MM’s 5:1 Interview No 13: Blitzen Trapper

Mad Mackerel 5:1 Blitzen Trapper

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Blitzen Trapper are one of the reasons we started the Mad Mackerel blog. Having become enthralled with their 2008 release Furr, it was shortly after that we began posting and tracks from that album were some of the earliest we shared. In fact the sublime Black River Killer from that album is undoubtedly one of our favourite songs of all time.

Blitzen Trapper VIISince then we have devoured their back catalogue and enjoyed every subsequent release and their gig at the Borderline in 2010 is still one of the best we’ve been to. Imaginatively blending folk tales, murder ballads, surreal imagery, classic country and indie rock, and always restlessly experimenting, it means every Blitzen Trapper release is a real treasure-trove – something to absorb, investigate and discover.

We have been obsessively spinning our advance copy of their forthcoming release VII (out September 30th) and are pleased to share another excellent new track from it, Shine On, below. In the meantime see what bandleader Eric Earley made of our 5:1 questions.

Five words to describe your music:
Not answered

One book you’d recommend to an alien:
Infinite Jest

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?
Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night
5 by J.J. Cale
This Time by Waylon Jennings
GZA’s Liquid Swords
John Wesley Harding.

One moment in time you’d like to have witnessed:
The impact that made the Chicxulub crater in Yucatan.

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Tony Iommi, Duane Allman, RZA, Ira Loudermilk, Doc Watson

BlitzenTrapper One biggest regret in your career (to date):
Not answered

Five things on your perfect rider:
Blueberries, bbq ribbs, red tailed hawk with handler, a tiny shark in a tiny aquarium, stock Plymouth Superbird.

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and why?
Not answered

Five Perfect Songs:
Thirteen by J.J. Cale
Our Mother the Mountain by Townes Van Zant
Everyday Struggle by B.I.G
Bob Dylan’s 115th dream by Dylan
Good Kid by K-Dot

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
Black River Killer

Our thanks to Eric for taking the time to answer the MM questions. You can pre-order the new album here, and check out some of our other 5:1 Interviews in the side bar.







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