R.I.P Mensi

Tragic to hear the legendary Mensi of the Angelic Upstarts has succumbed to COVID-19. Some absolute classics in their catalogue. I still remember the thrill of seeing them perform Two Million Voices on TV in 1981 or belting out I’m An Upstart and Who Killed Liddle in the car on the way to gigs. We’d post some of the classic videos but WordPress aka Turdpress … Continue reading R.I.P Mensi

The Mountain Goats – The Slow Parts On Death Metal Albums

Dark in Here, the forthcoming album from the Mountain Goats is a quieter and smokier batch of songs when compared to the rich and vibrant hues of last October’s Getting Into Knives. Perhaps no song better functions as the album’s sonic and emotional cornerstone than The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums, which you can stream here. The album is out on June 25th, click … Continue reading The Mountain Goats – The Slow Parts On Death Metal Albums

Cult of Dom Keller – Infernal Heads

British psych-rock heavyweights Cult of Dom Keller have shared Infernal Heads, the latest track to be lifted from their forthcoming They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O LP that’s due out May 21st on Fuzz Club Records. Since 2007 the band have been leaving a trail of sonic fever dreams, dark psychedelia and experimentalism that beats with a heavy industrial heart. A constantly evolving force, … Continue reading Cult of Dom Keller – Infernal Heads

New Solo Album from Andrew Bryant of Water Liars

We have long been fans of the criminally underrated and under-appreciated Water Liars, so it is a delight to discover Andrew Bryant (one half of the duo) will release a solo album A Meaningful Connection on the 9th July. If the album’s got a thesis, it’s this from Drink the Pain Away: “Saying everything is fine when everything feels fucked up is just a lie … Continue reading New Solo Album from Andrew Bryant of Water Liars

Hot Knives – Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)

Apparently cosmogony is the branch of science that deals with the origin of the universe, especially the solar system. Apt then that it should also be the title of the latest track from spaced out garage-psychsters Hot Knives. Six minutes of guitar riffing stoner rock coming right up. twitter-follow screen_name=’madmackerel’] Continue reading Hot Knives – Cosmogony (Seed of Creation)

Wing Defence – Greener Pastures

Sticking with our Down Under theme from yesterday, Greener Pastures is the latest effervescent single of bubbling indie-pop from Adelaide’s Wing Defence. Now a more permanent five-piece, it is a song about being at the end of your tether in a job where you’re overworked, not appreciated and underpaid. With its irresistibly catchy chorus offering sing-along profanities at their very best, there is much to … Continue reading Wing Defence – Greener Pastures

Some Fast ‘n Nasty Punk from Down Under

Couple of crackers for you here. Ghoulies hail from Perth, Australia, and play a frenetic brand of synth-punk on their upcoming EP, Reprogram, due out May 21st. With seven songs clocking in at under ten minutes, we have NPC for your listening pleasure, a track with all the energy of a frog in a sock, it bounces from wall to wall with head spinning twists … Continue reading Some Fast ‘n Nasty Punk from Down Under

Langkamer – The Ugliest Man In Bristol

Bristol country rockers Langkamer are back with a raucous new single, The Ugliest Man In Bristol. Happily dispelling any notion of the group mellowing out during their downtime, this track brings a new fury to their unique blend of Americana and indie rock. It’s a runaway train of country punk that veers between lyrical earworms and instrumental mayhem without a moment’s rest. Listen below. Continue reading Langkamer – The Ugliest Man In Bristol