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Mad Mackerel's Free Mix - Best of June 2012.

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A cracking month for new releases. Here is the some of the best of our posts from June, together with a couple of newbies for the perfect June mixtape. Check out some of the other ‘Best ofs’ in the sidebar too.

The Hunting Accident – Aubergine
Angular, compulsive, propulsive thump.


Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – The Fool mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt & Dreams)
Distorted and dishevelled Americana with solitary slow wind and sparse picking.

Download Efren – The Woods And The Wild mp3 (from Write A New Song)
Guitars throw out crunchy muscular riffs, drums pound and gruff vocals spit and snarl over the top of it all – a maelstrom of sonic destruction.

Speedy Ortiz – Silver Spring
Another fine example of their infectious and intelligent songwriting craft, a hook-laden, lyrically sharp slice of twitchy indie rock


Download The Chorderoys – No Prayin Man mp3 (from No Man’s Land)
Twangy, upbeat Country rock with a pounding rhythm and muscular guitar lines.

The Great American Desert – Carson City
Exquisite, compelling songs made for a campfire; made for a backporch and a bottle of whiskey; and made for the long, dark nights when no one but you seems awake in the world.


Ned Collette & Wirewalker – Long You Lie
Mix of experimental pop songwriting, musique concrete and dark folky soundscapes.


Download Edmund II – Golden Lung mp3 (from Floating Monk)
Starts with an orchestral flourish and gently insistent guitar lines, over which warm vocals gracefully swirl and hover to create three minutes of exquisite, honeyed pop music.

Download Deap Vally – Gonna Make My Own Money mp3 (from Gonna Make my Own Money single)
Rock-hard grit and all-girl soul.

Download Magic Trick – Invisible At Midnight mp3 (from Ruler Of The Night)
Poignant, offbeat folk-pop, with an eclectic menagerie of instrumentation.

Download Buffalo Killers – Get It mp3 (from Dig. Sow. Love. Grow.)
Intoxicating mix of ferocious blues psychedelia and good old fashioned rock and roll.

Download K-Holes – Rats mp3 (from Dismania)
Joyful and raucous gutterball punk.

Download Two Gallants – Broken Eyes mp3 (from The Bloom And The Blight)
Lovely slice of indie-folk – one of the songs of the month!

Download Sonnet Cottage – Most Unlikely mp3 (from Another Time)
Pastoral folk charmer, all whimsical mystery.

Download Shovels & Rope – Hollowpoint Blues mp3 (from NoiseTrade Sampler)
Catchy-as-hell junkyard folk-blues. Another contender for song of the month!

Download Rah Rah – Little Poems mp3 (from Little Poems 7″)
Dwells in the heavy complexity of relationships and being “poor, drunk and scared of being alone” told through a poetically skewed lens of life on the road, playing in a band.

Download Salesman – Ella mp3 (from Wasp EP)
Off kilter, somewhat warped take on Americana and desert country folk flavoured with a healthy dollop of psychedelia.

Download Waters – If Only mp3 (from If Only Single)
Another quality slice of psych-pop with added fuzz.

Download Fires – Blackout mp3 (from Echo Sounds EP)
Meaty, angular riffs, occasional discordant tones, and a nihilistic world view.

Download Ivan & Alyosha – All The Times We Had mp3 (from All The Times We Had)
Beautifully simple and melodic and tells a bittersweet tale of goodbye.

Screen Gems – Jazz Records
Just under two minutes of the best, catchiest, woozy, off-kilter, hazy, messed up screwball psych-pop that we’ve heard all year


Download Zachary CaleLove Everlasting mp3 (from Love Everlasting 7″)
Top notch fare from folky singer-songwriter.

Savaging Spires – Tell Me
Fine example of their Wicker-Man style pagan-folk stylings and eerie electronic collages.


Suburban Living – Float In Clouds
Supremely assured mix of lo-fi garage riffs and shimmering dream pop which combine to produce an infectiously catchy summery track.


O’Captain – Eyes Like Anchors
Starts with a sweetly catchy guitar strum and some heartfelt harmonies before throwing off the shackles two thirds of the way through and galloping full pelt to the end of the song.


Coastal – Black Stars / Flash Cars
A deceptively vicious tale referencing Jeremy Kyle, Starbucks and handfuls of pills amongst other things.


Download Daughn Gibson – In The Beginning mp3 (from All Hell)
Could be a classic down-on-their-luck country, could be creepy southern gothic, could be dark folk, but then there are the looped, eerie electronics and over it all is a rich baritone croon every bit the equal of Lee Hazlewood or Nick Cave.

Download Ormonde – Can’t Imagine mp3 (from Machine)
As devastating as it is gentle – warm, organic, glistening in half-light and shadow, slowly revealing highlight after highlight.

