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US Americana singer-songwriter Marie Danielle has released her debut UK single Soldier.

The track is taken from her recent album Hustler (which features long standing MM faves The Felice Brothers and Fleet Foxes’ Christian Wargo on backing band duties).

She had always played her songs in private until a brush with death in a violent domestic relationship lent her the courage to reach out to an artist she greatly admired, Simone Felice. Impressed by her track Tinseltown, Felice began a cross country collaboration that eventually led to recording sessions with his production partner David Baron in Woodstock. NY.

What started out as an EP soon grew into a full-length record of timeless country and folk-influenced Americana songs shot through with a naked honesty about love, loss and addiction.

Have a listen to the single and to Tinseltown below.




Here are our favourite albums of 2016. We have to go against the flow a bit and say up front there is no place for David Bowie. Great though he was, and tragic that he died two days after the release of a good album, for us that was what it was, a good album, but not a great one. And besides he is topping damn near every other list.

30 Adam Torres – Pearls To Swine



29 BRONCHO – Double Vanity



28 Communist Daughter – The Cracks That Built The Wall



27 Cold Pumas – The Hanging Valley



26 Hooded Fang – Venus On Edge



25 Jamie T – Trick



24 The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset



23 Goat – Requiem



22 Kevin Morby – Singing Saw



21 The Cave Singers – Banshee



20 Conor Oberst – Ruminations



19 Black Mountain – IV



18 Pixies – Head Carrier



17 Big Thief – Masterpiece



16 Wilco – Shmilco



15 Velcro Hooks – Velcro Hooks



14 Terry Malts – Lost At The Party



13 Terry – Terry HQ



12 PJ Harvey – Hope Six Demolition Project



11 Mind Spiders – Prosthesis



10 Angel Olsen – My Woman



9 Lucy Dacus – No Burden



8 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity



7 Cass McCombs – Mangy Love



6 Damien Jurado – Vision Of Us On The Land


5 Dr. Dog – Psychedelic Swamp


4 The Felice Brothers – Life In The Dark



3 Great American Canyon Band – Only You Remain



2 Parquet Courts – Human Performance



1 Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Denial



Check out our favourite 100 tracks of the year here (100-76, 75-51, 50-26, 25-1) and look out tomorrow for the start of our individual lists…


Part 2 of our rundown of our favourite tracks of the year. Today we have tracks 75 through to 51.


75 The Julie Ruin – Mr. So And So


74 Beach – Donuts


73 exmagician – Job Done


72 W.H. Lung – Inspiration


71 Wilco – If I Ever Was A Child


70 Dune Rats – Bullshit


69 Meatbodies – Valley Girl


68 Conor Oberst – Gossamer Thin


67 Big Thief – Masterpiece


66 Elizabeth Cook – Tabitha Tuders’ Mama


65 Goat – Union Of Mind And Soul


64 Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me


63 Lucy Dacus – Strange Torpedo


62 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – People Vultures


61 Golden Suits – Is It Wrong


60 Cass McCombs – In A Chinese Alley


59 Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Spazz Pony


58 Kevin Morby – Dorothy


57 Las Kellies – Celebrate Life


56 Cold Pumas – Severed Estates


55 BRONCHO – Fantasy Boys


54 Parquet Courts – Berlin Got Blurry


53 The Felice Brothers – Triumph ’73


52 Gooch Palms – Ask Me Why


51  M. Ward – Girl From Conejo Valley


Check out tracks 100-76 here.


It’s here! Our countdown of our favourite tracks of 2016 as nominated by MM, Mrs Mackerel, Chris T Popper and The Italian Job. Part One sees us counting down from 100 to 76.

So without further ado…


100 Oldermost – Finally Unsure


99 Slaves – People That You Meet


98 Spoilers – No Pressure


97 Adam Torres – Morning Rain


96 Johnny Dowd – Whiskey Ate My Brain


95 Molly Parden – Kentucky, I


94 The Felice Brothers – Jack At The Asylum


93 Horse Thief – Another Youth


92 Courtney Barnett – Three Packs A Day


91 The Coathangers – Watch Your Back


90 Whitney – No Woman


89 Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker


88 Haybaby – Joke/Rope


87 Springtime Carnivore – Raised By Wolves


86 Jamie T – Tescoland


85 VATS – Melting Culture


84 Holly Throsby – What Do You Say


83 Happyness – Falling Down


82 Hooded Fang – Tunnel Vision


81 The Felice Brothers – Aerosol Ball


80 Bueno – Babyface


79 Loch Lomond – Silver Felt


78 Velcro Hooks – Galaxy Police Club


77 Carter Tanton – Twentynine Palms


76 Avers – Insects


Check back for Part 2 (75-51) tomorrow.

