Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (26th October)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (26th October).

To celebrate the end of term, daughter sprat and I loafed into the local market town today. Her treat was a trip to the fishy foot parlour, and Mama went too… Nothing has given me such a fit of the giggles in quite some time. Sadly, the fish didn’t share the joke. I thought I saw a few waving white handkerchiefs while others threw themselves out of the tank onto the floor. Not really.

So it’s a trip to London to the theatre (darling) tomorrow. How bloody exciting – and travelling on the train too. I’m going Jumpy courtesy of Jenny Wren with Mrs Olive Grove. We’re going to the matinee because we’re old and we can lunch before hand and still be home in plenty of time for Match of the Day and a cup of cocoa. I know how to live.

Come Sunday, it’s off I jolly well go to see Welsh Spanner in (yes, you guessed it) deepest darkest Wales with Sprat 1 and 2. I feel that once again we will be testing the golden rule of trips to Pembrokeshire: that it doesn’t rain in Wales. Sorry to disappoint you kids, but you’re deluded. Anyway, crazy but hugely lovable Auntie Spanner is always great value and after 20 plus years she will even hug me and my children willingly. I was born an enthusiastic hugger/cuddler. The very first birthday of hers that we celebrated together prompted a spontaneous hug from me. Her response? I grew up on a farm, Scares; we don’t do hugs. This was followed by me presenting her with a cake adorned with those re-lighting candles. We had to evacuate the building as the fire alarm went off. Happy days.

Still, I believe hugging is good for the soul. Happy Friday.

Mrs Mackerel x

Download Thin White Rope – The Fish Song mp3 (from The Ruby Sea)

Download Franz Ferdinand – The Dark Of The Matinee mp3 (from Franz Ferdinand)

Download Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya mp3 (from Dirt Don’t Hurt)

Download She Keeps Bees & Sharon Van Etten – Cuddle Alone mp3 (from Let’s Kiss & Make Up (Slow and Fast))

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