Download The Boombox Hearts – 100 (The Latest Flame) mp3 (from 100 (The Latest Flame) single)
Very much pop the 60s way with some noisy indie-style guitars (and yes, the title’s a reference to Elvis!).

And to finish off we have a new track from Tilly And The Wall, the stomping first single from their new album is called Love Riot, some glam tinged rock-pop from Foxygen with Waitin’ 4 U and Total Slacker’s cover of Oblivion by Grimes. Lastly we have the title track from Australian indie-darlings Skipping Girl Vinegar’s Chase The Sun EP, it is hi-fi swagger meets low-fi sway carving out their own heart warming, hobo-pop aesthetic.

Download Tilly And The Wall – Love Riot mp3 (from

Download Foxygen – Waitin’ 4 U mp3 (from Take The Kids Off Broadway)

Download Total Slacker – Oblivion mp3 (Grimes cover)

Download Skipping Girl Vinegar – Chase The Sun mp3 (from Chase The Sun EP)

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MM Shorts 178: More From Efren.

Efren’s new album is somewhat of a departure from previous releases, mining a rich seam of raw, bruising southern rock inspired by the bitterness a marriage break-up can bring. The second track to be released from Write A New Song is If My Heart Don’t Fail Me and is another excellent example of barrelling bar-room boogie and another hymn to the redemptive powers of hard liquor.

Write A New Song is officially released today. Order it here.

Download Efren – If My Heart Don’t Fail Me mp3 (from Write A New Song)

Read our previous Efren post here.

New Album From Efren.

Efren’s bold blend of Americana, rock and folk with psych overtones has long been a favourite on MM since we discovered their Always A Bleeder EP back in 2010. Since then we have had the great pleasure of acquainting ourselves with their debut album Rise On Up And Melt which saw a release last summer and now they are back with a new album Write A New Song.

The title appears prophetic because this time Efren have thrown off the shackles and stomped out the campfire with nary a backwards glance. In fact they’ve gone full out and thrown some chairs through windows and smashed their hobnailed boots through the floor to deliver up an album of whiskey soaked, bluesy bar-room anthems. Following a sudden marital split the songs are infused with fury, bitterness and regret, as the song titles testify; Find A New Man, The Last 40 Days, Family Tree Of Recovery, If My Heart Don’t Fail Me and The Dirty Bourbon Blues.

This is raw stuff. Unapologetic and probably cathartic, the result is straight-from-the-hip, rougher ‘n hell, Southern Rock in the style of The Drive-By Truckers or Dead Confederate, and could even be seen as the other side of the coin to Deer Tick’s most recent release of swaggering, good-times rock’n’roll. Guitars throw out crunchy muscular riffs, drums pound and Scott Low’s gruff vocals spit and snarl over the top of it all – extinguishing any vestiges of reconciliation and redemption in a maelstrom of sonic destruction.

Marvellous. Write A New Song is released on June 19 via Slo Pro.

Download Efren – The Woods And The Wild mp3 (from Write A New Song)

Efren Album Release TodayWe’ve already given you two excellent tracks from psych-folkies Efren’s new album, Rise On Up And Melt. Now we have a third, and this time it is the seven minute mini-epic of Mr Greene.

Efren is led by Scott Low who fell into a dark marital separation as the record was being recorded.  A new outlook on the album came about. Though not the original intention, Rise On Up And Melt became a songwriter’s story of lost faith in love and trust.

Get a copy of the album here.

Download Efren – Mr Greene mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Download Efren – Moonshine mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Download Efren – Like A Coat mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of June Mix Here is our regular Best of the month mix – more than twenty tracks of all shapes and sizes to get your ears into, plus a few new ones that we think you’ll love!

So we’re off and running with…

Download The Virgin Passages – Horizon mp3 (from Horizon)

Euphoric, unhurried, hazy and hypnotic.

Download St. Vincent – Kerosene (live) mp3 (Big Black cover)

Visceral and stunning live cover of a stonewall classic.

Download The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard mp3 (from Larceny & Old Lace)

Full on garage rock with a blues punk burn.

Download Bobby – Ginger (Water Birth) mp3 (from Bobby)

Rhythms abound, layered vocals loop and swirl and repeat and a sensation of blissed out haze settles on you like a gossamer blanket .

Download I Break Horses – Hearts mp3 (from Hearts)

Gorgeous vocals, the trembling reverb and the all round sonic density of the song make it one to really immerse yourself in.

Download Buffalo Killers – Circle Day mp3 (from 3)

A propulsive rhythm, proper guitars and a killer riff soaked in a tight-fitting seventies sheen.

Download Vetiver – Wonder Why mp3 (from The Errant Charm)

Folkies deliver vintage keyboards mix with ambient washes and jangly guitars.

Download Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Senator mp3 (from Mirror Traffic)

A refrain about Senators and blow jobs and all delivered in a classic, slighty messy, indie rock style.