Felice Brothers

We’ve been lucky enough to get a copy of the new Felice Brothers album Life In The Dark, which is out on the 24th of this month.

It is a gem of a record and has been on heavy rotation ever since we got it, and the band have shared a video for a new track from it, the raucously brilliant Plunder.

Created from re-purposed stock footage by bassist, Josh Rawson, he says of it, “When four school kids’ wish to be truly free of rules is granted… they find themselves reborn as pirates and drunk pigs. As the song spins yarn about mischievous dogs and roller rink crushes, our heroes venture further into the animated mud as they make their final transformation into great business men, free of regulation and celebrating in True Corporate Greed. This video pairs well with a Capri Sun.

Watch it here. Order the album here.


The wonderful Felice Brothers will release their new album Life In The Dark on the 24th June via Yep Roc Records.

The first taste from it is the brilliant, accordion led Aerosol Ball accompanied by a suitably vintage, suitably carnivalesque, suitably sleazy video for its stream of consciousness style rhyming couplets that takes in much of the geography of the United States.

Watch below.



Time for the MM countdown of our favourite tracks of the year to begin. Over the next few days we’ll be revealing our top 100 tracks and top 30 albums of 2015, with contributions from Mrs Mackerel, Chris T Popper, Polly Pocket and Franca. We’ll also share their personal choices with you next week.

So without further ado, here are numbers 100 through to 76.

100 Ultimate Painting – Woken By Noises


99 Samantha Crain – Elk City


98 Diet Cig – Dinner Date


97 Cruising – Safe Corridor


96 Gold Class – Life As A Gun


95 Beach Slang – Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas


94 Arborist – Twisted Arrow


93 Kodiak Deathbeds – Borderline


92 Summer Twins – Demons


91 Together PANGEA – Blue Mirror


90 Tallest Man On Earth – Dark Bird Is Home


89 Wilco – Random Name Generator


88 James McMurtry – South Dakota


87 J Fernandez – Between The Channels


86 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & The Cairo Gang – I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving


85 Drenge – We Can Do What We Want


84 Spray Paint – Thrash Master


83 Bueno – Babyface


82 Slaves – Despair And Traffic


81 Ezra Furman – Ordinary Life


80 Table Scraps – Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)


79 Trance Farmers – Garbage Night


78 The Felice Brothers – Carriage


77 Wavves – My Head Hurts


76 Titus Andronicus – Into The Void (Filler)


Check back tomorrow for numbers 75 – 51.

best of the weekOur regular collection of the best of the week’s new tunes. This week no less than x new tracks for you.

  1. The Felice Brothers – Carriage
  2. Smoke Fairies – Wild Winter
  3. Savages – T.I.W.Y.G.
  4. Meat Wave – Symmy
  5. Theo Verney – Sailed Long
  6. WALL – Fit The Part
  7. Cassie Ramone – Run Run Rudolph (Chuck Berry cover)
  8. Pinemen – That Certain Flavour










MM's Top 20 Best of 2014

And so we bring our round up of favourite songs, albums, covers, and guilty pleasures to a close with the final “best of” post, Mad Mackerel’s own top twenty.

20 Kye Alfred Hillig – My Young Love Was As Blind As Ray Charles And Half As Cold As Heat


19 Parquet Courts – Black And White


18 Jamie T – The Prophet


17 The Amazing Snakeheads – Here It Comes Again


16 The Felice Brothers – Cherry Licorice


15 Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves


14 Girl Band – Lawman


13 The War On Drugs – Red Eyes


12 Together PANGEA – River


11 Mac DeMarco – Salad Days


10 Faces On Film – Percy
Percy kicks off with pulsating, tribal percussion that doesn’t quit throughout the song’s entire four and half minutes. It is like a small child in a sweet shop relentlessly pummelling you into submission until there is nothing left to do but give in. Then once you have you realise this was by far the best course of action anyway – the most infectious rhythm of the year. Resistance is futile.


