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  1. Widowspeak – Harvest Moon  (Neil Young cover)
  2. Wilco – Dynamite My Soul
  3. Kal Marks – Adventure
  4. The Staves & yMusic – The Way Is Read
  5. Ty Segall – My Lady’s On Fire
  6. Drive-By Truckers – The Perilous Night
  7. Johanna Warren – Here To Tell
  8. Angel Olsen – Sans
  9. Dama Scout – Toothache
  10. The Liminanas – Shadow People (featuring Emmanuelle Seigner)












Since discovering Country Sleaze about a year after everyone else, we’ve eagerly been catching up with all things Goat Girl. Taking their name from a classic Bill Hicks sketch meant they would be pretty much a shoo-in for us here at MM.

Out on 7″ in December, their latest single, Cracker Drool is another twangy, hypnotic excursion into the indie underworld.

Matching the song perfectly, watch the monochrome road trip video as it gradually morphs from a dash of unease and suspense to a full on noirish nightmare.


Hailing outta Brisbane, Dumb Things have released their first self-titled album.  It’s a collection of country-burnt pop songs, scruffy enough to get stopped at the door, but charming enough to talk its way in.

Listen to the excellent opener Drivin’ Home that offers up more than a nod to Parquet Courts. The cassette can be bought for $5 via Bandcamp or the digital version is on a “pay-what-you-want” deal.


Halloween is one of our favourite times of year. You get the best films for a start and oldest sprat has already digested the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the original Halloween itself in the past few days. So here is a collection of new spooky themed tunes that have found their way into our in-box, and which like a lot of the other stuff we got, wasn’t shit. We also have a bloody and brilliant Halloween 2017 classic playlist here too.

No tricks. All treats. Enjoy.

Slowcoaches just released a new single Complex, which we shared here, but never ones to rest easy, they are back with something special for Halloween. They’ve covered The Misfits’ Skulls in typically raucous fashion.


Los Angeles-based rap-punk duo Ho99o9 have revealed Neighborhood Watch as a surprise Halloween release


Wild Evel And The Trashbones have their roots in 1960s US garage punk. Take some of Billy Childish’s trashy guitar solos, some of the Miracle Workers’ and The Stomachmouths’ catchy melodies, add some “three-finger organ”, combine them with invisible monsters and cavemen, in the spirit of the late great Screaming Lord Sutch, and you’ll have the gist of what these guys are up to.


In a somewhat similar vein, The Two Tens have shared Looney Bin especially for October 31st, a psychotic, demented blast of garage punk.


Also just in time for Halloween, Lee Ranaldo has released the brand new video for Uncle Skeleton, a track taken from his latest album, Electric Trim, which is out now on Mute.


Meanwhile, NJ-based indie-rockers The Clydes have released their new single The Vampire of Hanover, written from the perspective of Fritz Harman, a German serial killer.


And lastly, we have the trademark croon and growl of Shilpa Rays’ Morning Terrors Nights of Dread, which comes from latest album Door Girl.





In 2014 The Men side-project Dream Police released their excellent debut LP Hypnotized, toured extensively, and ultimately, as side projects tend to work, they returned focus to their primary band.

Fortunately, after three years wait, they got together recently and recorded a brand new single. Revenge.

Happily too, their signature use of the Roland 707 drum machine, the driving but psychedelic bass line, the droning organ, the dizzying guitar leads, and haunting vocals are all there on the single too, just as they always have been.

Have a listen.



Marvellous indie trio Dream Wife, who delivered one of our favourite live sets of the year at Truck Festival have announced details of their much anticipated self-titled debut album. There are plenty of options to buy the record including a very special limited edition transparent vinyl with blood red splatter, a gatefold vinyl edition and CD and various bundles with signed novellas – check the pre-order options here.

They have also shared a new track, Let’s Make Out, which is another top notch track of catchy, feminist post punk swirl… with teeth!

Listen below.



Six corking new videos for six corking new (or newish) raucous tracks. Some of our favourite tunes of the year here…







Melding layers of blissful shoegazing chaos with the clenched-jaw melodicism of wiry early post-punk, Athens Georgia band Juan de Fuca’s debut album’s explores themes of struggle, nihilism, loss and redemption, watching these troubled feelings fighting to be heard through waves of beautiful noise.

Listen to All The Time and Aa below, and order from Bandcamp here.



  1. Ty Segall – Meaning
  2. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Crumbling Castle
  3. Destroyer – Cover From The Sun
  4. Chris Stapleton – Millionaire
  5. Blitzen Trapper – Dance With Me
  6. Hans Chew – Give Up The Ghost
  7. Trance Farmers – Witches










Slowcoaches – Complex

Posted: October 13, 2017 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Post Punk, Rock

A cutting observational slice of fervent grunged-up punk, Complex is a first taste of what’s to come from Slowcoaches on their yet-to-be-finished second album, which will be released at some point in 2018 via Leisure & District.

The single will be available this side of the new year on screenprinted 7” vinyl, backed by a venomous cover of Fang’s The Money Will Roll Right In.

Listen / watch below.