Download She’s Hit – Miriam Hollow mp3 (from Pleasure)

Like The Stooges jamming with Jeff The Brotherhood, fronted by the bastard offspring of Ian Curtis and Shane MacGowan.

Download The Warped 45s – Grampa Carl mp3 (from Matador Sunset)

A wonderful tale of prohibition, the story unfolding on the back of a foot stomping riff and a climactic cacophony of electric guitars.

Download Jim Dead – Bone Blue Moon mp3 (from Ten Fires)

One listen to the slow-burn of Bone Blue Moon and you’ll find yourself be transported to that porch where the sun is setting and the notes hang thick and heavy in the air like woodsmoke.

Download Bleached – Think Of You mp3 (from Carter 7″)

Freewheeling California punk jam that is equal parts Misfits and Rolling Stones.

Download Bones Howell – Hair Of The Dog mp3 (from Hair Of The Dog 7″)

Bauhaus classic gets the Bones Howell treatment.

Download Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Lawn mp3 (from Giving)

Intricate and emotive indie folk.

Download Daniel Knox – Ghostsong mp3 (from Evryman For Himself)

Evocative and provocative tale of disillusionment, obsession, and criminal intent.

Download Sundress– Derelict mp3

Psych-pop of the very best kind.

Download Elle King – Good To Be A Man mp3

Country blues that blends two worlds of city grit and mid-western charm.

Download Sleeping Bag – Slime mp3 (from Sleeping Bag)

Simple melodies, deadpan delivery, jaunts of balls-out rocking, and minimalist tact.

Download Efren – Moonshine mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Melancholy and affecting folk.

Download The Vivian Girls – Take It As It Comes mp3 (from Share The Joy)

Ramshackle indie mixed with a sparkling pop sensibility that owes as much to the beachfronts and rock’n’roll diners of the 50s as it does the jangle pop heyday of the 80s.

Download Peg Simone – Piece Of Pie mp3 (from Piece Of Pie)

Lingering guitar riffs and echoed silver-tongued vocals. It is eerie, ghostly, and sounds like it comes drifting like a mist off the night time bayou.

Download Lanterns On The Lake – You’re Almost There mp3 (from Gracious Tide, Take Me Home)

Mix of dream pop and ethereal, experimental folk.

And to finish off we have the new single from experimental goth chanteuse Zola Jesus, a blast of rockabilly rumble at the hands of the Mad Caps, six plus minutes of excellent sloppy post-punk hooks from Male Bonding, and something from Peter Wolf Crier’s forthcoming album.

Download Zola Jesus – Vessel mp3 (from Conatus)

Download The Mad Caps – Baby Man mp3 (from The Mad Caps)

Download The Mad Caps – Wild Wild Lover mp3 (from The Mad Caps)

Download Male Bonding – Bones mp3 (from Endless Now)

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Right Away mp3 (from Garden Of Arms)

And don’t forget to check out all our other monthly Best Of Mixes in the sidebar too.

Efren Album Release TodayAt the end of last month we posted about the debut album from psych tinged folk band Efren, titled Rise On Up And Melt.

The album is released today and the band have made available a second track from the album – grab yourself some melancholy Moonshine below.

Get a copy of the album here.

Download Efren – Moonshine mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Download Efren – Like A Coat mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

New from Efren

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Alternative, Country, Folk, Indie, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

On June 28th Efren will release their first full length, full band album, Rise On Up And Melt.

Efren began as Scott Low, who wrote and recorded the debut album Thunder and Moan in the spring of 2009.  With friends Low performed the songs live and the band was born. Playing almost 100 shows in the first year and recording and releasing a full band EP Always Been a Bleeder, (see our original post here) the band took the songs to stages across the southeast.

Influenced by Americana, country, rock, and folk, the music is in constant flux and has been compared to Iron and Wine, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The Band, Pink Floyd, and Mumford and Sons.  This is modern Americana music with a hint of psychedelia and experimentation.  This is North Georgia folk music with songs about front porches, losing love, bourbon and good friends gone and still here.

From quiet and solo (Salt to Be Free), to epic psychedelic rockers (Mr. Greene), to bluegrass stompers (Frogbird), Efren played all through the night finding what would formulate the new LP. After weeks of tweaking, the album was put into limbo as Low fell into a dark marital separation.  As time passed, a new outlook on the album came about. Though not the original intention, Rise On Up And Melt became a songwriter’s story of lost faith in love and trust.

Four songs in particular encapsulate Low’s fall and recovery from a lost family. The harmonious title track was the single love song ever written about Scott’s recent ex-wife. The lonely Salt to Be Free is about experiencing doubt as these vows promised were slowly escaping, fraying, and collapsing.  The song Like a Coat has mutated in meaning from a realization that a love and a relationship was over, into an anthem that one can alter perspective and find true love and trust.  Finally, the closing song on the album, Sunday Light, was written as a new, maybe reckless love emerged. The possibility of happiness was glimpsed and a spontaneous song was born. Within 20 minutes ‘Sunday Light’ was written and recorded in a way unconventional to the rest of the album; on Low’s phone!

