Pop. 1280 – Imps Of Perversion

Pop. 1280 - Imps Of Perversion

Pop. 1280 memorably delivered a debut album, The Horror, that was so brutal in parts it managed to be almost physically painful to listen to.

At the same time it had enough within its hardest of hardcore sensibilities to keep the visceral savagery tautly contained, imprisoned in a way that was mighty tense, but which also rewarded the listener with some mighty fine tunes to, well to smash things too.

So now we have Imps of Perversion and if it were possible the band have notched up the tension another couple of levels, whilst retaining a focus that is as unsettling and as uncompromising as ever: check the unambiguous “You’re all lubed up, for a night of pain” from The Dawn Of Man or simply the song titles, The Control Freak, Nailhouse, Coma Baby, Human Probe

Thankfully these nightmarish visions of a dystopian future where domination, paranoia and degradation are the norm, where tongues crawl under doors, and where gruesomely surreal horror is simply de rigeur, are set to sonic soundscapes of snarling, sneering power. Wiry guitar lines needle and jar and percussion thunders, but the sacrifice never includes the song itself – there are tunes here too, and a production that is crisper and sharper than before.

The end result is an album that is as thrilling as it is unrelenting, and as absorbing as it is unshakeable.

Order the album from Sacred Bones here.

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