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Another day, another festive cover. This time it is Best Coast taking on the Beach Boys’ 1963 Christmas classic, Little Saint Nick.



Best Coast

You know the drill. Our weekly gathering of new songs released this week.

1. Best Coast – Feeling OK
2. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Gloria
3. Rose Windows – Strip Mall Babylon
4. Wolf Alice – Bros
5. Susanna – Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen cover)
6. Spray Paint – Day Of The Rope
7. Iron & Wine / Ben Bridwell – Bulletproof Soul (Sade cover)
8. The Milk Carton Kids – Monterey
9. Girlpool – Before The World Was Big











MM's Top Tracks of 2013: 100 - 76

It is that time of year again. The votes have been polled from our MM contributors, the results collated and without further ado, here are Mad Mackerel’s favourite hundred tracks of 2013.

Today, we’re counting down the first twenty five, from 100-76.

100 Woody Pines – Hobo And His Bride
Classic, ramblin’ country blues, where songs are filled with characters fighting to climb up or sliding their way back down – wandering broken hearts, swaggering pimps, crusty hobos – and all inhabiting rundown roadhouses, juke joints and the dusty backroads. Have a listen to the epic tale of young love, The Hobo And His Bride.


99 The Dodos – Confidence
Warm and wiry indie rock.


98 Blessed Feathers – Real Song For Emily
Fiercer harmonies and a tenser, more urgent feel than this duo usually give us. Despite being only two and a half minutes long, the song’s plaintive coda has a bitter air of finality.


97 Bill Callahan – The Sing
Well the only words I said today are “beer” and “thank you” / Beer, thank you / Beer, thank you / Beer


96 Best Coast – Fear Of My Own Identity
The best fuzzed up pop single of the year.


95 Eula – I Collapse
Seething, fractured, post-punk blues.

Download Eula – I Collapse mp3


94 Torres – Honey
A single distorted guitar strum, unsupressed tension, and a raw, slow-burning payoff.


93 Mark Mulcahy – Let The Fireflies Fly Away
Penguins, a hitch-hiking chicken, a donkey in a Chevrolet and a monkey family feud.


92 Coke Weed – Sunseekers
A woozy, narcoleptic trip through the realms of psychedelia, indie rock and hazy Americana.


91 Water Liars – Sucker
The first of three entries from Water Liars. Sucker is the buzzing opener to one of our albums of the year.


90 The Oblivians – Run For Cover
Garage punks first album for 16 years didn’t disappoint. Run For Cover was a high octane highlight.


89 Grass House – Spinning As We Turn
Cascading guitars and a hypnotic rhythm section that channels the spirits of Joe Meek and the Velvets.


88 Ooga Boogas – Sex In The Chillzone
Featuring members of long time faves Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Sex In The Chillzone is an eight minute psych-rock lockdown into the year’s grooviest bass line that sounds like a blend of the Velvet Underground and Parliament.


87 Of Montreal – Imbecile Rages
Your folks, they are such lovely people / I can’’t understand where you came from“, one of the best opening couplets of this or any other year.



86 The Acquaintances – Paramounts
Tremolo’ed and reverby guitars and echoed out vocals wash over a top-notch rhythm section creating spaced-out garage-influenced rock with a melodic sensibility.


85 Dim Peaks – Reason
Laid back, folk infused Americana.


84 Colleen Green – Heavy Shit
Totally infectious, stoned punk.


83 Shadows At Play – Into The Sun
Upbeat, ethereal folk song that alludes to the Greek mythology story of Icarus, exploring the notion that a man is free once he is defeated.


82 Harmed Brothers – Love Song For The Assumed
Mixing folk and bluegrass with a wistful twist of poignant melancholy, Love Song For The Assumed was as sweet and as simple a song of heartbreak and longed for resolution as we heard in the whole year.


81 Villagers – Nothing Arrived
I’m loving the piano this year and there’s a good bit of gutsy playing here. What were we hoping to get out of this boys? Nothing actually. People are so bloody disappointing aren’t they? (Mrs M)


80 Phox – Noble Heart


79 Black Angels – Indigo Meadow
Tribal drumming, 60s Hammer-Horror organ, and reverb.


78 The Coathangers – Adderall
A propulsive, jittery, slice of post-punk agitation, borne in on the back of tribal drums and a perfect match for a commonly abused drug used to stimulate the central nervous system!


