download Ghoultown – Return Of The Living Dead mp3 (from Rue Morgue Radio’s Hymns from the House of Horror)

Download Hallelujah The Hills – Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire mp3 (from No One Knows What Happens Next)

Download Gross Ghost – Architect mp3 (from Insound Vinyl Mixtape 4-26-12)

Download GravelRoad – Devil’s Eyes mp3 (from Psychedelta)

Download The Builders & The Butchers – Vampire Lake mp3 (from Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well)

Download The Gunslingers – The Spectre’s Sinister Commandment mp3 (from Manifesto Zero)

Download Creepoid – Grave Blanket mp3 (from Horse Heaven)

Download Mark O’Connor featuring Charlie Daniels & Johnny Cash – The Devil Comes Back To Georgia mp3 (from Heroes)


Halloween Videos of the Day









More From Lilly Hiatt & The Dropped Ponies.

Having previously posted about the forthcoming album from Lilly Hiatt & The Dropped Ponies, Let Down has now been released into the world via Normaltown Records.

To celebrate the occasion they’ve made Young Black Rose available to stream, written as a response to Waylon Jenning’s original Black Rose it is another gem from a record mixing pure Country twang and steel with Crazy Horse style guitar savagery.

Have a listen…


Download Lilly Hiatt & The Dropped Ponies – Championship Fighter mp3 (from Let Down)

MM Shorts 253: Shout Timber

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

MM Shorts 253: Shout Timber.

Shout Timber deliver intelligent, upbeat, melodic indie pop, subtly flavoured with Indian heritage and bona fide class with their release of their new single East India Trading Company.

Shout Timber are set to perform at the Old Blue Last in London this Sunday.


Video of the Day: Juiceboxxx.




Introducing >>> Formes

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

Introducing >>> Formes.

Formes are a five piece psych-rock band from Leeds who are releasing their debut single Absence of the Noise on the 5th December.

It is a very promising debut, initially meandering along on swirling guitars and slightly subdued vocals to create a melancholic, slightly otherworldly listening experience, which builds and builds in intensity to a very satisfying coda – one to watch we think!


MM Shorts 252: Dead Stars

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 252: Dead Stars.

Brooklyn band Dead Stars recently self released a new single Fractured.

Influenced by bands like Dinosaur Jr., Yuck, and Nirvana it is a most enjoyable tune that races along in a tumble of reverb, gruff vocals and a nagging guitar line that also puts us in mind of Silversun Pickups Lazy Eye.

Whatever, it is proper rock’n’roll so just grab it and enjoy.

Download Dead Stars – Fractured mp3 (from Fractured) Removed at band’s request – a new version is coming out soon…MM 8th March 2013

Mad Mackerel 5:1 Emily Barker.

Hailing from Bridgetown, Western Australia, Emily Barker is a compelling songwriter with a gift for weaving folk-inflected melody and beautiful lyrics. Her talent is perfectly complemented by the elegant arrangements of her band The Red Clay Halo, whose ensemble playing underpins Barker’s agile vocal blend of strength and fragility. Together with her band, she has recorded three acclaimed albums: Photos.Fires.Fables. (2006), Despite The Snow (2008) and Almanac (2011). Her song Nostalgia become the Bafta-winning theme tune to BBC One drama Wallander while Pause was the theme for BBC Two’s The Shadow Line.

Five words to describe your music:
Atmospheric, harmonies, honest, poetic, dynamics

One book you’d recommend to an alien:
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?Mad Mackerel Interviews Emily Barker.
Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Gillian Welch, Low, Lal Waterson.

One Moment In Time You’d Like To Have Witnessed?
Not answered

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Patti Smith, Neil Young, Dave Rawlings, Nina Simone, Warren Ellis

One biggest regret in your career (to date):
I am proud to say that I have none!

Five things on your perfect rider:
Puppies, kittens, baby animals in general, Sauna, spa, steam room, pool, Massage therapist, A smorgasbord of local, seasonal delicacies, My husband

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and why?
Family, husband and closest friends to say thank you for all their support and laughs. I’d also try to fit in a gig so I could say bye to all our fans who’ve been so supportive along the way.

Five perfect songs:
This is what I’m currently listening to…
Young Man in America- Anais Mitchell || Tougher Than The Rest- Bruce Springsteen || For the record- Kathleen Edwards || The Grove- Chuck Ragan || Easter- Patti Smith

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
A new song called Letters because it means so much to me.

Emily Barker plays the Union Chapel in London on the 21st November. Visit her website here for details, or purchase music from her Bandcamp page.