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After waiting a goodly while for Wooden Wand’s excellent new album Clipper Ship, James Jackson Toth has surprised us with a second full length release, Toth’s Law.

It is a collection of songs which were, for one reason or another, not included on previous releases. Not because they weren’t good, but because according to JJT ” I think of every album as a fish tank. As anyone who has ever cared for fish can tell you, some fish simply don’t get along with other fish, and thus cannot coexist in the same tank. You may have two very fine, very beautiful fish, but if they’re going to kill each other, you must separate them. The songs on an album are like the fish: they need to get along. This is why merely believing a song is “good” doesn’t necessarily guarantee its inclusion on an album, because when songs don’t get along, the discord between them is audible.”

He goes on to say “Toth’s Law is the most recent of such collections. The songs herein were all written and performed by me at home, often recorded the very day they were written. They are rife with the problems commonly associated with home demos: corny drum machines, lousy solos, syllabic placeholders where better lyrics might have gone, and other gaffes. That said, you will hopefully find them as easy to listen to as they were for me to write. I hope all of you like some of them; my guess is that none of you will like all of them.”

Makes sense (though we anticipate we’ll probably like, and grow to love, all of them), and if it means that every now and then we get a round-up of Wooden Wand songs that weren’t able to get along with songs from previous records then all the better.

Listen to a couple below and Buy Toth’s Law from Bandcamp here.



It’s been ages since we’ve posted a round up of some of the new music videos we’ve liked. Here then is a Sunday treat for you…eight of the best.

Kevin Morby’s title track off his forthcoming record, City Music nearly hits the 7-minute mark and challenges what fans may have come to expect from him. The song builds like a slowly accelerating subway train, as does this deeply impressionistic video.


During a UK tour early last year, Grand Rapids four-piece Heaters spent a day off in a South London studio to lay down a live album – the result is the band’s excellent and totally debauched addition to the Fuzz Club Session series. This video from the session – a scuzzy rendition of Cap Gun is just under five minutes of lethargic, sun-soaked garage-rock that oozes with a hopeful, lysergic goodness. The reverb-coated vocals float effortlessly over jangling surf rock guitars and a spaced out psychedelic groove, like an utterly cosmic take on Nuggets-era 60s garage.


Yungblud, aka 19 year old Dominic Harrison has been surrounded by music all his life. Born and raised in a family in love with music; Harrison’s father was a vintage guitar dealer and his grandfather played with T-Rex in the 70s. Spoon fed music like The Clash, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan since birth – he’s been playing guitar and singing since he can remember. Blending superbly catchy lyrical quips, with explosive pop rock-tinged instrumentation, King Charles is a massively confident, and finely executed first offering.


How quickly do you think you could eat 1kg of hummus? Ethan and Skinny from Sail On! Sail On! set to find out if they could get through it in the 2:50 running time of their latest single, Hobart.


Following the release of their excellent album You’re Welcome, Wavves have shared a new video for Stupid in Love, a tongue in cheek statement on the state of romance in the 21st century.


Los Angeles based Prism Tats (the project of South African transplant Garett van der Spek) has released a new single, the fuzzed-out rocker The Liar and the video is a surprisingly disturbing visual metaphor about the themes of the song.


Andy Shauf’s The Party was a concept album of sorts, the story of all the different unsavoury characters that come and go at a small town gathering… full of humour and melancholy, it’s a great record and we have a new video for Early To The Party.


Finally, up and coming death-gospel female artist Louise Lemón hails from Sweden and intertwines the dark, windy and cold Scandi ambiance into her music. Having recorded her debut EP Purge in a haunted cabin, the setting is eerie and many light years away from the current pop landscape. The single Appalacherna is airy, dreamy, dusty, nostalgic and melancholic, but the official video, shot in the Californian desert  is… airy, nightmarish, dusty, nostalgic and… mysterious on the verge of disturbing…


  1. Chad VanGaalen – Old Heads
  2. Mutual Benefit – Diamond Day (Vashti Bunyan cover)
  3. Jen Cloher – Forgot Myself
  4. Lo Tom – Covered Wagon
  5. The Deslondes – (This Ain’t A) Sad Song
  6. NØMADS – Dementophobia
  7. Winter – Jaded
  8. Offa Rex – The Old Churchyard
  9. The Yawpers – Mon Dieu











Friday Round Up

We have a hopelessly inadequate amount of time to listen to all the new music we receive, even after we automatically filter out the remixes, electro-bangers, and crappy dance tunes we get sent.

So here is a hasty pick and mix selection for you of some of the best of recent weeks – just dive in…


Rainy Sundays comes from a Tomkins Square reissue of Will Beeley’s 1979 album Passing Dream, it showcases his emerging tough, husky, alt-country sound, presaging modern day troubadours like Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson.


Erin Rae’s new single is Like The First Time, which has a lovely languid feel combined with retro fuzz drenched guitar solos. Think European 60s psyche guitar soundscapes created by the Beatles and Yardbirds combined with creatively disparate influences such as Richard Harley, Wilco and Michael Nau.