9 Sun Kil Moon – Dogs
Dogs is unashamedly, perhaps deliberately, cringingly frank and revealing. No-one sings more conversationally than Mark Kozelek, but it is exactly the lack of sentiment and judgement in this song that gives it such impact. A deadpan tale of sexual fumblings and failures mixed with an all too accurate recollection of our self obsessed teenage selves gives the song a wincing recognition for every listener’s own emotions that makes listening to it almost too painful.


8 Dream Police – My Mama’s Dead
In my head this is a follow up to Hendrix’s classic Hey Joe. Except my head has been split in two by the sheer brutal, pneumatic force of this song, a snarling, distorted beast of a tune that is as brilliantly grim and unforgiving as the title suggests. Am I the only one who thinks the Dream Police are a far more enjoyable listen than alter-egos The Men?


7 Parquet Courts – Ducking And Dodging
Ducking And Dodging boasts the catchiest punk riff since, oh I don’t know, Stoned And Starving perhaps. Yet this time it comes with extra ingredients, a little added anger and a whole cauldron full of world weariness and frustration giving their take on a traditional tune a fiery new incarnation and showing once and for all that they were always far, far more than simple Velvets or Pavement disciples.


6 Hurray For The Riff Raff – The Body Electric
A word perfect riposte to all those endless murder ballads where the woman’s part is merely that of hopeless victim. Over an deceptively hypnotic refrain Alynda Lee Segarra reveals that the tables are turning, “He’s gonna shoot me down, put my body in the river, Cover me up with the leaves of September, Like an old sad song, you heard it all before, Well, Delia’s gone but I’m settling the score


5 Houndmouth – For No One
Houndmouth announced their return with this sublime slice of surreal Americana. More obtuse than before, it boasted the best opening verse of any song we heard this year, then over a deceptively simple strummed guitar line, Matt Myers travels from resignation to bitterness and ultimately acceptance. For No One is a sparse, poignant ballad that is as close to perfection as you’re likely to hear.


4 Damien Jurado – Metallic Cloud
Metallic Cloud seems packed full of meaning, overflowing with imagery and allusion and cloaked in layers and layers of mystery. Curiously it feels to me like a companion piece to Neil Young’s After The Goldrush, and I can’t really think of a higher compliment than that. The first song to reduce me to tears this year, in tandem with the red wine mind you.


3 The Pink Mountaintops – North Hollywood Microwaves
Surreal, obscene, freaky, offensive,  lewd. Repulsive, coarse, vulgar, gross and rude. But unquestionably, undeniably, uniformly brilliant. This was the sound of rock’n’roll updated for the here and now.


2 The Water Liars – Swannanoa
Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Water Liars delivered an exceptional album this year, and this is an undoubted highlight, a melancholy story of searching and loss, of heroin and girls with stutters, of cowardice and looking death in the face. There is no one, but no one, who does this stuff as well as the Water Liars and why they aren’t massive is a source of constant bemusement to me.


1 The Amazing Snakeheads – Where Is My Knife
I’m gonna show you if it takes all night, We’re staying here till you get it right, It’s been three whole days with no end in sight“, so opens the year’s most chilling, and thrilling, song. An irresistible mix of primeval rock’n’roll, trashcan punk and swampy voodoo blues provides the most exquisitely perfect soundtrack for Dale Barclay’s unhinged protagonist.


Guilty Pleasure:

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
F**k off, it’s brilliant.


Favourite Cover of the Year:

Hearts Of Oak – Must Have Been Drunk (George Jones cover)


Reissue of the Year:

Crime – Piss On Your Dog (from Murder By Guitar)


Mrs M's Top 20 2014

Our penultimate offering comes in the shape of Mrs Mackerel’s favourite songs of 2014…

I think, being a fish of some advancing years now, I know what I like – but at least that ranges quite widely (she says, defiantly). As usual, though, I’m late to deadline, so without further pontification or procrastination, here are my favourite songs of 2014.

20. War On Drugs – Red Eyes


19. Cate Le Bon – He’s Leaving


18. Mark Lanegan Band – Sad Lover


17. The Districts – Funeral Beds


16. Simone Felice – Running Through My Head


15. Wytches – Burn Out the Bruise


14. Matt Kivel – Insignificance


13. Smashing Pumpkins – Being Beige


12. Water Liars – Swannanoa


11. Shovels & Rope – Evil


10. Dead Fingers – Twisted
Husband and wife duo, Dead Fingers, produce a finger-picking good sound here. It’s a hoedown with a twist that chases a thigh-slappingly quirky rhythm. Love it.


