New Album From D.B. Rouse

New Album From D.B. Rouse.

Much like another MM fave Wooden Wand, wandering modern day minstrel D.B. Rouse seems capable of prolific output without suffering the usual accompanying decline in quality control. And so it is that he has released a new digital album Vaudeville Routine via his Bandcamp page where it can again be picked up for a “pay what you want deal”.

He told us “It’s a new album and it’s by far my best… it all came in a mad burst of energy….  I had a hard time picking out only two to send you… I’m very attached to all of them…  take a listen.”

We did, and now you can too. Here are the two D.B. picked out for you. Grab them first, or just go get the whole thing at Bandcamp.

Download D.B. Rouse – Love Is A Mexican Wrestling Match mp3 (from Vaudeville Routine)

Download D.B. Rouse – Bread Crumb Trail mp3 (from Vaudeville Routine)

Not only that, but we also noticed a further release on his Bandcamp called Blood Whiskey and or Whiskey Blood by Sickday Danger. The esteemed Mr Rouse played guitar in the band who in 2006, set upon the daunting task of making the best drinking album. Ever. The perfect soundtrack to the ‘college experience’. Only now is it seeing the light of day.

Anyway, it is a highly laudable inspiration for an album in our book and again it is available for free, but you can always check out the wonderfully titled Effigy Doll Blues (The Drinking Song) below.


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