It’s some story – check them out.

Visit their MySpace page here.

Download Efren – Like A Coat mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Here is our usual round-up of the best songs we’ve posted in August together with a couple of our favourite covers and three new songs to tempt you. Another perfect mix tape we think.

Black AngelsTelephone mp3

Gentler psych-pop approach from new album calling to mind classic era Zombies

DreamendMagnesium Light mp3

Superb psych-folk from the loosely joined and hellish story of a serial killer

The Migrant The Organ Grinder mp3

Gentle, low-key start before the swelling, insistent guitar strum builds and builds while the plaintive vocals keep pace the whole time

EfrenStay High mp3

Psych-folk tale of trying to lose love, dreams of family past, tall boys, gambling, and whiskey stills…

TV TorsoI Can See Your Face mp3

Excellent, hypnotic pulses and sixties harmonies

Amen DunesBy The Bridal mp3

Hazy, sunlit psychedelic folk

Nick MarshBest Shag In The World mp3

Like an evil Richard Hawley on smack singing something from Blue Velvet

Victorian English Gentlemens ClubA Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) mp3

Excellent new track from post–punk, art-rock weirdos

White Noise SoundSunset mp3

Corrosive feedback, pulsating krautrock rhythms, floating vocals and wall-of-sound guitars combine into an ear-shattering, blissed out climax

White Dress No Solid State mp3

Noir rock, taut and quivering with all kinds of emotion poured into the vocals

Small BlackPhotojournalist mp3

Lilting sliding beat dropping into a gorgeous moment of ambient wash

Paul Hawkins & The Awkward SilencesI’m In Love With A Hospital Receptionist mp3

Anti-folk masters of oddball lyrics, black humour, biting satire and sometimes poignant political comment

Ono PalindromesBlack Lungs mp3

Ferocious energy, vicious circling guitars and gunshot percussion

The NationalYou Were A Kindness mp3

New, suitably downtempo piano ballad

American GraveyardCommon Ones mp3

Debauched Americana, delivered in the timeless style of all classic protest songs

Truman Peyote Featuring Emily ReoTurn Into Feathers mp3

Like something from a banned 1970s horror flick it quickly transforms into a delightfully skewed three minute pop song for freaks and outsiders

Haunted WindchimesDon’t Take My Baby Away (Baby Back) mp3

Authentic, bewitching folk that draws you in and holds you tight

Baby EagleDay Of Our Departing mp3

A corking track with echoes of Neil Young, Gram Parsons and Pavement

We Are TreesDear Chan Marshall mp3

Deceptively simple song with some lovely flamenco style guitar and clever lyrics

Pepper RabbitOlder Brother mp3

Folk with chamber leanings and a twisted, slightly psych-pop edge

The War On DrugsComin’ Through mp3

Strummed guitar delight from forthcoming album

Roy PaymonImonetta mp3

Simply georgeous, fragile pop song

Our cover versions of the month are these two:

Download Fever RayMercy Street mp3

Download Mumford & SonsUnfinished Business mp3

And three excellent new tracks to finish off with: firstly another cover – The Drums doing Arcade Fire, the new taster track from indie-folk God Sufjan Stevens and finally some superb, caustic, drone punk from The Band In Heaven.

Download The DrumsWe Used To Wait mp3

Download Sufjan StevensI Walked mp3 (from The Age of Adz)

Download The Band In HeavenSuicide Pact mp3 (from The Band In Heaven / Weird Wives Split Tape)

Earlier this month we posted about the forthcoming Efren EP Always Been A Bleeder.

The EP has now had its official release a few days ago, and the band have made a second track available for free download. Following hard on the heels of the excellent Stay High comes Check It Down, and it is another fine example of their shimmering, invigorating folk with psych overtones.

Well worth a few minutes of your time.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Efren – Check It Down mp3 (from Always Been A Bleeder EP)

Download Efren – Stay High mp3 (from Always Been A Bleeder EP)

Mad Mackerel Recommends…Efren

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Folk, Music, Psychedelic

Efren is a folk group hinting on the psychedelic, from areas around Athens, Georgia.

New EP Always Been A Bleeder comes hot off the heels of the band’s debut album, Thunder & Moan. The four piece is the songwriting vehicle of one Scott Leon-O’Day; with roots in jazz, blues, folk, bluegrass and rock. Efren touches on Southern Americana music, draws from indie lo-fi ideas, and tells stories of trying to lose love, dreams of family past, tall boys, gambling, and whiskey stills…

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Efren – Stay High mp3 (from Always A Bleeder EP)