Introducing >>> Deadbeat Echoes

Introducing >>> Deadbeat Echoes

In contrast to our post about Rosy Street earlier today, Deadbeat Echoes occupy the more frenetic end of the musical spectrum and their most recent single No Bones released last week has much to commend it.

It is a pulsing, menacing slab of punk inspired indie rock that perhaps has the Dead Kennedys as its closest touch point as needling guitars duel and the drums sweep all before it in a overwhelming tide of percussion. The b-side, if anything, is even better, a pulverising, bruising take-no-prisoners anthem that is two and a half minutes of pure mosh-pit joy.


Introducing >>> Rosy Street

Introducing >>> Rosy Street

Despite Rosy Street hailing from New York, they eschew the buzz of the metropolis to mine an altogether more rural, twangy seam of music with gorgeous pedal steel and deep, deliberate vocals that evoke Leonard Cohen.

Currently they only seem to have two tracks streaming on Bandcamp, and bar a Tumblr blog and Facebook page, not a lot more information is available. However,  both tracks really are excellent and are well worth spending some time with.

One of our favourite discoveries of the month – have a listen.


MM Shorts 344: Hollow Giants

MM Shorts 344: Hollow Giants

London garage rockers Hollow Giants recently released a tasty double A sided single titled Panic Bill / Brother.

Have a listen and also grab a free download of earlier release Dreams/Fears.

Introducing >>> Steady Sun

Introducing >>> Steady Sun

This week, Steady Sun released Eyes Wide, it is apparently the second single off of their upcoming album Good Evening.

We don’t have much information about them, but sometimes the music is good enough to do all the talking and this is one of those times. It is a lovely blend of gentle psychedelia and pastoral folk and can be yours on a pay-whatever-you-want deal.


Videos of the Day: Delta Spirit || Sad Baby Wolf || Sam Sallon || The Whispering Tree

Videos of the Day

Some cracking videos for some cracking songs today. Delta Spirit have offered up their video for Yamaha and  Sad Baby Wolf have a live performance of their cover of a Jesus & Mary Chain classic. Singer-songwriter Sam Sallon’s animated video for You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (But You Do) is well worth watching, and The Whispering Tree’s video for Where Have You Gone comes from their forthcoming Escape EP.





MM Shorts 343: Latest Free Insound Vinyl News Mix

Insound Vinyl MixtapeYou know the score by now.

The latest free Insound Vinyl Digital mix is up for the next week or so and contains tracks from Alex Calder, Beach Beach, Beat Radio, Black Bug, Fol Chen, Heavy Hawaii, Kurt Vile, Telekinesis, and Test House.

You can get it for a tweet, FB like or signing up for their e-newsletter. Check out a couple of picks from it that we like below or just head here to get the whole thing.

Download Heavy Hawaii – Airborne Kawasaki mp3 (from Insound Vinyl Mixtape 3-28-13)

Download Alex Calder – Suki And Me (from Insound Vinyl Mixtape 3-28-13)

Another Round Up

Round Up Time Again - Part 2

Here is another collection of just some of the notable new tunes that have come our way recently…we’re still catching up, so expect some more posts like this over the next few days.

Kicking off with Nightingale Floors which will be the fifth album from indie duo Rogue Wave. This is the first taste from it, a mighty fine track titled College.


We also have another taste from the forthcoming Alex Bleeker & The Freaks album How Far Away. This is Leave On The Light.


Someone Else is the second single from Pure X’s forthcoming Crawling up the Stairs LP.


Mikal Cronin also has a new album due in May titled MKII. This is the first taste, the breezy Weight.


Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk release new album Over Land And Sea next month full of captivating folk-pop melodies. This is the title track.


Camperdown & Out effortlessy evoke the golden age of jangle guitar pop with their excellent debut single Down & Out from their forthcoming LP Couldn’t Be Better – imagine Lou Reed, Kevin Ayres and the GoBetweens jamming together..


We’ve featured the glam-rock garage stomp of the Burnt Ones previously on MM, and Fountain of Youth from new album You’ll Never Walk Alone mines that territory even deeper. Time to dig out some platforms and some flares.


Spectrals are another that have featured a few times on MM and new single Milky Way comes from new long player Sob Story and on this evidence could be the best thing he’s done to date.


Jonny Fritz (Corndawg as was) has also offered up another track from his new release Dad Country due next month. This is the droll Goodbye Summer with honkytonk fiddle providing a suitable backdrop to his wry observations of life on the road.


Lau Blues is the second single from Gun Outfit’s album Hard Coming Down, which is out next week and somehow sits somewhere between The Meat Puppets and Lucinda Williams.


We were a bit slow in discovering the ominous, humming post-punk of Spray Paint, but Yawn Factory is an absolutely top-notch single so just in case you’ve not heard it either…


We’re also really liking Shovels & Rope’s interpretation of the Springsteen classic Johnny 99, which is a new single out on Third Man Records.


Virginia Wing (another to feature previously on MM) create thrillingly crafted pop tunes that exist within that time honoured dialogue between the popular and the avant-garde. Their sound veers from the minimalist post punk of Young Marble Giants, to the twisted 60s psych bliss of Arthur Lee and Love and the Radiophonic Workshop inspired cinematic krautpop of Broadcast. The excellent Red Sails is due to be released via Critical Heights on 6 May.


Courtesy of the always wonderful Yankee Calling blog comes Riptide by Australia’s Vance Joy, it has echoes of The Tallest Man On Earth about it and certainly marks him out as one to most definitely keep an eye on.


We are longtime admirers of Hawk And Dove and on forthcoming debut album, This Yesterday Will Never End, the band mixes hauntingly beautiful ballads with thunderous stoner grooves to create a sound quite unlike anything else. Grab yourself Things We Lost So Far and look out for the album at the end of April.


Lastly a track from Sweden’s The Fiery Piano, More Like A Tiger, Less Like A Dove is yet another fine example of the indie rock coming from that neck of the woods so to speak. Quirky, upbeat and melodic, for no good reason it makes us think of something Conor Oberst might do if he was off his tits on speed. You can get a free download of their album here.

Marissa Nadler & Angel Olsen Cover Frisco Depot

Marissa Nadler & Angel Olsen Cover Frisco Depot

Marissa Nadler and Angel Olsen have combined again to absolutely stunning effect on this cover of the Mickey Newbury song Frisco Depot.

You won’t hear much that is more beautiful than this…

MM Shorts 342: Hemlock Shaw

MM Shorts 342: Hemlock Shaw

Hemlock Shaw describes his sound as “creepy, fucked up pop music”.

Here is She In The Backyard, a song apparently based halfheartedly on the plot of the film Practical Magic. Go ahead, creep yourself out.

MM Shorts 341: Owl Fly South

MM Shorts 341: Owl Fly South

A gentler Thee Oh Sees anyone? A more reflective Ty Segall?

Yes? Try Owl Fly South, a more than promising four-piece garage/psych/pop outfit from UCLA.

This is their new song Blink (Incandescent Days).

Download Owl Fly South – Blink (Incandescent Days) mp3 (from Blink/Castle)