77 Steve Mason – Lot Of Love
Love the piano on this song and the catchy, sing-a-long chorus – a guaranteed earworm if I had any (ears that is… being a fish, of course.) Steve Mason’s gentle vocals reflect on love lost and the hope of finding it again. (Mrs M)


76 Jules Larson & AG – Bend Into The Break

Check back tomorrow for tracks 51-75.

New Mini Album From Best Coast

The last Best Coast single was a big hit with Mrs M, and the follow up, a seven track mini album titled Fade Away (out October 21), will be the first release on Bethany Cosentino’s own Jewel City label.

The new release is a faster-paced, more energetic set of songs inspired by Mazzy Star, Patsy Cline, My Bloody Valentine and Ambien.

I Don’t Know How is the first taste, and can be heard here.


Video of the Day





Download Sassparilla – Threadbare mp3 (from Magpie)

Free End of the Road Festival Mix. Today Barry-Sean and I head off, pop up tents in tow, to the marvellous End of the Road festival in lovely Dorset. Once again sold out, last year’s inaugural trip turned into the best festival visit we’ve ever had, and we’re looking forward to more of the same over the next few days. Even the weather forecast is good!

Once again we have a huge number of superb bands scheduled to play and to follow our free Truck Festival Mix (RiP) and our Wilderness Festival Mix, here’s the third and final instalment – our free End of the Road Festival Mix. Enjoy.

Download Beirut – East Harlem mp3 (from The Rip Tide)

Download Joanna Newsom – Good Intentions Paving Company mp3 (from Have One On Me)

Download The Walkmen – Angela Surf City mp3 (from Lisbon)

Download Lykke Li – Get Some mp3 (from Get Some Single)

Download Phosphorescent – Are You Ready For The Country? mp3 (from Harvest Revisited, Mojo cover disc).

Download Phosphorescent – Mermaid Parade mp3 (from Here’s To Taking It Easy)

Download Okkervil River – Your Past Life As A Blast mp3 (from Your Past Life As A Blast 7″)

Download tUnE-yArDs – Bizness mp3 (from Insound March Digital Mixtape)

Download Best Coast – Sun Was High (So Was I) mp3 (from Sun Was High (So Was I) 7″)

Download The Black Angels – The First Vietnamese War mp3 (from Passover)

Download Micah P Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra – We Won’t Have to be Lonesome mp3 (from Micah P Hinson & The Red Empire Orchestra)

Download Kurt Vile – Invisibility: Nonexistent mp3 (from Square Shells EP)

Download Caitlin Rose – Shotgun Wedding mp3 (from Dead Flowers EP)

Download Zola Jesus – Vessel mp3 (from Conatus)

Download The Fall – Hit The North Part 1 mp3 (from The Frenz Experiment)

Download The Fresh & Onlys – Be My Hooker mp3 (from Play It Strange)

Download Other Lives – For 12 mp3 (from Tamer Animals)

Download Darren Hanlon – Electric Skeleton mp3 (from Electric Skeleton 7″)

Download Dan Mangan – Road Regrets mp3 (from Nice, Nice Very Nice)

Download Timber Timbre – Trouble Comes Knocking mp3 (from Timber Timbre)

Download Bob Log III – Bumper Car mp3 (from My Shit Is Perfect)

Download The Woods – I’m Not Gone mp3 (from Welcome Home Diggin’ the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation)

Download The Wooden Shjips – Vampire Blues mp3 (from Vampire Blues / I Hear The Vibrations 7″)

Download Josh T Pearson – Woman When I’ve Raised Hell…(Alternative Version) mp3

Download This Frontier Needs Heroes – Firefly mp3 (from This Frontier Needs Heroes)

Download Megafaun – Carolina Days mp3 (from Heretofore)

Mad Mackerel's Mini Round-up. Here are a few tunes that have been floating around Mackerel Towers lately. We have tracks from Best Coast, Sleep Over, Comet Gain, Diva, Argyle Johansen, Bare Wires and Release The Sunbird covering folk, chilled electronica, dreamy pop, garage rock and some high octane guitar riffage. Pick through the bones and take what you fancy.

Download Best Coast – How They Want Me To Be mp3

Download Sleep Over – Romantic Streams mp3 (from Forever)

Download Bare Wires – Cheap Perfume mp3 (from Cheap Perfume 7″)

Download Release The Sunbird – Always Like The Son mp3 (from Come Back To Us)

Download Comet Gain – An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls mp3 (from Howl Of The Lonely Crowd)

Download Argyle Johansen – Percocet Blues mp3 (from Inner Demo(n)s EP)

Download Diva – The Glitter End mp3 (from The Glitter End)

It’s been around a little while, but following on from Crystal Stilts earlier today comes no-wave, lo-fi, chillwave, witch-house, stoner darlings (or something like that) Best Coast and Wavves collaborating on this Christmas tune.

