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Here is a round-up of some new songs and videos from the likes of Kevin Morby, Fat White Family, Eels, The Cadillac Three, Honeyblood, Justin Townes Earle and plenty more.

Some damn good stuff. Dive in…












Here are tracks 40-31 in our countdown of Mad Mackerel’s favourite tunes of the past ten years.

40 Avett Brothers – January Wedding (2009)

Banjo, guitar, authentic romantic country and a beautiful ballad.


39 First Aid Kit – Wolf (2012)


Gorgeous folk harmonies given an almost tribal, native American feel.


38 Big Thief – Shark Smile (2017)


An airy, meandering number with a hint of Sharon Van Etten about it that tells the story of two lovers involved in a car accident, one of whom lives while the other dies, related from the perspective of the survivor. It is another very fine example of frontwoman Adrianne Lenker at the peak of her storytelling powers.


37 Django Django – Default (2012)

Crackles along with all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds. A viciously catchy and erratic tune – it never stops surprising a little more with each listen.


36 She Keeps Bees – Gimme (2008)


Fiery and reserved, seductive and vaguely crude. Gimme is simultaneously fierce, sultry and intriguing.


35 Stornoway – I Saw You Blink (2010)

It’s sunshine and dreaminess and love. There’s self doubt and possibly even a Shelley-esque metaphor used (eyes being the window of the soul and all that). All sung to a back-drop of retro, up-tempo, carefully layered music. He’s in love, distracted, missed his train, and constantly wondering what she’s thinking.


34 Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts – Revenge Of The Extra From Zulu (2010)

Quivering, quavering vocals, violins, a throbbing cello, guitars that flit from the minimal to the staccato and all overlaid with some of the most surreal (and entertaining) lyrics you’ll ever hear. There is a sly, knowing humour to Revenge Of The Extra From Zulu as well as regret, bitterness and a healthy dose of the macabre.


33 We Are Augustines – Chapel Song (2011)


This is The Jam’s The Bitterest Pill brought bang up to date and made better. The song is from the view of a fella stood in a chapel whilst the love of his life walks down the aisle … with another bloke. Suffice to say, he’s not in a good place and the vocals lend to this feeling of impotent misery perfectly. Strained, angry and a little menacing, the lyrics match the tune perfectly which is … well … strained, angry and a little menacing.


32 Lower Dens – Brains (2012)


Opens with a drumbeat that grips your lapels up like a rottweiler on heat.  And then… well, it just gets better of course. Weirdly beautiful, it is throbbing, insistent drone-pop on the one hand and haunting, ghostly freak-folk on the other.


31 Houndmouth – Sedona (2015)

The best sing-a-long chorus of 2015 bar none. Altogether now, “Hey little Hollywood, You’re gone but you’re not forgot, You got the cash but your credit’s no good, You flipped the script and you shot the plot, And I remember I remember when your neon used to burn so bright and pink, A Saturday night kinda pink“.


Check out numbers 200-181, 180-161, 160-141140-121, 120-101, 100-9190-8180-7170-6160-51, and 50-41.

She Keeps Bees have dropped a new track, the grungy, heavy-slow strum of Head Of Steak, which takes on Donald Trump’s self-interest and climate change denial.

The lyrics are quite explicit, which is fitting because I find the current administration to be completely vulgar.” says Jessica Larrabee. All profit from the first year of sales will be donated to organisation Earth Justice. The song is also the B-side of Our Bodies, a forthcoming limited edition 7″ vinyl.

the emperor with no clothes on
walking around, bare ass in a crown
head of steak, you deal in snake oil
poison our Mother for a fucking dollar

About sums it up. Listen here.


She Keeps Bees have shared a new, beautifully shot yet slightly surreal and unsettling video for Owl, a standout track from their most recent release Eight Houses.



More From She Keeps Bees

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Americana, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock

Another From She Keeps Bees

She Keeps Bees have unveiled a second, excellent single from new album Eight Horses.

Radiance is another beautifully crafted, low-key slice of compelling, yet punchy Americana that is as emotionally dense and questioning as it is confident and challenging.

Have a listen.


1. She Keeps Bees (featuring Sharon Van Etten) – Owl
2. Slaves – Hey
3. Mazes – Salford
4. Itasca – Nature’s Gift
5. Allo Darlin’ – Romance And Adventure
6. Ausmuteants – Fed Through A Tube








1. Delta Spirit – From Now On
2. She Keeps Bees (featuring Sharon Van Etten) – Is What It Is
3. Lilac Daze – Knives
4. Woods – Tomorrow’s Only Yesterday
5. Destruction Unit – Dust
6. The Cambodian Space Project – Here Comes The Rain








Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (26th October).

To celebrate the end of term, daughter sprat and I loafed into the local market town today. Her treat was a trip to the fishy foot parlour, and Mama went too… Nothing has given me such a fit of the giggles in quite some time. Sadly, the fish didn’t share the joke. I thought I saw a few waving white handkerchiefs while others threw themselves out of the tank onto the floor. Not really.

So it’s a trip to London to the theatre (darling) tomorrow. How bloody exciting – and travelling on the train too. I’m going Jumpy courtesy of Jenny Wren with Mrs Olive Grove. We’re going to the matinee because we’re old and we can lunch before hand and still be home in plenty of time for Match of the Day and a cup of cocoa. I know how to live.

