The War Crimes Protest

I often think, quite sadly, that the good old fashioned political protest song is a dying breed in the modern age. So it was all the more pleasing to get this short and pithy missive from Ed of MM faves and undeniably brilliant down-tempo miserabilists The War Crimes. “Blair’s appearance at the Chilcott whitewash gotta me thinkin’ about an old tune of ours. Geronimo was of … Continue reading The War Crimes Protest

The War Crimes Return

Ah, how we love the downtempo indie (and sometimes downright miserablism) of The War Crimes. They have sent us their latest offering which came with just one line of introduction: “to celebrate the birth of my daughter, Juno, I’m feeling the pinch so may I interest you in The Cost“. So firstly to them we say hearty congratulations from the Mackerels. And secondly, to you, … Continue reading The War Crimes Return

MM’s Best of the Month: July

Here we are again. A round up of our favourite postings of the month. Twenty one outstanding songs from July plus three new ones to make the perfect mix tape. From folk to garage to stoner rock and summer pop it is all here for you. Download, burn to CD, play – groove! 1) Sharon Van Etten – Love More mp3 A slow burning, mesmerising … Continue reading MM’s Best of the Month: July

More from The War Crimes

Along with Howling Owl, The War Crimes are probably MM’s favourite discovery of 2010. Ever since we fell for the sinister charms of their single Treatise we have been eagerly awaiting every new offering with much anticipation. Now we have a new track, Levin As I for you. A bit slower yes, but every bit as disquieting and unsettling in a downtempo, fatalistic way as their … Continue reading More from The War Crimes

MM’s Best Of The Month: May

Here is our usual end of the month round up of the very best tracks posted on Mad Mackerel, with a couple of new ones too. A perfect mixtape for May. Wilderness of Manitoba – Hermit mp3 Intimate and gorgeous, with haunting guitar lines and beautiful harmonies. Buffalo Moon – Beach Boy mp3 Summery pop, beach references, breezy beats and sweet lounge vocals. Sun Kil … Continue reading MM’s Best Of The Month: May

MM salutes the genius of The War Crimes

Ever since we first posted about The War Crimes at the start of the year we’ve gone back time and time again to their wilfully down-tempo, unnerving, chamber pop. Sometimes orchestral and sometimes folkish, the songs offer literate (occasionally surreal), half-spoken lyrics, quietly insistent melodies, and an air of regret and bitterness that all adds to the overall sense of unease. They simultaneously conjure up … Continue reading MM salutes the genius of The War Crimes

MM’s Best of the Month: April

As usual, here is our round-up of some of the best songs we’ve posted during April plus a couple of new ones. Thirty great songs all ready to go on one cracking playlist and impress your family and friends. Without further ado… Shabby Rogue – My Life As A Secret Agent mp3 (High octane, paranoia induced rock ‘n’ roll riffage) Kurt Vile – Invisibility Nonexistent … Continue reading MM’s Best of the Month: April