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Cabbage are back in our time of global crisis to share a new single – You’ve Made An Art Form (From Falling To Pieces) is three minutes of wiry, full-bodied and typically erudite new-wave-post-punk-agit-indie.

Watch the band immersed in a world of heady, arts and crafts-meets-shroomy psychedelia for the single’s colourful video.

Now just need to find something to fill the other twenty three hours and fifty six minutes of daily lockdown…


I AM HER – Big Monster

Posted: March 18, 2020 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

Appropriately enough I AM HER’s excellent new single Big Monster was triggered by the tale of an anxiety attack.

Channelling their inner PJ Harvey, the track is a haunting and hypnotically thrilling ride that builds to an anthemic climax.

Have a listen.


We’re a bit slow off the mark with this, but here is another from Port Juvee’s recently released long player Motion Control.

Desert Moon Palace is a propulsive and catchy slice of post-punk, perhaps with an echo of some Cali-surf in there somewhere too. Well worth 157 seconds of your day – I mean what else have you got to do?

Purchase the album via Bandcamp here.


Brooklyn band SAVAK have shared their latest single, What is Compassion?, from their forthcoming album, the excellently titled, Rotting Teeth In The Horse’s Mouth.

It is a wonderfully bleak sub-three minute blast of spiky, but infectious, post-punk.

Another city
Reduced to rubble
Assets sold off
Are we surprised?

Stream it here.



End of the World permitting, they will tour here in May.

May 15 – Cambridge – The Blue Moon
May 16 – London – The Lexington – with Dealing With Damage
May 17 – Nottingham – JT Soar
May 18 – Newcastle – The Cumberland Arms
May 19 – Glasgow – The Old Hairdresser’s
May 20 – Manchester – The Peer Hat
May 21 – Liverpool – Outpost
May 22 – Stoke-on-Trent – Pilgrims Pit – with Radioactivity

After the halcyon folk-rock & roll of his self-titled debut album, Virginia Trance (Scott Ryan Davis of longstanding MM faves the Psychic Ills) returns with a new, equally engaging record.

Vincent’s Playlist, sprawls on early proto-punk and garage jangle that resemble the easier, yet still jagged sounds of The Velvet Underground, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and 80s alternative rock staple Flying Nun Records. Old Psychic Ills teammates Chris Millstein and Jimy Seitang join the ride, delivering a poignant, earnest haven of yearning songs.

Listen to the ruminative, hypnotic drone of the excellent Hello Lou Reed. The album is out on the 8th May – pre-order here.



Catholic Action have shared a brand-new single from their fast-approaching new album Celebrated by Strangers.

Another Name For Loneliness is the album’s broad-shouldered centre-piece, employing sweeping strings to create a melancholy sense of slow-burn anthemia. Lead singer and guitarist Chris McCrory says it is about; “Rediscovering pure, joyful and meaningful love as an adult. And learning not to question it.”

Stream it here.


Nap Eyes – So Tired

Posted: February 20, 2020 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

We’ve already shared the excellent Mark Zuckerberg single from Nap Eyes, and now we have the latest track from their upcoming album Snapshot of a Beginner, which is out on the 27th March via Jagjaguwar

So Tired is a change of pace from the irrepressible catchiness of the last single, a more mournful, resigned slice of slacker rock that just begs for a hot water bottle and a blanket.

Listen below, or buy from Bandcamp here.


Nazarbayev Applause Laughing is the latest single from David Cronenberg’s Wife, taken from new album The Ship (Necrologies).

It is another example of their brilliant lo-fi antifolk that thrums along in a hypnotic and surreal way. Acerbic and bleakly black humoured, the band are an acquired taste, but for those of you who like the off-kilter, the weird and the musical equivalent of the League of Gentlemen, look no further.



Raw Texas duo The Ghost Wolves consists of husband and wife, drummer/vocalist Jonny and vocalist/guitarist Carley Wolf. Their sound is a fusion of punk, rock ‘n’ roll, garage punk, and blues with an equally ripe appetite for electronic imagination.

Like the bastard child of The Cramps and The Ramones, latest (unhinged) release is Let’s Go To Mars backed with Last Man.

Stream both here and click through to purchase. Grand stuff!



Bristol’s LICE are back with a brand new single Conveyor, via their own label Settled Law.

LICE first gained national attention with debut single The Human Parasite, which we loved, and which established a literate, eccentric brand of satirical art-punk.

But what has followed has been a complete about-turn. Disillusioned with the sonic conservatism, twee platitudes and toothless commentary of the ‘satirical guitar music boom’ they were now aligned with, LICE began a period of sonic and lyrical experimentation – subverting the prevailing aesthetics and ideas of contemporary punk. They forged a new line in driving, experimental art-rock. Taking cues from science fiction and early 20th century polemicists, their new lyrics use vivid prose-based vignettes (replete with sharp character arcs, black humour and absurdist storylines) to set out bold stances on satire, humanity, and the content and direction of art.

Conveyor the first of these new songs, brings us to The Wasteland – the nationless space inhabited by the new music’s stories and cast of characters. We are introduced to its raging, Shakespearian protagonist The Conveyor, and their mission to expose the mysterious R.D.C.’s plots to engineer the human race’s self-destruction; a journey that will take us through sci-fi odysseys and Burroughsian grotesques. LICE thereby declare a new period, presenting a satirical music commensurate to these militant years.

Sound fun? Give it a listen.



10th March – Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club
11th March – Glasgow, Hug and Pint
12th March – Manchester, Castle Hotel
13th March – Newcastle, Cluny 2
14th March – Birmingham, Dead Wax
16th March – Southampton, Heartbreakers
17th March – Brighton, Green Door Store
18th March – London, Shacklewell Arms
19th March – Bristol, The Island