Halloween single from Quiet Hollers

Loup (Hide It Away) is a surprise new Halloween-themed single from Louisville’s Quiet Hollers. The single was built around an 8-bar loop of drums and guitar, in the home studio of Quiet Hollers’ singer-songwriter, Shadwick Wilde, who penned the lyrics in a notebook next to a doodle of musclebound wolf-man. “The song is about duality and desire,” says Wilde. “Night versus day, animal versus human, … Continue reading Halloween single from Quiet Hollers

Mad Mackerel’s Favourite Songs of the Year – Part 4 (25-1)

So here we have it – the top of the pile! Our favourite songs of 2018. 25 Ought – Disgraced In America   Way back in January, Montreal based quartet Ought kicked off 2018 with the bright guitar sound and ultimately noisy percussion and spaced-out synths of Disgraced in America. It was a fine start.   24 Spiritualized – I’m Your Man   I’m Your … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Favourite Songs of the Year – Part 4 (25-1)

Quiet Hollers – Addicted

Quiet Hollers are back with an excellent new single, Addicted. It is their first release since last year’s sophomore album Amen Breaks, and carries on that record’s theme of tackling important socio-political issues. Addiction is a powerful rumination on opiate addiction – frontman Shadwick Wilde has struggled with addiction since adolescence. Although he didn’t intend for it to be a “drug song” necessarily, its inception … Continue reading Quiet Hollers – Addicted

The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 15)

Mad Mackerel is ten years old. Who would have believed it. So, thanks to everyone who has ever visited the blog, listened, commented, submitted music, sent e-mails, sent CDs, t-shirts and even vinyl, and given us a guest list pass. We really do appreciate it. Thanks too to our regular contributors over the years – too numerous to mention all, but extra special thanks to … Continue reading The Top 200 – Mad Mackerel’s favourite songs of the last ten years (Part 15)

Quiet Hollers – Funny Ways

We’ve been sharing a few tracks from Quiet Hollers forthcoming album Amen Breaks (it is out tomorrow via sonaBLAST!). The latest is Funny Ways, a song about criminality and the self-perpetuating prison-industrial complex. Have you ever had a friend that just can’t seem to stay out of trouble? That’s exactly who frontman Shadwick Wilde wrote this song for…. Listen below.   Continue reading Quiet Hollers – Funny Ways

More From Quiet Hollers

Following on from Medicine, the first track from Quiet Hollers’ forthcoming new album Amen Breaks, we now have the reflective St. Valentine’s Boys for your undoubted listening pleasure. Watch the video below which features lead singer Shadwick Wilde breaking into some mean calisthenics and DIY dance moves, lending to the whimsical nature of the video. He describes the narrator in the song, a type of enforcer working for a … Continue reading More From Quiet Hollers

New Album From Quiet Hollers

Quiet Hollers have announced a new album Amen Breaks, a record that draws parallels with the cultural crossovers and the anxieties of the 1970s, a decade marred by division, political corruption, and terrorism. Long standing MM faves (they delivered our second favourite tune of 2015), the band have expanded their shape-shifting palate to include vintage drum machines and samples. On Amen Breaks, Quiet Hollers raise questions … Continue reading New Album From Quiet Hollers


  The first of our four individual listings comes from The Italian Job – she of the detailed spreadsheets and punk rock outlook. Listen on Spotify here. 20. Underworld – I Exhale   19. The Wave Pictures – Pool Hall   18. Arborist – I Heard Him Leaving   17. Kyle Craft – Before The Wall   16. Terry Malts – Used To Be   … Continue reading MM’s BEST OF 2016: THE ITALIAN JOB

MM’s BEST TRACKS OF 2016: 50-26

Inside the top fifty of our favourite songs of the year now. Check numbers 50 – 26 and come back tomorrow for the final countdown… 50 BAIT – I’m Still Here   49 Big Thief – Paul   48 Kyle Craft – Before The Wall   47 Staches – Total Commitment   46 Arborist – I Heard Him Leaving   45 Hooded Fang – Dead … Continue reading MM’s BEST TRACKS OF 2016: 50-26

New From Quiet Hollers

With their mix of yearning alt-country and literary indie rock, Quiet Hollers featured large in our best of 2015 lists, and now we are excited to learn they have announced a brand new single, the gorgeous Broken Guitar. It is the first new song they’ve shared since their brilliant eponymous debut album that came out in October. Listen below, it is a hazy, harmony-filled heartbreaker and reminds us exactly why … Continue reading New From Quiet Hollers