Try Some ‘Downer Pop’ from Heads are Heavy

After nearly a decade apart, ex Pity Party members, and long standing partners in musical crime Julie Edwards (aka ‘Heisenflei’) and Marc Smollin (aka “M”) have reunited under the moniker Heads are Heavy – returning with a mysterious video for an equally uncanny song, That Sounds Okay. Shot in Puglia, Italy, the dreamlike, dystopian scenes of fields ablaze, abandoned homes, and industrial devastation provide a … Continue reading Try Some ‘Downer Pop’ from Heads are Heavy

New Video: LEECHES – All Of The People

Formed in a summer haze back in 2016, pysch-trio LEECHES meld infectious garage rock with pop hooks and fuzzy alt-rock. Watch the video for meandering hypnotiser All Of The People, the track crawls along on a tightly wound groove, its light guitars and dual vocals drifting in and out of focus as the bass drags the track along. With a wave of fuzz and splashing drums exploding … Continue reading New Video: LEECHES – All Of The People

Introducing >>> Desmerelda

Hailing from Bromley in Kent, Desmerelda have just released an excellent new single titled Welcome to the Establishment (which could not really be a more topical title given the astonishing arrogance and contempt for the public displayed by the country’s real PM Dominic Cummings.) Anyway, at least we have this furious, fizzing slab of raw, unbridled punk rock to jump around to – it sits … Continue reading Introducing >>> Desmerelda

IDLES – Mr. Motivator

IDLES have shared a brilliant, battering ram of a new track Mr. Motivator – the first preview of their highly anticipated third LP due out later this year. The song doubles down on the (self-admitted) sloganeering and social commentary that’s become the band’s signature, yet here more than ever they’re able to take clichés and turn them into music that’s deeply complex and brutally relevant. … Continue reading IDLES – Mr. Motivator

Like A Motorcycle – Wide Awake & Idols

Four-piece Like A Motorcycle hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia and have a new album, Dead Broke, out soon. Wide Awake is the fizzing, urgent second single from it, about waking up between a past stained with unhealthy choices and a future of bleak dystopian uncertainty. It follows the sub-two minute blast of lead single Idols, a savage, old school punk anthem critiquing those we blindly … Continue reading Like A Motorcycle – Wide Awake & Idols

Venus Furs – Page Before

Venus Furs, the moniker of Montreal’s Paul Kasner, has announced the release of his upcoming self-titled LP out 10th July via Silk Screaming Records. With this announcement comes this blazing new single, Page Before, a seven minute plus epic of garage-psych glory driven on a bass driven riff that builds and builds to a crescendo, with delayed noise solos matched in performance with panning, for … Continue reading Venus Furs – Page Before

New Video: Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Vicariously Living

Eddy Current Suppression Ring have shared a new animated video for single, Vicariously Living, which is taken from their LP, All In Good Time, released in December of last year (buy here). The album was their first for almost ten years and is full of jerky, propulsive post-punk anthems; songs that writhe, twist, double back and explode whilst never losing their rhythmic groove. Watch it here. … Continue reading New Video: Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Vicariously Living

Dream Wife – So When You Gonna…

Dream Wife have shared the latest song, the title track, from upcoming album So When You Gonna… together with new 2021 tour dates (see below). Brash and pumped-up, it is another slab of adrenaline filled, hooky punk rock that the trio are so good at delivering.   2021 UK Tour Dates Wed 14 Apr: Oxford @ The Bullingdon Thu 15 Apr: Birmingham @ O2 Institute … Continue reading Dream Wife – So When You Gonna…

Introducing >>> Attraktors

Nottingham trio Attraktors have a rich pedigree comprised of former members of Julian Cope’s band, Six By Seven, Bivouac, The Selector and The Nectarine No. 9, who together make a rather fetching noise amalgamating the best bits of krautrock, kosmische, spacerock, artrock and synthpop into a single idealised whole. Travelling a gamut from proto-punk to moments of melancholy whimsy, the record remains resolutely anchored within its … Continue reading Introducing >>> Attraktors