Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (30th November)

dan mangan 1It’s been a year of two halves, metaphorically speaking, and Dan Mangan has had my ear for most of the second half. So there we were, Movie Mate and I, in Kings Cross on a Tuesday night, feeling like we’d slipped into some sort of Canadian enclave. Dan Mangan has the most remarkable baritone voice that cuts through to the rather bruised bit below my left ventricle like a knife through butter. He played every single song of his that I absolutely love, in a spectacularly long but brilliant set: from Oh Fortune to Robots, to Basket and About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help at All, and much, much glorious more. Another very late but memorable night of music: happy birthday, Movie Mate.

It’s amazing what sets you off. Late last Saturday MM tells me that there’s an Internet rumour that MON is about to resign. Cue inconsolable sobbing from me at fairly unprecedented levels. Further cue MM desperately back-tracking and attempting to disparage rumours. What can it all mean? Perhaps a small miracle tomorrow? Maybe not.

There was much sadness this week and some well-needed restoration on Thursday from Bingley D. Oh she knows me so well. Still, a search party has left searching for my sense of humour. They may be some time. On a slightly lighter note, the cat now resembles a furry space hopper and has twice tried to attack my empty hand, mistaking it for food. I may end up like Beryl Reid, being eaten alive by my pet cat(s) in a low budget horror production.


Mrs Mackerel x


Download Danielle Dax – Cat House mp3 (from Dark Adapted Eye)

Free SEXBEAT Records Sampler 2012

Free Sexbeat Sampler

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching the excellent SEXBEAT label have compiled this free mix of songs from each band they’ve released each year. The download includes tracks from Virals, Fear Of Men, Virginia Wing, White Fence, Sharm El Shakes and Eagulls.

Click below to stream and download. Or just click here for the zip file of all six tracks.

Jason Lytle & Ben Bridwell Cover Townes Van Zandt

lytle bridwell

Jason Lytle is on tour with Band of Horses and prior to setting out, Ben Bridwell sent him a “vocal, drum, guitar” demo that he’d recorded in a hotel in Milan asking if he wanted to “add some whatever“.

Jason says he proceeded to “slather sonic goo and build and mix upon it until he suspected the ghost of Townes Van Zandt was starting to get annoyed“… He goes on to say, “its a beautiful song chosen and sung by Ben and I had a great time working on it.  It’s called “Don’t You Take It Too Bad.

You can listen here – just click through to download it for free.

Buy Band of Horses Mirage Rock here. Buy Jason Lytle’s Dept. Of Disappearance here.


Tour dates:

Dec 01, Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI

Dec 03, Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

Dec 05, Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada

Dec 06, Métropolis, Montreal, Canada

Dec 08, State Theatre, Portland, ME

Dec 09, House of Blues Boston, Boston, MA

Dec 10, Union Hall (Jason Lytle Solo Show), Brooklyn, NY

Dec 11, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

Dec 14, The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Dec 15, The National, Richmond, VA

Videos of the Day: Houndmouth || Foxygen || Electric Flower Group

Video of the Day




MM Shorts 273: Negative Pegasus

Brighton’s heavy psych-rockers Negative Pegasus release their new single Unimmortal on Monday 10th December.

The first recording since the sessions for their debut LP Looming (released in September), the new track is a taut, slowly unfolding, paranoid whirlwind of subtly intertwined riffs and a motorcade of cascading drums.

Unimmortal is accompanied by the same song unnaturally reversed and demonically stretched to become Uunniimmmmoorrttaall plus a remix of album favourite Black Thigh by Brighton’s analogue synth vs live drum warriors Soccer96.

Immerse yourself…


Introducing >>> Billy Vincent

Most folks know how we like a decent murder ballad on MM, and have we got a gem for you today.

Along the lines of Ween’s Buenos Tardes Amigos or Weddings Parties Anything’s A Tale They Won’t Believe, Billy Vincent’s Ballad of Billy Vincent is a seven minute London-based epic of brutal murder full of plot twists and turns, and delivering a stunning final denouement that puts it on a par with those two aforementioned classics.

It is a peculiarly English tale – one that references “taverns” and talks of “snifters”, and it brilliantly manages to fuse modern folk to the storytelling tales of the past. In fact to MM’s ears, it has echoes of classic era Men They Couldn’t Hang.

The track closes their debut album She, which was released via Something Nothing Records (order it here), but best of all it is available for free download via their Facebook page here – or you can watch the brilliantly animated video by Brighton artist Ellie Ford first.


Videos of the Day: Saint Motel || Jacco Gardner || Bombers






Introducing >>> The Grand Prospect

Introducing >>> Grand Prospect

The Grand Prospect are a six-piece band out of NYC. All MM’s favourite ingredients are in place: three singers, banjo, guitar, keys, harmonies, an attitude of a little less talk, a little more rock and a singular objective of a damn good time.

The result is a self-titled, debut release on the 11th December that will be as good a slice of alt-country / Americana as you’re likely to come across in many a sunlit filled evening rocking on the back-porch.

A couple of tracks from the album are below, visit their website here for more information.


Audio Antihero’s Hüsker Doo-wop EP For Hear It For New York

Audio Antihero's The Husker Doo-wop EP for Hear it For New York.

One of our favourite labels, Audio Antihero have put together an EP of rarities and exclusives to raise money for the Hear It For New York Pop-Up Shop.

You can read up on the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the independent music scene out there (radio stations, record stores, rehearsal/art spaces) via the Hear It For New York tumblr/Facebook. Their release is entitled The Hüsker Doo-wop EP and it features material from Nosferatu D2, Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter, Superman Revenge Squad and Wartgore Hellsnicker.

You can stream/download the EP now via Bandcamp or visit the Hear It For NY Pop-Up Shop for more releases. Be quick though, the shop is only live for a month, so take this chance to grab yourself a piece of online rock history.


Videos Of The Day: Allah-Las || Mac DeMarco || Hive Oa

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