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  1. The Men – Shimmer n’ Shine
  2. Pop 1280 – When No One Cares
  3. Half Waif – Back In Brooklyn
  4. Wand – Perfume
  5. Bent Denim – Idiot
  6. Cherry Glazerr – Juicy Socks
  7. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Talking Straight
  8. Neko Case – Bad Luck
  9. Juanita Stein – Forgiver











  1. Pop. 1280 – When No One Cares
  2. Speedy Ortiz – Lean In When I Suffer
  3. Hiss Golden Messenger – Passing Clouds
  4. Willie Breeding – Ride On
  5. Snail Mail – Pristine
  6. Dead Tongues – Won’t Be Long
  7. King Tuff – Thru The Cracks (feat. Jenny Lewis)
  8. ESCONDIDO – You’re Not Like Anybody Else











best of the weekAfter a week’s break, we’re back with our regular round up of the best new tunes of the past seven days.

It includes the return of a number of MM regulars too: No Age, The Growlers and Pop. 1280 as well a stunning new track from Annie Hardy (ex of Giant Drag) and plenty more besides.

So then, ten cracking songs – dive in.

  1. Pop. 1280 – Pulse
  2. Hiss Golden Messenger – Tell Her I’m Just Dancing
  3. The Growlers – City Club
  4. Angel Olsen – Sister
  5. Magic Trick – First Thought
  6. Shilpa Ray – Paisley
  7. The Raveonettes – A Good Fight
  8. Annie Hardy – Go Hey Raku Sake
  9. No Age – Separation
  10. Cory Hanson – Ordinary People











Here we go, a new year and no less than nine new songs including welcome returns for Dr. Dog, Richmond Fontaine, The Dandy Warhols, Wintersleep, Steve Mason, and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy amongst others.

  1. Dr.Dog – Bring My Baby Back
  2. Richmond Fontaine – Wake Up Ray
  3. Savages – Adore
  4. Wintersleep – Amerika
  5. The Dandy Warhols – You Are Killing Me
  6. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Rich Wife Full Of Happiness
  7. Basia Bulat – Infamous
  8. Pop 1280 – Chromidia
  9. Steve Mason – Planet Sizes











Pop. 1280 make it their business to trade in unease, disquiet and suspicion – shining a light into the darkest, deepest recesses of our collective behaviour and exposing the flaws and sub-truths we peddle to ourselves and each other – particularly where it relates to the might of the corporate and political machines.

Paradise, will be their third full-length album and it is an unforgiving look into the mirror peeling back the facade of the paradise we have created for ourselves. Concerned about the ills that technology has wrought in the modern world, it’s also a record fraught with existential ennui. A fear permeates the record that the world will never get any better; that we as humans have made our bed and now must lie in it. The combined weight of those external and internal forces lay the foundation for the album, and they give it its power.

On Paradise, synthesizers, mechanized drum machines, and samplers play a critical role on the record, just as important as the more familiar squall of buzzsaw guitars and sinister, brooding vocals.

Have a listen to Pyramids On Mars.


New 7″ From Pop. 1280

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

New 7" From Pop. 1280

On their new 7″ single, Penetrate, long standing MM faves Pop. 1280 explore the phenomena of sex and violence in our society.

The sexualization of war. The violence of love. Have humans evolved? Can humans evolve?

Big questions dealt with in their usual style – brutal, uncompromising and challenging. This is a limited edition single (300 copies) made for their upcoming European tour, with a limited quantity to be available on the Sacred Bones website.

We have the b-side (which is a fabulous aural assault that sounds like it was recorded in the bowels of hell) Krankenschwester for your listening pleasure below…


See them live:

Jan 21: Amsterdam, NL – OCCII
Jan 22: Groningen, NL – Vera
Jan 23: London, UK – Shacklewell Arms
Jan 24: Antwerp, BE – Het Bos
Jan 25: Nantes, FR – Les Ateliers Des Bitche
Jan 26: Paris, FR – La Maroquinerie
Jan 27: Bordeaux, FR – TBA
Jan 28: Oviedo, ES – La Lata De Zinc
Jan 29: Madrid, ES – Siroco
Jan 30: Barcelona, ES – Sidecar
Jan 31: San Sebastian, ES – Lurrazpiko Festa
Feb 3: Lyon, FR – Le Sonic
Feb 4: Grenoble, FR – La Ciel
Feb 5: Luzern, CH – Südpol
Feb 7: Moscow, RU – TBA (w/ Damien Dubrovnik)

Pop. 1280 - Imps Of Perversion

Pop. 1280 memorably delivered a debut album, The Horror, that was so brutal in parts it managed to be almost physically painful to listen to.

At the same time it had enough within its hardest of hardcore sensibilities to keep the visceral savagery tautly contained, imprisoned in a way that was mighty tense, but which also rewarded the listener with some mighty fine tunes to, well to smash things too.

So now we have Imps of Perversion and if it were possible the band have notched up the tension another couple of levels, whilst retaining a focus that is as unsettling and as uncompromising as ever: check the unambiguous “You’re all lubed up, for a night of pain” from The Dawn Of Man or simply the song titles, The Control Freak, Nailhouse, Coma Baby, Human Probe

Thankfully these nightmarish visions of a dystopian future where domination, paranoia and degradation are the norm, where tongues crawl under doors, and where gruesomely surreal horror is simply de rigeur, are set to sonic soundscapes of snarling, sneering power. Wiry guitar lines needle and jar and percussion thunders, but the sacrifice never includes the song itself – there are tunes here too, and a production that is crisper and sharper than before.