9. The Vacant Lots – Mad Mary Jones
An infectious, upbeat intro to the Vacant Lots: guitar-led rock’n’roll with psychedelic undertones. I’m quite partial to a bit of pscyh-rock, as it goes. The lyrics are secondary but the driving foot-tapping rhythm means you’ll be humming this for the rest of the day.


8. Royal Blood – Figure It Out
Play this loud – very loud, actually. And ramp up the bass while you’re at it. Led Zep meets The Darkness: just over three minutes of rock fest with a rousing finale of guitar versus drum duelling that builds and builds. Epic. My rock chick alter ego is sated.


7. The Felice Brothers – Constituents
A move away from the usual rollicking, rootsy sound that’s trademark Felice Brothers. This weaves a slower, more brooding tempo with darker overtones: And all my constituents agree/I’ve been changed like a pebble in the sea/By the politics of time/But riddle me this: what happiness is mine?’


6. Eels – Mistakes of My Youth
Sold to me on sentiment alone. Mistakes of my youth, of my 20s, of my 30s and so on: like a cat running at a closed cat flap, we are all stuck on repeat and yes, sometimes it really does hurt. A gentle melody that meanders through wistful moments of reflection, there’s nothing surprising or unusual in this Eels offering, but many could do worse than heed the quiet, cautionary wisdom of the gravel-voiced Mr Everett.


5. Bombadil – Have Me
I’d forgotten all about this song until recently. One man, a piano and a cello: a sad, reflective, rather beautiful lament. You won’t be dancing in the kitchen, rather gazing out of the window. ‘You can’t have everything you want/Or even sometimes what you need/Even if you need it desperately.’


4. Sharon Van Etten – Tarifa
Here’s my slow dance for this year, complete with saxophone, courtesy of the haunting vocals of Sharon Van Etten. Small moments captured like a photograph, a song about trying to hold onto a memory; lyrics filled with regret and longing. Everyone else/Hasn’t a chance, don’t fail me now/Open arms, rest.’ Aah.


3. Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me?
You expressed explicitly your contempt for matrimony.’ Archie does not want to get married, but hey (hey), she does. I sense trouble brewing there. Jangly indie guitars and plenty of reverb, means that if you’re dancing, I’m most definitely asking. I had to be told twice, no less, that I would (of course) love Alvvays. Obviously, I hate it when other people are right, so I’m off to see them next month with Nightshift.


1= Jamie T – Limits Lie
Five years away is a long time musically but he’s a complicated creature Mr Treays, and all the better for it. As with many of his songs, the music belies the lyrical weight and depth; life observed with pin-sharp accuracy: Who knows where your limit, where your limit lies/ you’re given, what you’re given and now the giver must die.’ Without question, my gig of the year (Alexandra Palace), and Carry On the Grudge, my album of the year.


1= Damien Jurado – Metallic Cloud
It’s a temporary fix/In case you don’t come down’ – and maybe it is. A lingering air of melancholy over a simple soaring musical arrangement, this is (in a way) the musical religion of Damien Jurado. All seeing, all knowing, quietly anthemic and ethereal. I played nothing but Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Son for at least the first six weeks of this year: endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings, sometimes you never know what you’re seeing.


Special mentions:

School Run Anthem 2014:

The Felice Brothers – Cherry Licorice
Cos I’m high on Halloween candy again/And your lips are sweet as brandy.’ Yes, it’s absolutely true; I often operate in a sugar-induced trance, even while driving. This will be the last school run anthem (sniff), as primary school will be no more for my youngest after the summer. So we might as well go out on a high, with his favourite band, at their rambunctious best.


Best Covers:

Phosphorescent – Tomorrow is a Long Time
Matthew Houck sings Bob Dylan: bellisimo.


Low – I’m On Fire
I love Bruce Springsteen and I’ve been on fire a couple of times. Mainly because I used to wear hippy skirts, drink too much cider, and then light fragrant candles. It was a long time ago, but you know what they say about moths and flames.

Guilty Pleasure:

Lonelady – Groove It Out
Yeah, it’s disco – what of it?! I like dancing.


And hello, hello; look who’s back…

Laura Marling – Short Movie


Happy New Year, fishy friends.