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The story goes Arbor Labor Union was born from a peach tree in Georgia in the American south, and on that tree they heard a bird singing, a calling.

The four members have reinterpreted that birdsong into a psychedelic, repetitious and joyful rock ‘n’ roll call for arms just for you. It’s called Mr Birdsong and it’s the brilliant, opening chugging juggernaut of a track from their debut album I Hear You.

Just. Love. This. Track.

Listen below.



best of the week

Here is this week’s offering of songs gathered from the past seven days that are surely worth a bit of your attention and ear-time.

From the garage rock of The Limiñanas and Music Band to the proto-punk of The Gotobeds, the haunting gothic pop of Marissa Nadler and the soulful delta blues of C.W. Stinking.  We have Easter treats for everyone.

All yours…

  1. The Limiñanas – Prisunic
  2. Arbor Labor Union – Belief’d
  3. The Gotobeds – Real Maths/Too Much
  4. Marissa Nadler – All The Colors Of The Dark
  5. Music Band – Fortune Guns
  6. C.W. Stoneking – Get On The Floor
  7. The Raveonettes – Excuses
  8. The So So Glos – Missionary
  9. Tancred – Control Me
  10. FEWS – 100 Goosebumps











Arbor Labor Union

In May, Arbor Labor Union (formerly known as Pinecones) will release I Hear You worldwide via Sub Pop.

It is gnarled motorik punk in the vein of Protomartyr, Wipers, Hüsker Dü and Pissed Jeans and on the evidence of excellent first single Radiant Mountain Road we are looking forward to the full album immensely.

Stream it here.