New Video: Phantom Isle – MAR V

London based New Wave quintet Phantom Isle have shared a Live in Lockdown video for new single MAR V. It is an immensely catchy, infectious slab of danceable indie that calls to mind the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip and Metronomy. Kicking off with a easy going, twitchy pulse it soon takes off into a frenzy of thundering percussion and propulsive synths that are … Continue reading New Video: Phantom Isle – MAR V

New Video: Torres: Too Big For The Glory Hole

In her new video for the cryptically titled Too Big for the Glory Hole, Mackenzie Scott of TORRES captures domestic solitude in her now-iconic cowboy boots. The song, partially influenced by Florine Stettheimer’s painting The Cathedrals of Wall Street, was recorded during the Silver Tongue sessions and featured on a free 7-inch included with the album’s Peak Vinyl edition. She says of the track, “I wrote … Continue reading New Video: Torres: Too Big For The Glory Hole

Hatchie & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Cover The Jesus & Mary Chain

Brisbane, Australia’s Hatchie has announced a collaboration with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart for a new 7” featuring a cover of Sometimes Always, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s collaboration with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval from 1994. It is a reverent cover set apart by chiming guitars and Harriette Pilbeam’s crystal vocals, and 100% of sales from this release on Bandcamp Day this Friday, … Continue reading Hatchie & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Cover The Jesus & Mary Chain

Bananagun – The Master

Melbourne quintet Bananagun have today shared a new single from their forthcoming album The True Story of Bananagun. The Master is a hectic, rhythmic excursion into colourful psych-pop that is exotic, vibrant and pretty much irresistible. The band draw on 60s and 70s Afrobeat, the proto-garage rhythmic fury of The Monks, and the grooves of Os Mutantes, shaping it all into their own melting pot of tropical … Continue reading Bananagun – The Master

Try Some ‘Downer Pop’ from Heads are Heavy

After nearly a decade apart, ex Pity Party members, and long standing partners in musical crime Julie Edwards (aka ‘Heisenflei’) and Marc Smollin (aka “M”) have reunited under the moniker Heads are Heavy – returning with a mysterious video for an equally uncanny song, That Sounds Okay. Shot in Puglia, Italy, the dreamlike, dystopian scenes of fields ablaze, abandoned homes, and industrial devastation provide a … Continue reading Try Some ‘Downer Pop’ from Heads are Heavy

Introducing >>> Attraktors

Nottingham trio Attraktors have a rich pedigree comprised of former members of Julian Cope’s band, Six By Seven, Bivouac, The Selector and The Nectarine No. 9, who together make a rather fetching noise amalgamating the best bits of krautrock, kosmische, spacerock, artrock and synthpop into a single idealised whole. Travelling a gamut from proto-punk to moments of melancholy whimsy, the record remains resolutely anchored within its … Continue reading Introducing >>> Attraktors

More From Lucern Raze, This Time With Sudakistan

Here is another track from Lucern Raze’s forthcoming long player International Breakdown, which is out next week via PNKSLM Records. The record features collaborations with the likes of Chemtrails, Cherry Pickles, Black Mekon, this one with ShitKid, Swampmeat, and now this track, Elvis Ronaldo, with another MM fave, Sudakistan. We have got no idea what’s going on, but it is one hell of a track, … Continue reading More From Lucern Raze, This Time With Sudakistan

Something For The Weekend…

Lockdown has given us an opportunity to get a little more up to date with our posts and to catch up, a little, with some of the many, many tunes that come our way. Given it is Friday and a Bank Holiday here in the UK, we’ve rounded up a few tunes that we would have liked to have given a bit more time and … Continue reading Something For The Weekend…