Welcome Back… Howling Owls

It is nearly five years since we have heard from Howling Owls, still one of our favourite ever discoveries in the ten years of MM. A hugely underrated band, we thought Florida’s finest had slipped back into the everglades… So it was quite a surprise, and an unexpected pleasure to get a short e-mail announcing a new single with the typically excellent title Same Circus, … Continue reading Welcome Back… Howling Owls

New Song From Howling Owls

It is always a joy to receive a new song from MM faves Howling Owls, and it is no different with this one. Craig from the band simply told us “I worked on this one solo using mostly an old purple keyboard from the 90s. An attempt at more positive songwriting. You may enjoy.” Spirits To Lift My Spirits is the track. Probably goes without saying … Continue reading New Song From Howling Owls

Howling Owls: When Tipsy Turns Somber EP

In the past twelve months, Howling Owls may well have featured more on MM than any other band. Ever since we discovered their uniquely sinister take on the world with queasy tales of small town life, they have continued to delight and surprise with a whole series of tracks that have been uniform in their excellence. So we are delighted to have both details of their … Continue reading Howling Owls: When Tipsy Turns Somber EP

Howling Owls Are Back

It is well documented on here how much we love the wonderfully forbidding, and sometimes macabre, indie folk of the Howling Owls. For their latest track, they have teamed up with Maximino for A Wordsmith’s Reverie. It has an almost a waltz-time feel to it, but is still an everyday tale of resignation and failed expectations. And of course we love it. Enjoy. Visit their … Continue reading Howling Owls Are Back

More from Howling Owls

As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity will know, Howling Owls are one of our favourite discoveries of 2010. They take menacing, insistent, under-stated indie/folk matched with some of the best lyrical wordplay we’ve heard in a long while. The songs pick away at the edges of domestic strife and family troubles, gleefully revealing a queasy, black-hearted underbelly that remind us of those … Continue reading More from Howling Owls

New from Howling Owls

Without doubt, Florida’s Howling Owls are one of our favourite new music discoveries of 2010 – we’ve featured three songs to date (as and when they’ve come through from the band) and so you can imagine our delight over the weekend when we received another new track. There’s a slight change in mood to Mood Ring – it’s a little quicker, more staccato, less downbeat, but … Continue reading New from Howling Owls

Rejoice: more from Howling Owls

What a cracking start to the weekend. We’ve already given you two absolute gems from Howling Owls in the shape of the down-tempo, disconcerting Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank) and the captivating and sinister Family Tree, and now rejoice because we have a third. It is another brand new track, another gem. That’s a 100% record so far. So download, lay back, turn up the … Continue reading Rejoice: more from Howling Owls

Mad Mackerel’s Best of 2019: Chris T Popper’s Top Ten Tunes

Chris T Popper has been with MM from the very first post. Every year he produces his own list of favourite tunes and here are his selections for 2019. This year he was helped by Stan the greyhound. Next year I’m hoping we get Stan’s choices…   10. She Keeps Bees – Kinship Never got bored of that opening drum groove. Backed up by Jessica … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best of 2019: Chris T Popper’s Top Ten Tunes

The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 13)

We’re getting towards the sharp end of our mammoth count down now. Here are songs 30-21 of our favourites of the past ten years. 30 Bear Bones – Oil And Lacquer (2010)   An eight-piece folk explosion of rousing, thickly accented, swagger and swing.   29 James McMurtry – Copper Canteen (2015)   Opening with the quasi-funny, possibly serious “Honey don’t you be yelling at … Continue reading The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 13)