Mojo’s Free Cover Disc – Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours Revisited

Mojo's Free Cover Disc - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Revisited.

The latest copy of Mojo has just dropped through our letterbox and the free cover disc is another in their series of classic albums re-imagined. This time it is Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 classic Rumours with the eleven tracks covered by artists including The Besnard Lakes, Dylan LeBlanc, Yeasayer, Julia Holter, Dutch Uncles, The Liars, The Staves, The Phoenix Foundation and more.

Mojo is available from all decent newsagents and this issue includes their top 50 albums of 2012 and end of year review.

Grab yourself The Staves taking on Songbird and listen to Yeasayer’s album opener Second Hand News and The Liars version of the classic The Chain.


Download The Staves – Songbird mp3 (from Mojo’s Rumours Revisited)

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