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Famed for their wall of sound, and notoriously difficult to label (they themselves describe their music as “psychedelic, socialist, utopian, death raga, erroneous funk, trapdoor jazz, bastard muzak“), the origins of Meatraffle are lost in obscurity although it has been said that they came about as the result of a drunken afternoon shared by Clams Baker and Zsa Zsa Sapien in a South London Wetherspoon pub, and that the original idea was to actually do a meat raffle. Indeed, early photos of the band feature raffle tickets and pig’s heads. Whatever the truth may be Meatraffle took shape in places like the fetid cauldrons of the Queen’s Head and the Windmill in Brixton alongside former label and tour mates The Fat White Family.

They released their first album, the truly excellent HiFi Classics on Trashmouth Records back in 2015, and their new album Bastard Music is out on August 30th on Delayed Records (pre-order here). The first single from it is The Day The Earth Stood Still, a love letter to the working class on an imagined global holiday, and is backed with Meatraffle On The Moon.

You can listen to both below.




Long term MM faves Lightning Dust, the Vancouver based duo of Amber Webber and Josh Wells, formerly of Black Mountain have announced their fourth album, Spectre.

It will be released on October 4th, via Western Vinyl and the band have also shared lead single Devoted To.

Webber wrote the moving and haunting songs on Spectre during a challenging, introspective time of self-discovery that resulted in her rededication to music. It is a collection of songs that range from expertly sculpted folk-rock ear candy, to sparse Judee Sill-esque ballads consisting of little more than piano and voice.

Written during the devastating forest fires that filled her hometown of Vancouver with smoke and a sense of apocalyptic doom, album opener Devoted To captures Webber’s resilience and determination to reestablish her creative independence as she sings “I will find my way back in even if I never sleep…Gotta find my way back in, it’s all that I believe.

Listen below.


After four years, Californian punks CEREMONY are back with a new album, In The Spirit World Now.

The album explores some pretty amorphous lyrical territory about arrested development, botched relationships, and the never-ending hamster wheel of self-destruction so many creative people succumb to – it’s out on the 23rd August,  but for now content yourself with a pretty fine lead single, Turn Away The Bad Thing.


Black Adidas – Be Cool

Posted: June 26, 2019 in Alternative, Music, Punk, Rock

We posted about LA band Black Adidas way back at the start of 2018, and we’re becoming rather fond of raucous new single Be Cool.

The band deliver some pretty rugged punk rock that nods slyly to its origins without beating their listeners over the head with replica or reproduction. Sure, you might hear some Rancid in there and even (rather nostalgically for us) some Sham 69, but Be Cool stands proudly on its own two feet and eagerly tries to cave your skull in with some proper sonic skulduggery and a storming anthem chorus.

You know the rules… play loud.


In honour of Independence Day, Lucy Dacus has released a new single titled Forever Half Mast.

It follows her Valentine’s Day-inspired La Vie En Rose cover and her ode to Mother’s Day and Taurus Season, an original song titled My Mother & I. Her ongoing 2019 singles series will also include tracks tied to Springsteen’s Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s, with a physical EP coming in the fall.

In her latest single, the twang of a steel guitar compliments gentle strumming and lends a distinctly ‘American’ sound to the song — yet the lyrics convey an attitude towards her home country that is decidedly more ambivalent. She drew inspiration for the song from her experiences touring over here in Europe, where she was starkly confronted by the complexities of her American identity, and by what it means to be a proud American in these trying times.

Give it a spin.


Goon – Check Engine Light

Posted: June 24, 2019 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

LA based grunge rockers Goon have recently signed to Partisan (home of IDLES and Fontaines D.C.) and have shared their satisfyingly crusty behemoth of a new single Check Engine Light, which comes from their upcoming debut album Heaven Is Humming (out on the 19th July).

Have a listen.



We’re loving this single from emerging Brighton five-piece Youth Sector, a post-punk outfit offering up a blend of drawling vocal melodies and crooked guitars on new single Renting Spaces In My World.

It sounds like it has come straight out of NYC in the early 1980s and definitely has echoes of Talking Heads, Devo and even some classic indie disco, but happily it ploughs its own furrow, tempering the angry synths and choppy guitars with an unashamed nod to pop music, making it both catchy and cool! A nice skill to have.

Play it below.


Fresh from the release of their excellent debut album Dogrel, Fontaines D.C. have now shared a new video for album track Sha Sha Sha.

The video takes place in the same the same circus company (Duffy’s) as featured on their album artwork.

Watch it below – buy the album here.



The Goa Express will release their urgent new single The Day on Friday the 5th of July. It combines an unstoppable new wave rhythm and abrasive guitars with sneering vocals that brim over with the spirit of seizing the day while everything is falling apart around you.

Sure, their sound may rustle with the ghosts of acts like The Stooges, Psychedelic Furs and contemporaries like Shame, but The Goa Express possesses youthful energy, northern spite and an ever-evolving sound all of their own.

Have a listen.


Also out now via PNKSLM is Sudakistan’s brilliant new 7″ Automaton/Quiero Ser Tu Perro.

Released on the 24th May, we’ve already shared the B side (a marvellous Iggy & The Stooges cover in Spanish), and the A side is equally good – a storming, irresistible slab of psych infused garage rock.

Listen here. Buy it here.