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MM Shorts 324: Black ManilaWe seem to have a bit of a ‘black’ theme going on with recent posts on Black Hay, the Black AngelsBlackbird & The Storm and Blackwater Fever.

Entirely appropriate then that we should bring you the video for the new single from South London’s Black Manila titled Shake That Thing.

The band have featured on MM a few times over the past year and there can be few bands who are so assuredly able to meld the garage riffs of the sunny west coast with a bit of British swagger and a whole lot of sonic rock ‘n’ roll.

Watch it here.


The video for Blackbird & The Storm’s track Broken Wings was shot on Super 8 last summer in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It perfectly suits the samples of crickets, toads, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, hummingbirds, songbirds and wings-in-flight which are mixed alongside musical instruments and Marie-Juliette Bird’s intoxicating voice.

We also have the irreverent and effervescent indie rock of Crash & The Coots and their video for Bottle Rhythm which comes from new EP Hill Rise. From Australia the garage blues of The Blackwater Fever and the video for the appropriately titled (in this house anyway) Don’t Fuck With Joe and lastly MM faves Loch Lomond’s video for Your Eyes, which can be found on new record Dresses.





New Song From The Black Angels

We are hugely impatient for the release of Indigo Meadow, the new album from The Black Angels due on the 2nd April.

The band have now offered up a second song from the record, Evil Things focuses on a man and a woman on opposite sides of a conflict who meet on a war-torn battlefield. This one pushes at the furthermost boundaries of the bands sonic cannon, fuelled by a heavyweight riff and some thunderous percussion.

Have a listen.

Introducing >>> Black Hay

If you follow a route to an intersection where garage rock meets jazz, where rockabilly meets gothic and where country meets punk, you might well see Black Hay sitting roadside ready to scrounge a cigarette and tell you a few stories.

Stories that you might subsequently find on their Nightsong EP.

Stories that are shadowy – skewed romantica if you will – with echoes of  Nick Cave and Mark Lanegan at their most dark hearted and compelling.

Have a listen to the title track and buy the EP from their Bandcamp page here.

Videos of the Day

Videos today from Yukon Blonde and some stunning visuals to accompany the ethereal indie-pop of their new single Guns. Then there is Cat Martino’s entrancing video for Yr Not Alone, which comes from her much anticipated forthcoming album of the same name. We have some beautiful folk from Hot Feet with Pine Needle Blues from their recent Songs for the Shed session (also check out the stream of Under October from their Wood House EP. Finally the grungy guitar rock of the Blackhearts takes them jumping out of a plane for their video for Ladder Lady.




JP Whipple Ghosts

The press ‘blurb’ we receive at MM can often be, as you might imagine, somewhat repetitive. The Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes references seem still to be de rigueur as it were – whether it bears any resemblance to the music or not.

Not so with JP Whipple

Things had gone to black. The money ran out. Prospects were grim. I was (and probably still am…) heading to join the ranks of the shopping cart pushers and dumpster divers. Needless to say, I fell into a true black depression. Physically and mentally ill and without any sort of health coverage (Go Team Amerika!) I needed to self medicate.

I couldn’t afford heroin so I set up some microphones and started to record some music.

I made a whole f—ing album…

Perhaps someone like me cannot be helped but maybe sharing my experiences can help others avoid the slippery slope that starts so innocently with nothing more than a Pink Floyd LP and bag of crappy weed. It’s too late for me.

Now that’s a press release that makes us want to listen to the record. And we did. It is called Ghosts. And it is very, very good.

Reflective, conversational and ruminative, it covers topics from the impact of Phil The Alien’s visit to Earth to the scenes that occur when playing a gig in the local pub. Wide ranging I think proper reviewers would call it…

Gently plucked strings to blues licks, scalpel sharp lyrics, black humour, sorrow, and not a little wisdom delivers a record sitting somewhere between an (even more) stoned Arlo Guthrie, Damon Moon and Wooden Wand. It sounds nothing like Arcade Fire nor the Fleet Foxes, and for that I like it even more.

Ghosts will cost you just $5 from his Bandcamp page here. please go and buy it.

Download JP Whipple – Douche Bag Bar mp3 (from Ghosts)

Download JP Whipple – Home (Is Where I’m Leaving) mp3 (from Ghosts)

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Quiet Hollers

I was drunk in a bar in Austin, but I could of sworn it was in Seattle

So starts Road Song, the opening track on Quiet Holler’s forthcoming debut album I Am The Morning, and while it clocks in at less than two minutes it is clear that this is going to be a record with tales to tell. A record of extremes – of despair and woes, of worn boots on dusty highways, but of hope and redemption too, but then when you consider that it was recorded inside a working funeral home, and by a band whose drummer’s neck was literally broken, it is perhaps not surprising.

With echoes as much of The Replacements as of Uncle Tupelo, the band spent the better part of a balmy Kentucky summer, together inside the walls of Kevin Ratterman’s Funeral Home Studio. Drummer Nick Goldring disobeyed his Doctor’s orders and recorded all his drum tracks while wearing a full neck brace, and nursing a teardrop fracture in his C4 vertebra – an injury sustained jumping from the top of a waterfall in rural Tennessee. And while five men recorded their first album together, families continued to honor their decedents in the rooms of the funeral parlor below.

That haunting solemnity isn’t hard to pick out of this album. Rather it is dripping with it.

Visit the band’s website here for album release details.

Download Quiet Hollers – Road Song mp3 (from I Am The Morning)

Videos of the Day

Here is an animated video of eggs committing various murders and other violent acts to the tune of The Scintillas Say What You Like. We also have Harry George Johns’ new video for Tie Your Own Noose featuring a street preacher having a revelation of his own, and some classic space-rock psychedelia with accompanying b&w movie monsters from Ride Into The Sun. Lastly watch the video for the Straw Bear’s new single Kitty (out 11th March), one of the stand out tracks from their recent excellent debut of pastoral yet eerie, psych-infused folk, Black Bank.





New Single From The Oyster Murders

The Oyster Murders will be releasing Lost to the Birds as a single.

Originally available on the US version of their album Winter of the Electric Sun, the song originally started out with an acoustic guitar and an ambient chorus which contained the title lyrics. They ended up taking these lyrics out of the chorus when they started singing a more upfront melody in rehearsal. However, they kept Lost to the Birds as an apt summation of the themes in the song.

So now you know all that…have a listen.


MM Shorts 323: Ghost Carriage Phantoms

We’re a bit late to the party with this, but what the heck, Videotape by Ghost Carriage Phantoms is as good a piece of off-kilter, freakout pop as you’re going to hear in a long while.

Frankly it was too good not to post even if Ghost Carriage Phantoms released their debut album The Boy Lives back in November.