Come Sunday, it’s off I jolly well go to see Welsh Spanner in (yes, you guessed it) deepest darkest Wales with Sprat 1 and 2. I feel that once again we will be testing the golden rule of trips to Pembrokeshire: that it doesn’t rain in Wales. Sorry to disappoint you kids, but you’re deluded. Anyway, crazy but hugely lovable Auntie Spanner is always great value and after 20 plus years she will even hug me and my children willingly. I was born an enthusiastic hugger/cuddler. The very first birthday of hers that we celebrated together prompted a spontaneous hug from me. Her response? I grew up on a farm, Scares; we don’t do hugs. This was followed by me presenting her with a cake adorned with those re-lighting candles. We had to evacuate the building as the fire alarm went off. Happy days.

Still, I believe hugging is good for the soul. Happy Friday.

Mrs Mackerel x

Download Thin White Rope – The Fish Song mp3 (from The Ruby Sea)

Download Franz Ferdinand – The Dark Of The Matinee mp3 (from Franz Ferdinand)

Download Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya mp3 (from Dirt Don’t Hurt)

Download She Keeps Bees & Sharon Van Etten – Cuddle Alone mp3 (from Let’s Kiss & Make Up (Slow and Fast))

Wednesday Means Eight of the Best!

Here is our regular round-up of the recent best of the inbox, blogs and internet for you to peruse, scrutinise and download for your undoubted listening pleasure and aural delight.

First up is a second taste from the forthcoming Two Gallants long player The Bloom And The Blight. While previous offering Broken Eyes was a gorgeous, folky delight, My Love Won’t Wait indulges the band’s heavier side with a rollicking tune that is equally thrilling in a very different way. She Keeps Bees also keep the needles in the red with See Me, a recent offering from last year’s long player Dig On that calls to mind the basic rawness of PJ Harvey and blues tilt of early Kills.

Sundress are a Texas based psych-rock band in the vein of Tweak Bird or White Denim. New 7″ California Dames is a very satisfying addition to that particular stable. Ride on boys! Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo on the other hand offer up a more gauzy, laid back, almost 80s vibe to their single Act of Truth. It was their contribution to a limited split release with Slowness that sold out with all haste, but will now be reissued by Greenfuse Records.

We were delighted to get news of a new album, Angelmaker, by Heaven’s Jail Band (think Leonard Cohen backed by Lynrd Skynrd) and a new set of tales: Doomsday fetish, slow burns, long cons, infanticide, rough sex (real and archetypal), morbid visions, delusions of grandeur, beating the odds…again all deadpanned in virulent mix of heroic and vulgar vernacular. If the sharp edges aren’t immediately apparent don’t worry, you’ll be bubble wrapping the edges of the coffee table soon. For now, try out Daddy’s Blues and buy the album from Bandcamp here.

Spook Houses’ debut LP Trying delivers low-fi slacker indie rock loaded with the energy of the band’s rambunctious punk roots and is an album surely to be accessible by angsty american suburban teenagers or nostalgic lovers of 90s basement rock in the vein of Built to Spill and Neutral Milk Hotel. Taster track American is a two minute brash burnout anthem with its chugging bass line and plodding pace and lyrics pulled from misguided conversations with girls. A stonewall keeper!

This Outer Minds track, We Are All Stone has been around for a couple of weeks now, but its perfectly judged garage-psych voodoo rumble, and reverential nod to the Doors makes it too good to leave out from posting. Finally, Lonesome Dreams, the first full-length album from rising LA-based band Lord Huron, will be released on 9th October via label IAMSOUND Records. Grab the galloping, infectious dusty folk chime of Time To Run – certainly the best thing we’ve heard from them so far.

Download Two Gallants – My Love Won’t Wait mp3 (from The Bloom And The Blight)

Download Sea Of Bees – See Me mp3 (from Dig On)

Download Sundress – California Dames mp3 (from California Dames 7″)

Download Heaven Jail’s Band – Daddy’s Blues mp3 (from Angelmaker)

Download Spook Houses – American mp3 (from Trying)

Download Outer Minds – We Are All Stone mp3 (from Behind The Mirror)

Download Lord Huron – Time To Run mp3 (from Lonesome Dreams)


Snacky Tunes Vol.1, is an excellent free compilation featuring past performances from their weekly radio show on Heritage Radio.

It is now available for completely free download here. It features tracks from artists as diverse as Freelance Whales, Midnight Magic, Surfer Blood, Eli Paperboy Reed, Frankie Rose and the Outs, Blood Orange, and Au Revoir Simone, amongst others.

A full tracklisting is below, along with a couple of tasters from the album. Click here to head over to the Snacky Tunes podcast, where all past shows are available for download.

Wallpaper   –  Snacky Tunes Theme

Freelance Whales   –  Generator First Floor

Surfer Blood   –  Fast Jabroni

Frankie Rose & The Outs  –  Must Be Nice

Pigeon John   –  I’m A Gangster

Oberhofer   –  ooOooOoo

Eli Paperboy Reed   –  Tell Me What I Want to Hear

Punches  –  Sleepless City

Au Revoir Simone   –  All or Nothing

Suckers   –  Roman Candle

Andrew Belle   –  Static Waves

Tijuana   –  Oh My Marie

Blood Orange   –  Forget It

She Keeps Bees   –  Cold Eye

We Are Scientists   –  Nice Guys

Midnight Magic   –  Beam Me Up

Download Surfer Blood – Fast Jabroni mp3 (from Snacky Tunes Vol. 1)

Download She Keeps Bees – Cold Eye mp3 (from Snacky Tunes Vol. 1)