Friday Afternoon Round Up

Friday Round Up

It’s Friday and a trawl through the overloaded MM in-box has been well overdue. So here are a few tunes, new and not quite so new, that are well worth giving some ear-time to0…

And your starter for ten:

Inspired by 70s Punk and 90s Brit Pop, NYC band Public Access T.V. have announced the release of their debut EP in the US on Terrible Records. The first track to be shared the from the EP is Metropolis.


Citing wildly diverse influences: Gary Glitter, Slade, uppers, cartoonish depression, Iggy Pop, 70s iron on font, Sex Pistols, booze and Hawkwind, Cheena’s unifying theme is defiantly one of late ’70s proto-punk. Did I Tell You Last Night? comes from their forthcoming self-titled 7″ via Sacred Bones.


Wartime Blues is an indie-Americana octet based in the small, mountainous town of Missoula, Montana. Their sound has been compared to Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen, Wilco and the more acoustic aspects of Yo La Tengo. Build A Sun comes from their third long player April, Texas.


Human Form is a new London punk band consisting of ex/current members of Vertical Slump, Keel Her, Slowcoaches, Feature, Warmhammer et al. They play a twisted form of doomy punk, informed by the likes of The Wipers, Moss Icon and 80s SST Records, as well as the recent output from the DIY scenes of Olympia and Sydney, but with distinctly British-sounding vocals. Listen to new song, Pith.


Chick Quest’s music is something akin to Violent Femmes or Talking Heads mixed with music from old 60s spaghetti westerns and pulp films. This is Girl On Fire from their debut record, Vs. Galore, which comes out on April 20th.


Plum are a Denver based psych rock band aiming to place the psychedelic 60s and early 70s into a modern context. This is their recently released second single Behind Your Man.


Human Behavior are a dark freak-folk group from Tucson, AZ who have just released the second album in a trilogy encompassing Catholic guilt, drug addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and ethnic identity confusion. Consisting of 13 songs or chapters, listen to Chapter 2.


Ancient River, the sonic brainchild of singer/songwriter James Barreto, is an ever-changing snapshot of rock n’ roll and psychedelia, flowing from the swampy roots of the American south to the far reaches of innerspace. Listen to the pulsating, fuzziness of the title track from their their forthcoming album Keeper Of The Dawn.


The Districts will release their new single Heavy Begs on 27th April, another slab of raw and energetic blues-inspired rock. Woozy guitars are grounded by a driving rhythm and lead singer Rob Grotes’ distinctive distorted vocals.


Lastly, meet Art Nikels, a freeform blend of electronically fused psych-rock, citing influences ranging from hip-rock to kraut-höp. Hesitation Makes comes from their upcoming debut EP, Primitives.


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