A cheery ditty and better late than never – after all, like us, you may have missed it!

Download Best Coast & Wavves – Got Something For You mp3

Here we are again. A round up of our favourite postings of the month. Twenty one outstanding songs from July plus three new ones to make the perfect mix tape. From folk to garage to stoner rock and summer pop it is all here for you. Download, burn to CD, play – groove!

1) Sharon Van Etten – Love More mp3

A slow burning, mesmerising song that envelops like a soft blanket with that always captivating and haunting voice to the fore

2) Roadside Graves – Everything mp3

Another absolute gem of ramshackle, atmospheric country rock

3) Bombay Bicycle Club – Jewel mp3

Acoustic folk standout from classy new album

4) Vanish Valley – Bad Things mp3

Short, mournful folky lament about being used by the Devil as “the sun slips down the ceiling“.

5) Best Coast – Boyfriend mp3

More 60s inspired lo-fi pop goodness from flavour of the month…

6) Dax Riggs – No One Will Be A Stranger mp3

Scuzzy, hypnotic blend of swamp rock with buzzsaw guitars and a healthy dose of psychedelia

7) Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground – The Pills mp3

A mix of gothic country, bitter folk, full on righteous, reverb heavy southern rock, and straight-up country. All with ominous, brooding fiddle

8) Big Blood – Lay Your Head On The Rails II mp3

Comes across like an outtake from Rust Never Sleeps – feedback buzz and a big fat riff powers from the speakers while the reedy, but determinedly unbreakable vocals fight to the finish to make themselves heard

9) Ten Kens – Screaming Viking mp3

Heavenly vocals appear hauntingly over dark sludgy guitars with a surprisingly spiky post-punk riff

10) Lower Dens – Hospice Gates mp3

Weirdly beautiful, it is throbbing, insistent drone-pop on the one hand and haunting, ghostly freak-folk on the other

11) Rare Grooves – Cause For Concern mp3

Hybrid of anthemic chanting, finger-picked twang, and sometimes experimental sounding guitar

12) Fungi Girls – Doldrums mp3

A shuffling groove and dynamic hook – three minutes of pure joyful escapism that tips its hat to Bo Diddley by way of the Jesus & Mary Chain.

13) Secret Colours – Jellybean mp3

Psych-pop with warm, hazy guitars and vocals to match. Evocative of lava lamps, kaleidoscopic displays and some heavy weed man.

14) The Bees – Silver Line mp3

A little summer breeze of a taster, trademark harmonies and the sunshine are there in equal measure to put a smile on your face

15) Bridal Party – Made Me mp3

A freak folk extravaganza, a heady concoction of pulsing rhythms, drone and echoing, downtrodden vocals

16) Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It mp3

Grungy, distorted and catchy as hell

17) Ghost Animal – In Shrouds mp3

Frantic, but eerie, slice of garage psychedelia that is fuzzy, distorted and deliciously sleazy.

18) The War Crimes – Levin As I mp3

More down-tempo, minimalist pessimism from MM faves

19) Black Mountain – Hair Song mp3

Classic rock. Enough said.

20) Moulettes – Talisman mp3

Avant-garde folk with strands of classical, gypsy, jazz, and rock that create a complex yet accessible whole.

21) Minks – Ophelia mp3

Reflective, 80s tinged dream pop

And three more corking new ones. Enjoy the jangly, indie pop perfection of French Films and the breezy summer pop of The Knocks and then immerse yourself in rock ‘n’ roll’s sleazy underbelly that is Nick Cave’s brilliant Grinderman.

Download Grinderman – Heathen Child mp3 (from Heathen Child 7″)

Download The Knocks – Make It Better mp3 (from Make It Better 7″)

Download French Films – Golden Sea mp3 (from Golden Sea 7″)

The latest monthly sampler from Insound is now available. It is a collaboration with NYC’s Seaport Music promoting their free summer shows. The mix features Avi Buffalo, Best Coast, Bear In Heaven, Zola Jesus, Woven Bones and plenty more besides.

In other words, the usual good stuff.

And all for free if you sign up with an e-mail address.

As always, only available for a limited time.

A couple of top notch samplers are below. Click here to get the rest of the mix.

Download Best Coast – Boyfriend mp3

Download Woven Bones – Your Way With My Life mp3