The end result is an album that is as thrilling as it is unrelenting, and as absorbing as it is unshakeable.

Order the album from Sacred Bones here.

Pop. 1280 – New Album

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

Pop. 1280 - New Album

The rather brilliantly named Imps Of Perversion is the title of Pop. 1280’s follow up long player to The Horror.

The first taste is the depraved, bad-trip sonics of Lights Out – all jagged, needling punk guitars and brutal RATM style vocals.

Needless to say we’re enormously fond of it already. Consider it the musical equivalent of keeping one mighty pissed monster in the basement – who has just discovered the door has been left unlocked…

Have a listen – scare the neighbours.

Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: December 2011.

Here is our final monthly Best Of mix of songs from 2011 – despite all the Christmas fayre on offer, there were still a whole plethora of cracking new tracks to enjoy, and as always we’ve gathered the best of our December posts into one lovely mix for you with a couple of new tracks to sample too. Don’t forget to check out all our previous monthly mixes in the sidebar on the left.

And off we go…

Download Horse’s Mouth – As I Climb mp3 (from Horse’s Mouth)

Opens with a plaintive vocal and soon develops into a classically harmonious folk-song with its gentle, repeated “Out of time” refrain and orchestrally tinged instrumentation.

Download Dan Mangan – Row Of Houses mp3 (from Oh Fortune)

A story told from the perspective of a character from folksinger Mangan’s favourite films, namely Gordie Lachance from Stand By Me.

Download Pop. 1280 – Bodies In The Dunes mp3 (from The Horror)

As raw and visceral as ever with their raw, junkyard freak-punk sound.

Download The Uncles – The Ballad Of Lehigh Valley mp3 (from M4W)

Taster from forthcoming sophomore album from expanded folk four-piece.

Download Sad Baby Wolf – Survival Guide mp3 (from 8th Level / Survival Guide)

Psychedelic, drone-rock inspired indie.

Download Palomino Drive – When We Were Only Friends mp3 (from Home EP)

Promising and softly strummed lo-fi folk.

Download Drunken Prayer – Always Sad mp3 (from Into The Missionfield)

Heavy on percussion, gut-bucket guitars are bluesy and psychedelic; the horn arrangements are loose and buoyant and best of all, the lyrics are as sweet as they are damning.

Download Ohioan – Sometimes mp3 (from Balls Deep In Babylon)

Mournful harmonica driven, down-at-heel traditional folk.

Download Terry Malts – Tumble Down mp3 (from Killing Time)

First taste of post-punk noiseniks new album Killing Time.

Download Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless mp3 (from Attack On Memory)

Just under three minutes of spiky garage-pop that is as catchy as anything they’ve ever done.

Download Dolfish – Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out mp3 (from Your Love Is Bummin’ Me Out 7″)

Sad, bitter, humorous country song banged out in balls to the wall garage-rock fashion.

Download Waters – Stay Away mp3 (Nirvana Cover)

Helter-skelter cover of Nirvana’s Stay Away where the ramshackle intensity and angst of the original is joyously matched.

Download The Lower 48 – Into The Woods mp3 (from Where All Maps End)

Warm, organic folk with a good-natured acoustic strum.

Download Scott H. Biram – I Want My Mojo Back mp3 (from Bad Ingredients)

Classic one-man band blues and stomp holler.

Download Phantom Family Halo – White Hot Gun mp3 (from When I Fall Out)

Perfect mix of pummelling krautrock with raw, glam overtones.

Download Redanda – This Bed Is A Rock (via Soundcloud)

Bursting with a brashness and sneered vocals that has more attitude crammed into its two minutes and a few seconds of whiplash drumming and guitar that many bands manage in a career.


Download Simone Felice – New York Times (via Soundcloud)

Spellbinding new single from forthcoming solo album.


Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Seasonal Suite No. 62 (via Soundcloud)

A real treat for all those who for all those who love the gritty, raw, unconventional and downright bitter and bruised side of country music.


And the new…we have The XX with their demo of new track Open Eyes, the second single of sunburnt lo-fi pop from Inspired And The Sleep, a brand new slice of antiphonal guitar-gymnastics called Mortise And Tenon from London based math-punk trio Mayors Of Miyazaki and first on the list is another taste from Real Estate’s excellent album Days. Enjoy them all!


Download The XX – Open Eyes mp3 (Demo)

Download Inspired And The Sleep – Running mp3 (from Teenager)

Download Mayors Of Miyazaki – Mortise And Tenon mp3 (from Mortise And Tenon)

MM Shorts 53: Pop. 1280

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

MM Shorts 53: Pop. 1280. During the autumn of 2010 we were most taken with Pop. 1280 and their raw, junkyard freak-punk sound. So it is good to know they’re back and as raw and as visceral as ever as Bodies In The Dunes from forthcoming release The Horror (on the ever brilliant Sacred Bones label) testifies.

Download Pop. 1280 – Bodies In The Dunes mp3 (from The Horror)

And from last year:

Download Pop. 1280 – Step Into The Grid mp3 (from The Grid EP)