With a deep reverence for all things Grateful Dead, The Dan Ryan aren’t afraid to allow their songs to open and evolve in their own time while also holding on to the folk tradition of Texas natives like Townes Van Zandt, whose picking style and strong narratives sits as the base coat to Guidance which is the title track of their forthcoming long player.


Johnny Kills are a garage-surf-indie-rock trio based in Brighton/London/York and Let’s Talk About Me is their excellent self-released debut single.


The Big Drops have just released their latest single, the trippy psych-folk of Gong Gong Jar. They describe it thus, “This song is about letting go of the imaginary drug induced monkey inside your head and going with the flow of it all. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. The aristocrats sucking up to the king. The monkey’s in control of the human spaceship.


Norway’s Sløtface have shared new track Nancy Drew one of the band’s most hard-hitting releases to date. The new single continues in Sløtface’s fiery feminist footsteps, with vocalist Haley Shea reimagining the track’s teen detective namesake as the noble vanquisher of indie rock’s boys’ club. “My girl is wiping slates clear / And I long for the look / And a soundtrack of women who all know what’s up / I keep hearing their cherry bombs through the walls,” she seethes amid sneaky, plundering guitars.


Warsaw Radio are a Brighton based folk five-piece band. Channelling big folk-pop moments reminiscent of Frank Turner, while throwing in inspirations of Wilco and Fleetwood Mac, Still Have You to Hold is a bold mix of the relevant and the retro.


With the gloomy psychedelia of The Growlers, self assured swagger of The Velvet Underground, spaced out vocals of Jesus & Mary Chain and the expansive instrumentation of Brian Jonestown MassacreDream Joints weave together a patchwork of influences to create a unique sound that stretches from vampiric to blissful. Check out Everyday Obstacle from new album Just Like Medicine.


Also from Brighton, Other States are a six piece psychedelic indie band that tell desert stories of stragglers and strays. New single Make Amends has a seductive tone and laidback groove underpinned by western style guitars and smooth Americana, all the while frontman Mark S. Aaron’s baritone croon spins a romantic tale.


The new single from BANNERSSomeone to You, is an uplifting and universal track that has elements that recall Mumford & Sons (when they weren’t shit).


Despite already sharing some great new songs this week from Deer Tick, Quiet Hollers, She Keeps Bees, WaxahatcheeHappyness and Alvvays this week, we’ve also rounded up a collection of eight more cracking new tunes for you too. Enjoy.

  1. PJ Harvey & Ramy Essam – The Camp
  2. Diet Cig – Together We Can Conquer Whatever
  3. Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Nathan Salsburg – Fare You Well, My Little Annie Darling
  4. Iron & Wine – Call It Dreaming
  5. Oh Sees – The Static God
  6. Torres – Skim
  7. Hater – Coming Down
  8. Ride – Lannoy Point










We’ve already posted a couple of cracking tunes from Swedish indie band Mount Song that absorb some lovely touches of psychedelia, folk and even on this latest track Rocket Ride a soupçon of classic 90s grunge.

Fans of bands from the Flaming Lips to Grandaddy will definitely find something to like here. It comes from their self-titled debut which dropped last Friday via Suncave Recordings.


Big Thief – Mary

Posted: June 1, 2017 in Americana, Country, Folk, Music, Rock

We’ve become big fans of Big Thief and the latest track to be shared from upcoming album Capacity (out June 9th on Saddle Creek), is Mary.

It is one of the most beautiful songs drawn from their forthcoming record. Simply gorgeous.

mom and dad and violins
somber country silence
the needle stopped the kicking
the clothes pins on the floor
and my heart is playing hide and seek
wait and count to four
will you love me like you loved me
and I’ll never ask for more

Stream it below.


Mutual Benefit, the folk project led by songwriter Jordan Lee, will release a full album cover of Vashti Bunyan’s storied 1970 debut album Just Another Diamond Day on 23rd June exclusively via Turntable Kitchen’s SOUNDS DELICIOUS vinyl subscription series.

You can listen to two tracks, Jog Along Bess and Glow Worms, both of which have a wonderfully understated and reverential feel that give them a real sense of depth and affinity.

You can order here.



We’re loving the sunny strum and cosmic Americana of Won’t Keep Me Up At Night, a track from Sun Seeker’s debut EP Biddeford which will see a release on Third Man Records.

The EP explores nostalgia, melancholy, and emotional turmoil via laid-back psychedelia pollinated with tight harmonies, classic folk songcraft, and country rock spirit. It is an ageless approach that is simultaneously archetypal, but unlike many others in the field, they manage the much harder task of making it utterly their own.

Have a listen.


Originally a country gospel group, the marvellously named Kneeling Drunkards are a five piece Brooklyn band playing original Americana that has its roots in traditional country (always a little twang in there somewhere), but with a few modern twists from the world of rock’n’roll.

Listen to The Joke’s On Me below.