MM’s 5:1 Interview No. 16: Whalers

Mad Mackerel 5:1 Young Knives

Austin’s top notch indie-rockers Whalers are long established MM faves and their forthcoming album Submarine Sun is due out in April – suffice to say it features high on our list of most anticipated releases for 2014.

A brilliant blend of influences ranging from surf rock, Americana, rock’n’roll, and the occasional country twang, the five band members create a whole infinitely greater than the sum of the parts – tight, infectious, sharp, with locked-down bass-heavy grooves, hooks aplenty and all held firmly in place by whiplash percussion.

Being a five-piece they all got in on the interview act – read it below and then support their Pledge Music campaign here for Submarine Sun.

Five words to describe your music: whalers
Dan (guitar): Ambiguous
Milos (drums): Bang
Gus (vocals): Alive
Amir (bass): Energetic
Kyle (guitar): Wriggling

One book you’d recommend to an alien:
The Complete Far Side: 1980-1994 by Gary Larson

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?
Amir: The White Stripes
Dan: The Walkmen
Milos: Ambulance LTD
Gus: Brian Jonestown Massacre
Kyle: Television

One moment in time you’d like to have witnessed:
The Big Bang… The astronomical event, not the day of drummer Milos Bertram’s conception (gross). That or maybe the first proper Joy Division show.

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Gus: Robert Plant, Townes Van Zandt, Thom Yorke
Amir: Jack White
Kyle & Dan: Johnny Marr

One biggest regret in your career (to date):
Losing the battle of the bands at the Bassett Hound Rescue Fund-raiser.

Five things on your perfect rider:
Gus: A carton of Pall Mall cigarettes
Milos: 5 pack of extra Hanes t-shirts to sweat through
Dan: a case of Lone Star & Chocolate covered coffee beans
Amir: Sour Patch Kids
Kyle: the latest FIFA on any console.

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and whywhalers band
“All My Friends”, because that’s how it starts.

Five perfect songs:
There are 5 guys in Whalers that all bring a different influence to the table as far as songwriting goes. Our playlist doesn’t have a theme running through it, rather, it’s each member’s favorite song…

Dan: “Amarillo By Morning” – George Strait
Milos: “You’re No Good” – Linda Ronstadt
Gus: “If I Needed You” – Townes Van Zandt
Kyle: “Run of Mill” – George Harrison
Amir: “Lounge (Closing Time)” – Modest Mouse

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
Chrome Oceans

Huge thanks to the guys for taking part – check out some of their tunes below and also see our other 5:1 Interviews in the side bar.





Check out their Daytrotter session here.

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